[Do You Feel That We Can Rebel Against Our Oppressors Without Losing Our Love, Our Tolerance, And Our Ability To Forgive?]

Author: Miriam Toews Quotes

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Lance Gross Quotes

"I met Tyler Perry and we did House of Payne and a movie. Weve done a couple other films since then, but it all boils down to the work. Im a work-a-holic, which is why I think that Ive been successful. If you tell me no, Ill work even harder!"

Amber Lynn Natusch Quotes

"He wanted me to go with him, and had cast his line, hoping to snag his most elusive catch - me."

Elio Melo Quotes

"Death will always be a part of life, and life will always be a part of death"

Christopher Lehman Quotes

"Why arent the thinks Im thinking getting thunk on the page any faster?!? (from Stop Lying: Writing Is Hard on ChristopherLehman.com)"

Erica Bauermeister Quotes

"She became a frame for the picture that was her son and daughter."

Susan Carol McCarthy Quotes

"Oh, child, theres no explainin the meanness in this world." Armetta shakes her head, wipes wetness off her cheek, then cradles my hands in her palms. "But theres goodness here, too. You cant never lose sight of that, hold on to it. Its the goodness that gets us through."

William Luce Quotes

"I look at words as if they were entities, sacred beings. There are words to which I tip my hat when I see them sitting on a page."

Peter Falk Quotes

"Im old fashioned. I really think you should know how to draw before you start painting. I use charcoal and graphite; I put a skylight in. In my house, I turned the garage into an art studio. So Im awash in art studios."

JM Coetzee Quotes

"That was why, later on, he began to lose interest in photography: first when colour took over, then when it became plain that the old magic of light-sensitive emulsions was waning, that to the rising generation the enchantment lay in a techne of images without substance, images that could flash through the ether without residing anywhere, that could be sucked into a machine and emerge from it doctored, untrue. He gave up recording the world in photographs then, and transferred his energies to saving the past."

Grete Waitz Quotes

"Every day I spend time on the treadmill. I am walking faster, stronger and harder than I was two months ago."

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Quotes About These Days

"Ironically, the only people anyone believes these days are the skeptics." - Author: J.S.B. Morse

Quotes About Champions Losing

"There are far more important things in life than making a putt or missing a putt or winning a championship or losing a championship." - Author: Bernhard Langer

Quotes About Bible Deacons

"You must realize...that the men of the Valley have built their houses and brought up their families without help from others, without a word from the Government. Their lives have been ordered from birth by the Bible. From it they took their instructions. They had no other guidance, and no other law. If it has produced hypocrites and pharisees, the fault is in the human race. We are not all angels. Our fathers upheld good conduct and rightful dealing by strictness, but it is in Man Adam to be slippery, and many are as slimy as the adder. The wonder is to me that the men of the Valley are as they are, and not barbarians at all.I was sorry for Meillyn Lewis, too. But that session of the deacons was helpful as a preventative. It was cruel, but it is more cruel to allow misconduct to flourish without check." - Author: Richard Llewellyn

Quotes About Paving

"What were once only hopes for the future have now come to pass; it is almost exactly 13 years since the overwhelming majority of people in Ireland and Northern Ireland voted in favour of the agreement signed on Good Friday 1998, paving the way for Northern Ireland to become the exciting and inspirational place that it is today." - Author: Queen Elizabeth II

Quotes About Spatial Design

"Feminism has both undone the hierarchy in which the elements aligned with the masculine were given greater value than those of the feminine and undermined the metaphors that aligned these broad aspects of experience with gender. So, there goes women and nature. What does it leave us with? One thing is a political mandate to decentralize privilege and power and equalize access, and that can be a literal spatial goal too, the goal of our designed landscapes and even the managed ones -- the national parks, forests, refuges, recreation areas, and so on." - Author: Rebecca Solnit

Quotes About Sparing

"I hadnt said goodbye. It had been easier, like always, to just disappear, sparing myself the messy details of another farewell. Now, my fingers hovered over my track pad, moving the cursor down to his comment section before I stopped myself. What was the point? Anything I said now would only be an afterthought.Elizabeth who goes by her middle name" - Author: Sarah Dessen

Quotes About Negative Comparison

"Never be motivated by a negative influence. Never spark passion because of comparison. Do the things you love only for yourself and the joy it gives you." - Author: T.J. Mihaila

Quotes About Dreaming And Believing

"When we stop dreaming and believing in our dream, we stop being human." - Author: Ilchi Lee

Quotes About Southerners

"Shadwell hated all southerners and, by inference, was standing at the North Pole." - Author: Terry Pratchett

Quotes About Body Transformation

"Will it be possible to solve these problems? It is certain that nobody has thus far observed the transformation of dead into living matter, and for this reason we cannot form a definite plan for the solution of this problem of transformation. But we see that plants and animals during their growth continually transform dead into living matter, and that the chemical processes in living matter do not differ in principle from those in dead matter. There is, therefore, no reason to predict that abiogenesis is impossible, and I believe that it can only help science if the younger investigators realize that experimental abiogenesis is the goal of biology." - Author: Jacques Loeb