[Cyborgs Are Not Reverent; They Do Not Re-member The Cosmos. They Are Wary Of Holism, But Needy For Connection- They Seem To Have A Natural Feel For United Front Politics, But Without The Vanguard Party. The Main Trouble With Cyborgs, Of Course, Is That They Are The Illegitimate Offspring Of Militarism And Patriarchal Capitalism, Not To Mention State Socialism. But Illegitimate Offspring Are Often Exceedingly Unfaithful To Their Origins.]

Author: Donna J. Haraway Quotes

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Leonard Shlain Quotes

"Democrtitus, in the fifth century B.C. had declared that all the world was composed of only two elements: atomes and the void. This reduction of the myriad of forms to only two was the ultimate in dualistic reasoning. Christianity adopted dualism when it created the strict division between good and evil and heaven and hell."

Linda Olsson Quotes

"My aloneness had never bothered me; I hadnt even been aware of it. But now it overwhelmed me. The awareness washed over me with painful sharpness and deep grief. Now that I had company."

Kenneth McLeish Quotes

"The text contains no literary criticism. I wanted to describe books, not to be clever at their expense."

Marianne Williamson Quotes

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us."

Patrick W Carr Quotes

"Maybe collecting bruises was the only way to learn how to fight."

Aaron Spelling Quotes

"Right now Im doing four shows at a time, trying to read four outlines every week, four scripts every week, and watching four rough cuts; its a lot of good work. Its fun to do it, but it does wear you out."

Donna Grant Quotes

"Forgive our gawking," said a man with a vicious scar running down his face. "Galen is usually eating so much he has no time for speech."Laughter filled the hall, and Reaghan glanced over to find Galen shaking his head as he smiled."Eating?" she asked."Doona pay Malcolm a bit of attention," Galen said, his gaze indifferent and his voice heavy with nonchalance. "He lies."

Merv Griffin Quotes

"That I would rather be in another business where a bad cold wouldnt put me out of work."

Patricia C McKissack Quotes

"I aine never seen a fox before. So, why should I be scared of you and I dont even-now know you a real fox for a fact?"

Gary Markwick Quotes

"It is now time to change our ways, so we may learn how to help ourselves in order to help others in a much more relaxed and positive way."

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Quotes About God Based Relationships

"In Gods plan, our quest for personal identity is meant to drive us back to him as Creator so that we find our meaning and purpose in him.When we live out a sense of who we are IN CHRIST we live our lives based on all we have been given by Christ. This keeps us from seeking to get those things from the people and situations around us. Much of the disappointments and heartache we experience is the result of our attempts to get something from relationships that we already have in Christ." - Author: Timothy S. Lane

Quotes About Loving Someone For Who They Are

"No. We were jealous that Lirah had Gargarin. Cold, cold Lirah, who was bitter towards all men, loved my brother with all her heart. It made me hate her even more, because I knew this union was not one of the flesh. She hated the touch of men. He barely tolerated the touch of anyone. I couldnt bear the idea of him loving someone as much as he loved me." -Arjuro of Abroi" - Author: Melina Marchetta

Quotes About Mad World

"Itd be easy to blame everything on 9/11 or the wars that came after. Its really about the choices we made. By necessity we adapt to the realities of the world we live in, but if we forget that how we live shapes and influences the world around us, then weve already lost." - Author: Tucker Elliot

Quotes About Maneuver

"Above all, one could hold onto everything: the suffering to the quick and its whims, the sticky shadows, somber viscosity of the veil drawn taut around cities, everything could be borne, since legal outings of a few hours might take place, I told myself. Of course, I thought, no point pretending one wasnt dead. But on the other hand, rather than yield to the maneuvers of the conservation instinct, strategies that make us flee the pain within by hiding from ourselves within ourselves from whom we flee, its poppies, its hypnotic operations that the powerful currents of day-to-day life reinforce with a thousand vulgar, pressing duties which turn us from our hearts. do everything, I thought, on the contrary, whatever you can to resist the ingenious temptations of compromises, cling to the suffering, stir up the dread, for the monsters are also the benevolent guardians of the survivors presence within me" - Author: Hélène Cixous

Quotes About Loving Someone Completely

"Loving someone doesnt ever completely go away." - Author: Cristin Terrill

Quotes About Stars And The Galaxy

"Ill not always be here on guard. The stars twinkle in the Milky Way and the wind sighs for songs across the empty fields of a planet a Galaxy away. You wont always be here. But before you go, whisper this to your sons and their sons - "The work was free. Keep it so." - Author: L. Ron Hubbard

Quotes About Being Confident And Beautiful

"Not for the first time, I wonder what it would feel like that, to be so beautiful that you dont even realize people are watching you, to be so confident that you dont even have to worry about being nervous or feeling self-conscious. Ive spent what seems like my whole life trying to pretend Im that way. What would it be like to have it just come naturally?" - Author: Lauren Barnholdt

Quotes About Uomo

"Un poeta somma in sé lAtlantico e il leone. Se luno vi sommerge, laltro vi addenta. Se sfuggiamo alle zanne, cadiamo in preda ai flutti. Un uomo che ha il potere di distruggere le illusioni è al tempo stesso belva e onda. Le illusioni stanno allanima come latmosfera alla terra. Toglietele quella tenera coltre daria, e vedrete la pianta morire, svanire i colori. La terra su cui noi camminiamo non è che brace estinta. E marga quella che calpestiamo, e ciottoli ingrati ci feriscono il piede. La verità è un fulmine che ci annienta. La vita è un sogno. E il risveglio che ci uccide. Colui che ci deruba dei nostri sogni ci deruba della nostra vita." - Author: Virginia Woolf

Quotes About Carrying On Tradition

"Jason grins. "Id never miss your birthday. Remember last year?""Ugh! I thought Id never thaw out after we went skiing in a blizzard. We were stranded for three days in that cabin we found in the woods.""Aw, come on, you didnt even get frostbite. I took care of you.""At least I didnt end up with any broken limbs. That time.""I still cant believe we went snow-boarding on East Pillar Mountain Loop. Thats a tough trail, and then you broke your arm slipping in the parking lot on the way to the truck." My muscles were exhausted, and carrying my board on my shoulder, I wasnt watching where I was going. I didnt see the patch of ice. "Remember when you took me spelunking?""I had no idea that bear was in there.""I cant remember ever being that scared.""But it was fun! Come on. We cant break tradition." - Author: Rita Webb

Quotes About Remembering Where You Came From

"What shop did this book come from? she asked. Her father was looking worried at the cooker. He always got rice wrong. I dont know, Brooksie, he said, I dont remember. That was unimaginable, not remembering where a book has come from! and where it was bought from! That was part of the whole history, the whole point, of any book that you owned! And when you picked it up later in the house at home, you knew, you just knew by looking and having it in your hand, where it came from and where you got it and when and why youd decided to buy it." - Author: Ali Smith