[Days, Pale Slices Between Nights, They Blend, Not Exactly Alike, Transparencies So Lightly Tinted That Only Stacked All Together Do They Darken To A Fatal Shade.]

Author: John Updike Quotes

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Elizabeth Scott Quotes

"Under the idea that we can all make our own fates, that we have choices, is the reminder that sometimes we dont. That sometimes life is bigger than our plans. Bigger than us."

EE Evans Pritchard Quotes

"Anyone can produce a new fact; the thing is to produce a new idea."

Amaury Nolasco Quotes

"I hate to go to movies or watch a TV show and know the ending within 15 minutes."

Mary Lou Retton Quotes

"Optimism is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you."

Ava Gardner Quotes

"God knows Ive got so many frailties myself, I ought to be able to understand and forgive them in others. But I dont."

Moira J Moore Quotes

"Flown Raven is the country,"I muttered."City slave," he said."Farm boy," I shot back."Ive never even seen a farm.""Dont trifle me with details."

JO Royston Quotes

"Gone, but only until we get there"

Chris Abani Quotes

"Time was the only variable in every equation of power and oppression-how long before the pot boiled over."

Michael Cisco Quotes

"The wind seems to be blowing through the gaps in the conversation like the rushing of empty space."

Sorin Cerin Quotes

"Once we are a creation, how much absurdity can there be in our heart without God the Creator."

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"Her husband, Rafael, whod left her and whod contributed not one penny to his childrens welfare, was a fool of such dimensions that he should have been required to dress like a jester, complete with silly hat and curled-toe shoes." - Author: Dean Koontz

Quotes About Trig

"Have we raised the threshold of horror so high that nothing short of a nuclear strike qualifies as a real war? Are we to spend the rest of our lives in this state of high alert with guns pointed at each others heads and fingers trembling on the trigger?" - Author: Arundhati Roy

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"Did I hurt your feelings again? Sorry. When this is all over Ill send some flowers to your inner child." - Author: Richard Kadrey

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"I loved the atmosphere of the dance studios - the wooden floors, the big mirrors, everyone dressed in pink or black tights, the musicians accompanying us - and the feeling of ritual the classes had." - Author: Suzanne Vega

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"Its funny how there can be something special about that one person isnt it?" - Author: Marisa Calin

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"Its kind of beating a dead horse if youre talking about going out and saying wrestlings fake, or this or that. People dont want to hear that. They want to hear, they wanted to find an inside story." - Author: Owen Hart

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"I love family reunions. Maybe next year we could pass out samurai swords." - Author: Doug Solter

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"Sometimes when I pick up a book off the shelf, when Im buying a new book to read, Ill look at all of them and they all have the exact same words inside, but Ill think that one is meant to go home with me. Ill never pick the first thing off the shelf, Ill always go one behind." - Author: Jennifer Carpenter

Quotes About Dave Matthews

"The Dave Matthews Bands "Crash into Me" played over the montage, not that the lyrics had anything to do with the images the song was played over but it was "haunting", it was "moody", it was "summing things up", it gave the footage an "emotional resonance" that I guess we were incapable of capturing ourselves. At first my feelings were basically so what? But then I suggested other music: "Hurt" by Nine Inch Nails, but I was told that the rights were sky-high and that the song was "too ominous" for this sequence; Nada Surfs "Popular" had "too many minor chords", it didnt fit the "mood of the piece," it was – again – "too ominous." When I told them I seriously did not think things could get any more fucking ominous than they already were, I was told, "Things get very much more ominous, Victor," and then I was left alone." - Author: Bret Easton Ellis

Quotes About Physician

"The doctors found out that Bunbury could not live, that is what I mean - so Bunbury died.He seems to have had great confidence in the opinion of his physicians. I am glad, however, that he made up his mind at the last to some definite course of action, and acted under proper medical advice." - Author: Oscar Wilde