[Do You Know What Happens When You Push A Dragon? They Burn You Alive, Baby. You're Playing With Fire. I've Played With Fire Tonight With Chris, Pushed Him To Be That Dragon, And The Way He's Looking At Me Now, The Way He Sees What I Do Not Want Him To See, Is Burning Me Alive. I Know In That Moment That I Cannot Keep Asking Chris To Show Me Who He Is And Not Be Willing To Show Him All That I Am.]

Author: Lisa Renee Jones Quotes

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"Whats inside is inside for a reason.Whats hidden is hidden for a reason.Whats buried is buried for a reason."

Sachindra Kumar Majumdar Quotes

"Many find in sex and economics the meaning of life and the reason of it all. The consequence of this is that the goal of life for many has become a relief of tension."

Marcus Brigstocke Quotes

"Eventually, somewhere - be it on the Internet or somewhere else - I will host some version of The Daily Show."

Deborah Cooke Quotes

"youll learn more from falling than from being saved from falling"

Sarah Michelle Gellar Quotes

"And I dont know what Id do at a fraternity party. All that might be a little lost on me."

General Washington Quotes

"When the clergy addressed General Washington on his departure from the government, it was observed in their consultation that he had never on any occasion said a word to the public which showed a belief in the Christian religion and they thought they should so pen their address as to force him at length to declare publicly whether he was a Christian or not. They did so. However [Dr. Rush] observed the old fox was too cunning for them. He answered every article of their address particularly except that, which he passed over without notice... I know that Gouverneur Morris, who pretended to be in his secrets & believed himself to be so, has often told me that General Washington believed no more of that system than he himself did.{The Anas, February 1, 1800, written shortly after the death of Washington}"

Dorothea Lange Quotes

"The words that come direct from the people are the greatest... If you substitute one out of your own vocabulary, it disappears before your eyes."

Isak Dinesen Quotes

"There was a place in the Hills, on the first ridge in the Game Reserve, that I myself at the time when I thought that I was to live and die in Africa, had pointed out to Denys as my future burial-place. In the evening, while we sat and looked at the hills from my house, he remarked that then he would like to be buried there himself as well. Since then, sometimes when we drove out in the hills, Denys had said: "Let us drive as far as our graves."

Tim Powers Quotes

"Jacky, who had read and admired Mary Wollstonecraft, and despised the fashion of fluttery helplessness in women, felt, to her own annoyance, close to fainting."

Myrtle Filmore Quotes

"The truth came to me-a great revelation, showing me that I have a child to the Jones whole and perfect mind, created to express the health that God with."

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"Space is an inspirational concept that allows you to dream big." - Author: Peter Diamandis

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"The most authoritative accounts of a historical Jesus come from the four canonical Gospels of the Bible. Note that these Gospels did not come into the Bible as original and authoritative from the authors themselves, but rather from the influence of early church fathers, especially the most influential of them all: Irenaeus of Lyon who lived in the middle of the second century. Many heretical gospels existed by that time, but Irenaeus considered only some of them for mystical reasons. He claimed only four in number; according to Romer, like the four zones of the world, the four winds, the four divisions of mans estate, and the four forms of the first living creatures-- the lion of Mark, the calf of Luke, the man of Matthew, the eagle of John." - Author: Frank Butcher

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"..he understood far more deeply than anyone else the loneliness that lurked beneath his jaunty mask." - Author: Ryūnosuke Akutagawa

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