[David Goodis Didn't Write Novels, He Wrote Suicide Notes.]

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Holly Lisle Quotes

"How did you do it?" he wanted to know. "Enchanted arrows? Spell of exploding flesh? Rain of fire? No, not that. The worm would be cooked and we would be eating it. Wand of destruction? Oh, a wand of destruction would be a find, fine thing." He turned to me. "Speak up, girl." I hit him with your skillet. A lot."

Kambiz Shabankareh Quotes

"Life is a lesson, when you could get it over by your hands, means you just learned it well."

Charles Fort Quotes

"Char me the trunk of a redwood tree. Give me pages of white chalk cliffs to write upon. Magnify me thousands of times, and replace my trifling immodesties with a titanic megalomania — then might I write largely enough for our subjects."

Theo James Quotes

"I saw Captain America in 3D. Its cool. I liked the beginning. Its a really good setup."

Mitch Cullin Quotes

"To comprehend yourself truly, which is also to comprehend the world truly, you neednt look any farther than at what abounds with life around you – the blossoming meadow, the untrodden woodlands. Without this as mankinds overriding objective, I dont foresee an age of actual enlightenment ever arriving."

Karen Greenbaum Maya Quotes

"Suicide by train is also popular in many developed countries. Without ready access to firearms, suicidal people often turn to trains. —Der Spiegel, July 27, 2011Once it happens you cant rememberhow you started out: innocent,barreling into the tunnel,shooting out at each stationlike a dolphin out of a dim green pool.Pneumatic doors inhale open, puff shut,lock with a solid thump.Up and down the line, fifty times a day,its a long slow song. Youfeel the rumble as much as hear it.In your dim green trancethe words retain wonder:Vorsicht, Türe werden geschloßen.Caution, the doors are closing.Then the first time:someone decides darkness will answer,hides out in the tunnel,steps out in front of the trainlike he knows where hes going,steps out at you, dying at you,knowing you cant stop in time.Now each time the doors close,they seal you in. You are a human bulletshot into the tunnels, hoping no onewill block the light far ahead,each station one minutes reprieve."

Ashley Poston Quotes

"As he hums the melody softly into my ear, I can feel the notes seep deep into my skin and bones, and birth an ache in my soul I never knew existed. What is this, if not impossible?"

Joe Haldeman Quotes

"The 1143-year-long war hand begun on false pretenses and only because the two races were unable to communicate.Once they could talk, the first question was Why did you start this thing? and the answer was Me?"

Josh Schwartz Quotes

"Its really hard in this day and age, with radio and MTV being so consolidated, to get new music out there. I think weve become a really legitimate, viable avenue for getting new music out there."

Chris Chocola Quotes

"Without the right tools, we cant police our markets from illegal trade."

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Quotes About Bossa Nova

"Its the best marriage of songs and production. But I have to say, I have an affinity for Bossanova." - Author: Joey Santiago

Quotes About Seal

"Roman pressed the handkerchief against the gaping hole where his right fang should be. "Thit.""You could use your own healing powers to seal the vein shut," Laszlo suggested."It would be clothed permanently. Id be a one-thided eater for all eternity." Roman removed the bloody handkerchief from his mouth and reinserted his fang into the whole.... "Sir, I suggest you go to a dentist." Laszlo picked up the fang and offered it to Roman. "Ive heard they can put a lost tooth back.""Oh, right." Gregori snorted. "Whats he supposed to do, waltz into a dental office and say, Excuse me, Im a vampire and I lost a fang in the neck of a sex toy. Theyre not going to be line up to help him." - Author: Kerrelyn Sparks

Quotes About Angel In Heaven

"When I am an old man and I can remember nothing else, I will remember this moment. The first time my eyes beheld an angel in the flesh. "I will remember your body and your eyes, your beautiful face and breasts, your curves and this." He traced his hand around her navel before dragging it lightly to the top of her lower curls. "I will remember your scent and your touch and how it felt to love you. But most of all, I will remember how it felt to gaze at true beauty, both inside and out. For you are fair, my beloved, in soul and in body, generous of spirit and generous of heart. And I will never see anything this side of heaven more beautiful tham you" - Author: Sylvain Reynard

Quotes About Blob

"from the prose poem "The Universe Thrums on regardless" in my book SPAN.We are almost nothing in the night. Reduced to warm blobs and the sound of breathing. There is comfort in that." - Author: Jay Woodman

Quotes About Surprising Events

"True realism consists in revealing the surprising things which habit keeps covered and prevents us from seeing." - Author: Jean Cocteau

Quotes About Edgar And Catherine

"and you love Edgar, and Edgar loves you. All seems smooth and easy: where is the obstacle?""Here! and here!" replied Catherine, striking one hand on her forehead, and another on her breast: "in whichever place the soul lives. In my soul and in my heart, Im convinced Im wrong!" - Author: Emily Brontë

Quotes About True Love Waits

"Only true love can fuel the hard work that awaits you." - Author: Tom Freston

Quotes About Weekly

"The Sabbath is a weekly cathedral raised up in my dining room, in my family, in my heart." - Author: Anita Diament

Quotes About Things Getting Worse Before Better

"Legs with attitude." Kyles tone warmed with approval. "Why dont you bring those beauties over here. I got a spot all ready for ‘em." He and his buddies all chuckled when he patted his lap. I wasnt exactly impressed. "I think these legs are fine where they are, thank you very much." Kyle wasnt deterred at all by my rejection. "I wouldnt have expected legs like those to be quite so shy." "Not shy," I informed him. "Just holding out for a better offer." - Author: Kelly Oram

Quotes About Provocative Beauty

"The startling thing about her simplifying instinct was that the more she did away with fashion in search for comfort and the more she passed over conventions as she obeyed spontaneity, the more disturbing her incredible beauty became and the more provocative she become to men." - Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez