[Death Is An Endless Night So Awful To Contemplate That It Can Make Us Love Life And Value It With Such Passion That It May Be The Ultimate Cause Of All Joy And All Art.]

Author: Paul Theroux Quotes

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Bishop TDJakes Quotes

"Get Ready, Get Ready!"

Mary Pukui Quotes

"People respond to gentle words than scolding"

Adam S McHugh Quotes

"One of the most unexpected findings of my research was that introverted pastors felt very comfortable preaching, irrespective of congregation size. Many of them actually considered it their biggest strength and favorite part of the job. They found that their natural tendencies toward study, scholarship and writing translated into effective preaching and teaching."

Carl Bernstein Quotes

"The lowest form of popular culture - lack of information, misinformation, disinformation, and a contempt for the truth or the reality of most peoples lives - has overrun real journalism. Today, ordinary Americans are being stuffed with garbage."

Craig Ferguson Quotes

"If I have a near-beer, Im near beer. And if Im near beer, Im close to tequila. And if Im close to tequila, Im adjacent to cocaine."

John Lydon Quotes

"Theres nothing glorious in dying. Anyone can do it."

David Keith Quotes

"Fame means so little about somebody when you come right down to it."

David Viscott Quotes

"In the end, the only people who fail are those who do not try."

Keira Knightley Quotes

"Nice is the worst word."

Caroline Rhea Quotes

"Being in therapy is great. I spend an hour just talking about myself. Its kinda like being the guy on a date."

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Quotes About Number Pi

"The soul may not be destroyed. The soul goes on forever. Like the number pi, it is without cessation or conclusion. Like pi it is a constant. Pi is an irrational number, incapable of being made into a fraction, impossible to divide from itself. So, too, the soul is an irrational, indivisible equation that perfectly expresses one thing: you." - Author: Joe Hill

Quotes About Being Fully Present

"Though riches had charms, poverty had no terrors for an inexperiencedgirl like me. Indeed, to say the truth, there was something exhilaratingin the idea of being driven to straits, and thrown upon our own resources.I only wished papa, mamma, and Mary were all of the samemind as myself; and then, instead of lamenting past calamities we mightall cheerfully set to work to remedy them; and the greater the difficulties,the harder our present privations, the greater should be our cheerfulness to endure the latter, and our vigour to contend against the former." - Author: Anne Brontë

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"It would be Beyonce Knowles, because we are around the same age and I think she sings very, very well." - Author: Anwar Robinson

Quotes About Sexual Frustration

"Sexual frustration - it always sounds like the only frustrated ones are the ones who dont do it. What a laugh. The frustrated ones are the ones who do do it! The ones who dont can at least preserve some illusions." - Author: Eva Heller

Quotes About Secret Love

"Long into my career I harbored a secret sense that thinking and reading and writing, as much as I loved them, did not qualify as "real work." - Author: Parker J. Palmer

Quotes About Gender Equality

"In places where women have achieved gender equality, for instance, men tend to be happier than women. And in places where women are still not treated equally, women are often happier than men. Other studies have shown that, despite the popular belief that nobody wants to get older, most people actually get happier after a certain age." - Author: Dan Buettner

Quotes About Shakespearean Tragedy

"A Shakespearean tragedy as so far considered may be called a story of exceptional calamity leading to the death of a man in high estate. But it is clearly much more than this, and we have now to regard it from another side." - Author: Andrew Coyle Bradley

Quotes About The Daily Show

"The great joy of doing The Daily Show for me is that I get to sit on the fence between cultures. I am commenting on the absurdity of both sides as an outsider and insider. Sometimes Im playing the brown guy, and sometimes Im not, but the best stuff I do always goes back to being a brown kid in a white world." - Author: Aasif Mandvi

Quotes About Sirens

"Wed read about sirens in English this fall; Greek mythology bullshit about women so beautiful, their voices so enchanting, that men did anything for them. Turned out that mythology crap was real because every time I saw her, I lost my mind." - Author: Katie McGarry

Quotes About Ontwerp

"Er bestaat geen mogelijkheid om na te gaan welke beslissing beter is, want er is geen vergelijking. Wij maken alles zomaar voor het eerst en onvoorbereid mee, net als een acteur die voor de vuist een stuk speelt. Maar wat kan het leven waard zijn, als de eerste repetitie voor het leven al het leven zelf is? Het leven lijkt daarom altijd op een schets. Hoewel het woord schets evenmin juist is, want een schets is altijd een ontwerp voor iets, de voorbereiding voor een schilderij, terwijl de schets van ons leven een schets is voor niets, het ontwerp zonder een schilderij." - Author: Milan Kundera