[Do You Know, That Is The Root Of The Whole Trouble - Has Been One Of The Roots At Any Rate - Is People Hearing Things And Then Imagining Some More And Magnifying It And Multiplying It.]

Author: John Harvey Kellogg Quotes

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Lashauna D Hinton Quotes

"Complete - Yourself! Others may only enhance your completeness."

Bailey Cunningham Quotes

"Shelby looked over to see Andrew silently mouthing syllables to himself, as if he were part of an ecstatic rite. He grinned as he bit fricatives and tongued plosives. He was tasting English origins, mulling over words ripped from bronze-smelling hoards. Words that had slept beneath centuries of dust and small rain, sharp and bright as scale mail. Poetry had never moved her quite so much as drama. She loved the shock of colloquy, the beat and treble of words doing what they had to on stage. Andrew preferred the echo of poems buried alive."

Tyler James Williams Quotes

"What I remember most about working on Sesame Street is having fun in the green room with the other kids while waiting for my time to go on camera to work with the puppets."

Susan T Fiske Quotes

"Social class positioning influences all aspects of everyday interaction – how to talk, if to talk and when, whom to trust, whether or not to plan or risk, what can or cannot be done, how to belong, and who to be. Of course, how people respond to these social interactions depends on how social class intersects with the meanings and practices associated with other significant sociocultural categories (gender, race, ethnicity, age, cohort, religion, geography, sexual orientation) that also influence psychological tendencies."

Kea Alwang Quotes

"Thats when I notice Cheryl and Mickey cuddled up on the couch. Shes leaning on his shoulder, his arm around her, her leg across his lap. Cheryl throws glances at Kerry that say, "Look at me!" while Kerry shoots a "You go, girl!" smirk right back. I think of CK, how he and I often sat like that. Not because we were seconds from making out or wanted to look like a couple, but just out of a deep, platonic connection. My heart hits a higher notch on the ache-o-meter, my teeth sear into my bottom lip, and then something inside me snaps as cleanly as a crayon."

Mel Odom Quotes

"Idly, Wick wondered if he should feel insulted. Then he decided there really wasnt any room for considering an insult with all the fear running rampant in his mind. Maybe he was quiet on the outside, but he knew he was running around screaming inside his thoughts."

Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin Quotes

"We sometimes fail to realise that when we pray to Allah we are in fact performing a great act of ibadah (worship). On the surface it might seem as if we are asking out of self-interest, but we are really proving the sincerity of our belief in the tauhid (Oneness) of Allah and our submission to the True God. Thus the Prophet pbuh said: "Supplication is itself the worship." (Reported by Abu Daud and al-Tirmizi, sahih.) If a servant prays the whole night to Allah, he therefore performs a great ibadah all night long."

JL Thomas Quotes

"Singular Touch.With that singular touch of his precious warm hand,His finger slowly skimmed her porcelain cheek.As her eyes fell upon his delicate soul,It was then he knew,He had captured every single ounce of her being."

William Elwood Byerly Quotes

"[Benjamin Peirces] lectures were not easy to follow. They were never carefully prepared. The work with which he rapidly covered the blackboard was very illegible, marred with frequent erasures, and not infrequent mistakes (he worked too fast for accuracy). He was always ready to digress from the straight path and explore some sidetrack that had suddenly attracted his attention, but which was likely to have led nowhere when the college bell announced the close of the hour and we filed out, leaving him abstractedly staring at his work, still with chalk and eraser in his hands, entirely oblivious of his departing class."

James Finn Garner Quotes

"The wolf said, "You know, my dear, it isnt safe for a little girl to walk through these woods alone." Red Riding Hood said, "I find your sexist remark offensive in the extreme, but I will ignore it because of your traditional status as an outcast from society, the stress of which has caused you to develop your own, entirely valid, worldview. Now, if youll excuse me, I must be on my way."

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"Mr. Jamrach led me through the lobby and into the menagerie. The first was a parrot room, a fearsome screaming place of mad round eyes, crimson breasts that beat against bars, wings that flapped against their neighbours, blood red, royal blue, gypsy yellow, grass green. The birds were crammed along perches. Macaws hung upside down here and there, batting their white eyes, and small green parrots flittered above our heads in drifts. A hot of cockatoos looked down from on high over the shrill madness, high crested, creamy breasted. The screeching was like laughter in hell." - Author: Carol Birch

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"We are stratified creatures, creatures full of abysses, with a soul of inconstant quicksilver, with a mind whose color and shape change as in a kaleidoscope that is constantly shaken." - Author: Pascal Mercier

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"This," Alaric explained to Sarah in what he thought was a kindly voice, "isnt love youre feeling. Only dopamine. Because Felix isnt like anyone else you know. Being a creature of the night, hes new and exciting and activates a neurotransmitter in your brain that releases feelings of euphoria when youre around him…especially because you know you can never actually be together, and he seems complicated, and perhaps even sensitive and vulnerable at times. But I can assure you: hes anything but.""How dare you?" Sarah demanded hotly. "It isnt dopa…whatever! Its love! Love!" - Author: Meg Cabot

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"Nadie sabe para quién escribe. Cada libro es un mensaje lanzado en una botella al mar con la esperanza de que arribe a otra orilla." - Author: Isabel Allende