[Do Codons Overlap? In Other Words, As We Read Along The Genetic Message Do We Find A Base Which Is A Member Of Two Or More Codons? It Now Seems Fairly Certain That Codons Do Not Overlap.]

Author: Francis Crick Quotes

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"Read to escape reality . . . Write to embrace it."

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"As a teenager at high school, I felt like an outsider."

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"It is night at the front, a shadow, a shot. The Jew who has just firedhears a moan..."And then, mother, the hair stands up on his head, for only a few feet from him in the darkness the enemy voice is reciting in Hebrew the prayer of the dying. Ai, God, the soldier has cut down a Jewish brother! Ai, misery! He drops his rifle and runs into no mans land, insane with shame and grief. Insane, you understand? The enemy fires at him, his comrades shout at him to come back. But he refuses; he stays in no mans land and dies. Ai, misery, ai...!"

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"I stole looks. First was her hair, long and loopy and pulled back. Second, she has the prettiest face, oopen-like and up-looking. Third time I looked she was studying that satellite and I saw her eyes, deep brown, almost black. She has these little scars on her chin. I like that. When a lady isnt perfect, shes a lot more perfect, I believe. - Mack"

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"I thought if only we could go onand meet again, shy as strangers."

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"(...) she knew this: She was falling for this girl, this beautiful, beautiful girl, and she wanted to fall. She wanted to leap right now, arms spread wide, gravity pulling her down, the wind tearing at her hair. She didnt care if she crashed, as long as Amber crashed with her."

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"Reach into your pocket, a few taps on your smartphone, and you can know anything. We are all omniscient. I have the complete repository of human history sitting two inches away from my dick all day, every day."

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"All the jokes in my films, the comedy, theyre not me, I just try to hold a big mirror up to us."

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"Critical voices have to care about history. We have to care about the way in which things get controlled in the past because thats when the damage gets done and if we dont keep that historical memory, we will allow them to do it again next time."

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"Soon the child learns that there are strangers, and ceases to be a child." - Author: Max Muller

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