[Dear Abby,My Boyfriend Won't Suck My Blood. I've Offered, I've Cajoled. I've Even Begged, Even Though Begging Is Totally Humiliating And Degrading Because I'm So Afraid That If He Doesn't, He's Going To Die. Oh, And Did I Mention He's A Vampire? No, Really, The Undead Kind.Signed,Confused In Texas.Dear Confused:What The Fuck!?]

Author: Maria Lima Quotes

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"Something different was happening to William alright, as if Winkleberry wasnt different enough."

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"I am always jumping into the sausage grinder and deciding, even before Im half ground, that I dont want to be a sausage after all."

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"Missing someone and not being able to see them is the worst feeling ever."

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"Hey, can you teach me the word for friend that you wrote on my card?""Peng you," I say."Peng you," she says, only instead of pung yo, it sounds like penguin. "Shee shee for being my penguin," she says."

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"We face the most compelling era of mankind: exponential growth of new technologies, cheaper electronic devices and the globalization of knowledge, commerce, and ideas along with the rapid growth of emerging markets of colossal sizes will generate the best opportunities, connections, higher risks and challenges for everyone."

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"Its been my goal to work as much as possible, and be as unknown as possible."

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"Why didnt you let me die? You could have finally been free.""I gave up trying to imagine a world without you." - Essallie & Kayden"

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"I hate all electronic toys: cell phones, e-mail, PalmPilots, handheld Global Positioning System equipment, and the whole raft of gadgets that intrude on solitude.When I was a kid I used to disappear into the woods all day. Now I can walk in the wilderness without wasting my valuable time. As I hike along I can call anyone in the world, schedule an appointment, take a picture of me standing next to a tree and then send the person a map so he or she can join me there. Solitude has been snuffed out."

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"Its almost inevitable theres going to be an escalation on both sides."

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"I dont write like this in order to show how clever and well read I am--though I am rather clever and well read as a matter of fact."

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"‎"If our world is regulated by reductionist, narrow, sophomoric versions of Darwin; or reductionist, narrow, sophomoric versions of religious dogma; you end up being childishly anti-scientific, and childishly anti-religious, and you miss the very complex interaction [they share]" - Author: Cornel West

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"As long as the songs are strong, I think you can express yourself in any style and have it be soulful and have it be your own voice." - Author: Ben Harper

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"In 1975, no State or Church guidelines existed in the Republic of Ireland to assist those responding to an allegation of abuse against a minor. No training was given to priests, teachers, police officers or others who worked regularly with children about how to respond appropriately should such allegations be made." - Author: Sean Brady

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"Wallow too much in sensitivity and you cant deal with life, or the truth." - Author: Neal Boortz

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"Судя по всему, мать уже две недели постоянно убирается на чердаке и находит одни и те же фотографии с Рождества в Нью-Йорке. Я это Рождество помню смутно. Как она несколько часов выбирала мне платье в сочельник, причесывала длинными, легкими взмахами. Рождественское шоу в Радио-Сити, и как я ела там полосатую карамельку — она походила на исхудавшего напуганного Санта-Клауса. Как отец напился вечером в Плазе, как родители ссорились в такси по дороге в Карлайл, а ночью я слышала их ругань и, конечно, звон стекла за стеной. Рождественский ужин в La Grenouille, где отец порывался поцеловать маму, а та отворачивалась. Но лучше всего, так отчетливо, что меня аж скручивает, я помню одну вещь: в ту поездку мы не фотографировались." - Author: Bret Easton Ellis