[Do Not Overrate What You Have Received, Nor Envy Others. He Who Envies Others Does Not Obtain Peace Of Mind.]

Author: Buddha Quotes

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Aifa Batrisya Quotes

"Sahabat yang baik adalah bila dia hanya datang dan duduk di sebelah kita, tanpa kata apa-apa. Dan kemudian, kita tinggalkannya dengan perasaan seolah-olah telah bercakap lama dengannya."

Antonio Tabucchi Quotes

"I dont want to promote my own image either. I dont like going on television or mixing in literary circles."

Irving Paul Lazar Quotes

"I call myself a literary agent simply to distinguish myself from actors agents."

Adelaide Anne Procter Quotes

"No star is ever lost we once have seen,We always may be what we might have beenSince Good, though only thought,Has life and breath -Gods life - can always be redeemed from death.And evil in its nature is decay,And any hour may blot it all away.The hope that lost in some far distance seems,May be the truer life, and this the dream."

Nawal El Saadawi Quotes

"You know, I look to myself mainly as a creative writer all my life and a medical doctor."

John Leeson Quotes

"Dick Mills was in charge of sound effects and all the rest then, and he put the voice through a ring modulator or whatever gizmos hed got at the time to make it sound a little more electronic."

Charise Mericle Harper Quotes

"Even though friends say they are interested in your life, they never really want to talk about you as much as you want them to. (68)"

John Grooters Quotes

"Good film, television, or music keeps you awake, anxious for the next movement or act, and wanting more when it is finished."

Paul Schneider Quotes

"I feel strongly about showing up and being prepared and not taking the opportunity for granted and being conscientious about my fellow co-workers."

Rizki De Quotes

"Selama kita memiliki hari esok, teruslah berusaha untuk menjadi lebih baik. Percayalah bahwa dengan kita berbuat demikian akan ada hari yang lebih baik untuk dinikmati"

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Quotes About Book Authors

"Books, like men their authors, have no more than one way of coming into the world, but there are ten thousand to go out of it, and return no more." - Author: Jonathan Swift

Quotes About Mandate

"And then of course, obviously as far as issues such as global warming, something has to be done on the corporate side, there has to be some mandate or some legislation." - Author: Daryl Hannah

Quotes About Philosophy Plato

"Neither agreeable nor disagreeable," I answered. "It just is."Istigkeit — wasnt that the word Meister Eckhart liked to use? "Is-ness." The Being of Platonic philosophy — except that Plato seems to have made the enormous, the grotesque mistake of separating Being from becoming and identifying it with the mathematical abstraction of the Idea. He could never, poor fellow, have seen a bunch of flowers shining with their own inner light and all but quivering under the pressure of the significance with which they were charged; could never have perceived that what rose and iris and carnation so intensely signified was nothing more, and nothing less, than what they were — a transience that was yet eternal life, a perpetual perishing that was at the same time pure Being, a bundle of minute, unique particulars in which, by some unspeakable and yet self-evident paradox, was to be seen the divine source of all existence." - Author: Meister Eckhart

Quotes About Type Of Friends

"But on a Sunday morning when I want to grab an omelet over girl talk, Im at a loss. My Chicago friends are the lets-get-dinner-on-the-books-a-month-in-advance type. We email, trading dates until we find an open calendar slot amidst our tight schedules of workout classes, volunteer obligations (no false pretenses here, the volunteers are my friends, not me, sadly), work events, concert tickets and other dinners scheduled with other girls. Im looking for someone to invite to watch The Biggest Loser with me at the last minute or to text "pedicure in half an hour?" on a Saturday morning. To me, thats what BFFs are." - Author: Rachel Bertsche

Quotes About The World Being Beautiful

"Fate does not invite ugly boring people to save the world; and if you do try to save the world (without being beautiful, strong, clever, or wise), you will soon die pointlessly and how much adventure is there in that?" - Author: James Alan Gardner

Quotes About Eagleman

"In each of us there is another whom we do not know.Carl Jungfound in David Eaglemans book: Incognito" - Author: C.G. Jung

Quotes About Reforming

"My experience tells me, unfortunately, that so many people ask the question about The Smiths reforming without really caring about the answer. They just really want to ask the question." - Author: Johnny Marr

Quotes About Spending Time On Yourself

"I had friends but I was spending a great deal of my time alone and for me that was vital because theres an awful lot you learn about yourself when youre alone." - Author: Kate Bush

Quotes About Spock Emotion

"Societies would _not_ be better off if everyone were like Mr Spock, all rationality and no emotion. Instead, a balance - a teaming up of the internal rivals - is optimal for brains. ... Some balance of the emotional and rational systems is needed, and that balance may already be optimized by natural selection in human brains." - Author: David Eagleman

Quotes About Austere

"What did one see if one looked in any depth into the world of this writers fiction? Elegant self-control concealing from the worlds eyes until the very last moment a state of inner disintegration and biological decay; sallow ugliness, sensuously marred and worsted, which nevertheless is able to fan its smouldering concupiscence to a pallid impotence, which from the glowing depths of the spirit draws strength to cast down a whole proud people at the foot of the Cross and set its own foot upon them as well; gracious poise and composure in the empty austere service of form; the false, dangerous life of the born deceiver, his ambition and his art which lead so soon to exhaustion ---" - Author: Thomas Mann