[Do You Think Bubbles Wants Chinese Food Because It's Made Out Of Cats?" Genevieve Questioned, Shoveling A Big Bite Into Her Mouth."Genevieve, That's Just Gross And Wrong. Don't Say Things Like That. Bubbles Is A Dog, And Their Stomachs Are Bottomless Pits. They'll Eat Anything And Everything In Sight."Genevieve Quickly Swallowed. "Well, Bobby Said In China They Eat Cats.""Gen, I Assure You, We.are.not Eating Cats," I Responded Slowly Trying To Make Sure Another Food Wasn't Crossed Off Her 'will Eat' List. It Was Ever Growing Shorter."All Lies!" Genevieve Proclaimed, Sticking Her Fork High In The Air With A Piece Of Chicken, Only To Have It Fall, Never Touching The Floor. "See? Cat!]

Author: Ottilie Weber Quotes

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