[Don't Break The Rules, Just Bend Them To Suit.]

Author: POB Bismark Quotes

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Pete Postlethwaite Quotes

"Im not a practicing Catholic now. I didnt like what the church was doing with what Jesus had said, in a way. But I wouldnt say Im not religious."

Sarah Hall Quotes

"I lost the ability to fear and panic. Instead I felt practical and causal. I had never known time to pass so acutely before. I sat out through the night with the patrol, watching the bitter glow of stars overhead, listening as the season exhaled and the layers of vegetation shrugged and compressed, like the ashes of burnt wood. On the hills I was aware of every corporeal moment, every cycle of light. I felt every fibre of myself conveying energy, and I understood that it was finite, that the chances I had in life would not come again."

Shiri Appleby Quotes

"I took my waitress uniform. Seemed fitting."

Jim Cantalupo Quotes

"But you know the second month I was here I put out a healthy lifestyles directive. The pundits will say it was because we were sued. Well thats what they say. It was never about that."

WH Davies Quotes

"What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare.No time to stand beneath the boughsAnd stare as long as sheep or cows..."

Elizabeth Kay Quotes

"Im a shreddermouf, arent I? I was afraid of that, said Tansy. He was going to keep her in his larder until he was hungy again, and then he was going to rip her apart. Dis is my lair, said the shreddermouth proudly. Its de best lair in Tiratattle. Is it? said Tansy. Oh yes. Its a drainage tunnel. Goes right up to de surface, it does. Lots of storage space. My names Gulp. Tansy, said Tansy, deciding not to ask him what he kept in his storage space and wondering whether introductions were quite the thing."

Leslie Ludy Quotes

"But if there was ever a time for us to go to extremes for our God, it is now. The truth of the gospel is being diluted, dumbed down, and trampled upon by the very ones entrusted to keep it sacred and whole. It may seem unnecessary to get on your knees for multiple hours each and every day, but, may I remind you that unless someone rises up and says, Lord, Im willing to travail, there are lives, promises, and spiritual realities that will not be born into our day and age. Effectual, fervent prayer is how God changes this world and bestows upon it the beauty, grace and power that He purchased at the cross."

Gene Ruyle Quotes

"The greater power is not that which ushers in the new, but that able to make even the old new once more."

Stephen R Covey Quotes

"Habit is the intersection of knowledge (what to do), skill (how to do), and desire (want to do)."

Anders Breivik Quotes

"Ricin - Death by diarrhea"

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Quotes About Virtual Friends

"Here again, the difference between the effective and the virtual, between mourning and its possibility, seems fragile and porous. The anguished apprehension of mourning (without which the act of friendship would not spring forth in its very energy) insinuates itself a priori and anticipates itself; it haunts and plunges the friend, before mourning, into mourning. This apprehension weeps before the lamentation, it weeps death before death, and this is the very respiration of friendship, the extreme of its possibility. Hence surviving is at once the essence, the origin and the possibility, the condition of possibility of friendship; it is the grieved act of loving. This time of surviving thus gives the time of friendship." - Author: Jacques Derrida

Quotes About Dark Side Of The Moon

"It felt as if Id been teleported to the dark side of the moon, forced to gaze out at the stars and wonder which one Id come from." - Author: Heather Heffner

Quotes About Bob Ong

"Id once again see that bob of blonde hair back on my pillow, that pink hot smile beaming toward me as I heroically win her heart in some kind of Count of Monte Cristo or Great Gatsby-esque gesture… you know minus the long imprisonment or swimming pool death!" - Author: Tom Conrad

Quotes About Love Alphabetical

"I love arranging my music, not in alphabetical order but by mood, creating playlists for when I have energy and want to work out or go-out party mixes and music to chill out to." - Author: Natasha Bedingfield

Quotes About Nobody Knows

"Nobody knows who I am or what I do. Not even I.Don Juan Matus" - Author: Carlos Castaneda

Quotes About Ricardo

"So you fell out of the sky, too?" the Little Prince asked the pilot who tells the story, and I thought yes, Id fallen out of the sky, too, but there was no possible testimony of my fall, there was no black box that anybody could consult, nor was there any black box of Ricardo Laverdes fall, human lives dont have these technological luxuries to fall back on." - Author: Juan Gabriel Vásquez

Quotes About Kansas State University

"My home will never be a place, but a state of mind, which I find through my music." - Author: Charlotte Eriksson

Quotes About Microbes

"Titus, operating under the terms of the more modest package that he had negotiated with Gwen, which included room, board, and at the end of his own Candy Land path, the ambiguous pink-frosting-roofed gingerbread house of a family to love him and fuck him up, instantly got out of the car, observed the agreed-upon conventions of civilized intercourse among strangers, and got back into the car. The boy was still visiting their planet from his own faraway home world, but Archy figured that with time, he would adjust to the local gravity and microbes. Keeping close to the baby most of the time, as if Clark were the object he had crossed the stellar void to study." - Author: Michael Chabon

Quotes About Exploring And Adventure

"I believe I will see my mother again. I expect to again hear those familiar words, Oh, Honey, Im so glad youve come. I am not alone in entertaining such thoughts. When Kirk Douglas was hospitalized after a massive stroke, he wondered, Could I see my mother again? I would like that. I have read and reread his words, Oh, how I would like to thank her for all of the things that I never thanked her for. Just as my mother took my hand as a child and led me on the big adventure of exploring downtown Louisville, on some distant day, she will again take my hand, and lead me on the big adventure of exploring heaven. In the language of the Eternal Town I will, at last, find adequate words to thank her for loving me so lavishly." - Author: Harold Ivan Smith

Quotes About Falin

"I barely noticed. I was still reeling from the sight of Falin. Of him standing beside her. Of him touching her. My mouth went dry, and even Maliks soulful voice faded to a buzz in my ears. Something in my chest had frozen. Maybe it was my lungs, because I couldnt seem to breathe. Hes with her. And of course, he was. Look at her." - Author: Kalayna Price