[David Set His Foot In A Gap Higher Up The Barbed Wire...When Would The Searchlight Come?They Could Not Be Certain Of Hitting Him In The Dark...and If They Did Not Hurry, He Would Be Over...Why Didn't They Hurry Up. Then He Stopped. He Would Run No More.When The Beam Of Light Caught Him,they Should See Him Walking Away Quite Calmly. Then They Would Not Enjoy It So Much; They Would Feel Cheated. The Thought Filled David With Triumph. I Am David]

Author: Anne Holm Quotes

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Charles Bowden Quotes

"I am by nature a person suspicious of the economic machine that feeds me. And yet I am a captive of that economic machine, and my mind is structured by its lessons and demands. I consume its wealth with zest. I drive a truck, watch a color television, and write on a computer, but I cannot overcome the feeling that these objects and the industrial culture that produced them are temporary things, a kind of fat beast feeding on the bounty of the earth that will starve to death within the next century, or at least be severely diminished."

Robert Indiana Quotes

"I was the least Pop of all the Pop artists."

William Montgomery Watt Quotes

"His readiness to undergo persecutions for his beliefs, the high moral character of the men who believed in him and looked up to him as leader, and the greatness of his ultimate achievement - all argue his fundamental integrity. To suppose Muhammad an impostor raises more problems than it solves. Moreover, none of the great figures of history is so poorly appreciated in the West as Muhammad"

Kathleen Alcala Quotes

"If I stay here, I will be just fine. Before I shut the door, I got a box of crackers from the kitchen, so I will be fine."

James Reston Quotes

"All politics are based on the indifference of the majority."

Beelzebub Quotes

"Darkness is just light turned inside out."

Michael Aspel Quotes

"Its like taking over This Is Your Life from Eamonn Andrews - you just open your mouth and hope you sound like yourself. Thats all you can possibly do."

Maureen A Miller Quotes

"Get your deprived, samall-town, romance-novel reading mind out of of the gutter, Becky."

Rich Mullins Quotes

"I think a lot of parents hand people over a blueprint and say, This is how youre supposed to do it. And my parents, I think, kind of drew a picture and said, Heres the good stuff in life. How do you get there?"

Josh Kun Quotes

"Here is how the harmful becomes profitable: That which yesterday was reviled today ends up in Urban Outfitters. The critic Rebecca Solnit has summarized it this way: Eat your heart out on a plastic tray, say the Sex Pistols. Now, we know where to buy the tray and what the heart tastes like."

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Quotes About The Greatness Of Teachers

"The future teachers I try to recruit are those show have refused to let themselves be neutered in this way, either in their private lives or in the lives that they intend to lead in school. When they begin to teach, they come into their classrooms with a sense of affirmation of the goodness and the fullness of existence, with a sense of satisfaction in discovering the unexpected in their students, and with a longing to surprise the world, their kids, even themselves, with their capacity to leave each place theyve been ... a better and more joyful place than it was when they entered it." - Author: Jonathan Kozol

Quotes About Employees Appreciation

"I dont know about you, but Ive saved cards that old high school flames wrote me as well as those that employees have written me over the years. The power of genuine, customized appreciation will never lose its value, even in a gloomy economy... in fact, its probably what were all thirsty for in this desert of a depression." - Author: Chip Conley

Quotes About Refusing To Give Up

"is refusing to give up, believing in dreams not yet seen, and knowing God gives us both. Hope" - Author: Lorilyn Roberts

Quotes About Educational Philosophy

"After the woman left, Gran, staring out back at the Zebra Forest, said to me, Im a liar, Ill admit. But I pride myself on being a really good liar. Thats part of my educational philosophy, too, Annie B. Mark that down. Lesson one: If youre going to do something, make sure to do it with excellence." - Author: Adina Rishe Gewirtz

Quotes About Lyn

"Twas a still, calm night and the moons pale lightShone over hill and daleWhen friends mute with grief stood around the deathbedOf their loved, lost Lily Lyle.Heart as pure as forest lilyNever knowing guile,Had its home within the bosomOf sweet Lily Lyle." - Author: Flora Thompson

Quotes About Abusing A Child

"Here is what the end of the world looks like:It looks like a child running out into the road, eyes focused only on some destination ahead - the future, which is on the other side - and the child fails to notice the speeding truck that is there, on that same road, in the present.This is what the end of the world looks like.All roads cross here." - Author: Andrew Smith

Quotes About Daddy And Sons

"Everybodys under Gods planet, and God is the Almighty, the Beginning, the End, the Alpha, the Omega. Hes Big Daddy. He gives out these little soldiers and sons and angels and saints to help everybody else get through to him. Im not the Jesus-only or youre going to Hell kind of guy." - Author: Duane Chapman

Quotes About Appointment

"Standing behind the desk,checking out an appointment book,is Mr.Asshole himself,Vincent." - Author: Laura Wright

Quotes About Passionless

"In those years I did not care to enjoy sex, only to have it. That is what seeing Alex again on Fifth Avenue brought back to me - a youth of fascinated, passionless copulation. There they are, figures in a discoloured blur, young men and not so young, the nice ones with automobiles, the dull ones full of suspicions and stinginess. By asking a thousand questions of many heavy souls, I did not learn much. You receive biographies interesting mainly for their coherence. So many are children who from the day of their birth are growing up to be their parents. Look at the voting records, inherited like flat feet." - Author: Elizabeth Hardwick

Quotes About Applying

"No amount of wavy blond hair nor evenings spent with her plump lips applying just the right amount of pressure to his various pleasure points could make up for the rotting carcass of a soul that resided beneath all that beauty." - Author: Nicki Elson