[Dance First, Think Later.]

Author: Samuel Beckett Quotes

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Danny Aiello Quotes

"At some point in my life, before I was gone, I wanted to make an album, even if it was for no reason other than posterity."

Bakausagi Quotes

"Thats why I hate the concept of falling in love. It makes you weak. It takes away your strength. Your power. Your rational sense. EVERYTHING."

Alfred Wallace Quotes

"It seems sad that on the one hand such exquisite creatures should live out their lives and exhibit their charms only in these wild, inhospitable regions, doomed for ages yet to come to hopeless barbarism; while on the other hand, should civilized man ever reach these distant lands, and bring moral, intellectual, and physical light into the recesses of these virgin forests, we may be sure that he will so disturb the nicely-balanced relations of organic and inorganic nature as to cause the disappearance, and finally the extinction, of these very beings whose wonderful structure and beauty he alone is fitted to appreciate and enjoy. This consideration must surely tell us that all living things were not made for man."

Gideon Haigh Quotes

"As an ersatz opening batsman, Tavaré did not so much score runs as smuggle them out by stealth."

Nicki Salcedo Quotes

"We all have scars. Just because mine are hidden doesnt make them any less painful."

Paul Davies Quotes

"Cancer is such a ruthless adversary because it behaves as if it has its own fiendishly cunning agenda."

Kirsten Arcadio Quotes

"It only takes one person, one voice from somewhere beyond, to save a life."

Colin Thubron Quotes

"Once, at the dreaming dawn of history -- before the world was categorized and regulated by mortal minds, before solid boundaries formed between the mortal world and any other -- fairies roamed freely among men, and the two races knew each other well. Yet the knowing was never straightforward, and the adventures that mortals and fairies had together were fraught with uncertainty, for fairies and humans were alien to each other."

Mary Hogan Quotes

"If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live " "Right here " Enzo replies. "In your arms."

John Gardner Quotes

"But she was beautiful and she surrendered herself with the dignity of a sacrificial virgin. My chest was full of pain, my eyes smarted, and I was afraid – O monstrous trick against reason – I was afraid I was about to sob. I wanted to smash things, bring down the night with my howl of rage. But I kept still. She was beautiful, as innocent as dawn on winter hills. She tore me apart as once the Shapers song had done."

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Quotes About Temporal Things

"The temporal quality of all things was being firmly impressed upon me." - Author: George Peppard

Quotes About Coolest

"Being nerdy just means being passionate about something, including everyone - the coolest people on Earth are passionate and therefore nerdy about something whatever it is, whether its sports, or gaming, or technology, or fashion, or beauty, or food, or whatever." - Author: Zachary Levi

Quotes About Lifelong Dreams

"Looking heavenward should be our lifelong endeavor. Some foolish persons turn their backs on the wisdom of God and follow the allurement of fickle fashion, the attraction of false popularity, and the thrill of the moment. Their course of conduct resembles the disastrous experience of Esau, who exchanged his birthright for a mess of pottage. And what are the results of such action? I testify to you today that turning away from God brings broken covenants, shattered dreams, and crushed hopes. Such a quagmire of quicksand I plead with you to avoid. You are of a noble birthright. Eternal life in the kingdom of our Father is your goal." - Author: Thomas S. Monson

Quotes About Adventurer

"The trouble is the kind of guy I want to go out with doesnt even exist... Like a rugged, chain-smoking, intellectual, adventurer guy whos really serious, but also really funny and mean..." - Author: Daniel Clowes

Quotes About Waiting For Something You Want

"Say theres this thing you want, this thing that seems more important than everything, this thing youve been waiting for because it will make you into something else. And then you get a chance at it and its almost as if you dont want to change. Because youll miss the person you were before." - Author: Bennett Madison

Quotes About Mace

"Developments in medical technology have long been confined to procedural or pharmaceutical advances, while neglecting a most basic and essential component of medicine: patient information management." - Author: John Doolittle

Quotes About Guv

"Orice guvern va conduce lumea, eu voi fi mereu în opoziţie." - Author: Giovanni Papini

Quotes About Technological Advancement

"Culture jamming is enjoying a resurgence, in part because of technological advancements but also more pertinently, because of the good old rules of supply and demand. Something not far from the surfaces of the public psyche is delighted to see the icons of corporate power subverted and mocked. There is, in short, a market for it. With commercialism able to overpower the traditional authority of religion, politics and schools, corporations have emerged a the natural targets for all sorts of free-floating rage and rebellion. The new ethos that culture jamming taps into is go-for-the-corporate-jugular." - Author: Naomi Klein

Quotes About Brother Love

"My brothers and I love playing outside and climbing trees. We really love sports, too - I think footballs probably my favorite." - Author: Madeline Carroll

Quotes About Prey

"Death is God when love is mine.Prayer preys when were divine" - Author: Munia Khan