[Don't Touch Me! Don't Question Me! Don't Speak To Me! Stay With Me!]

Author: Samuel Beckett Quotes

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Yevgeny Zamyatin Quotes

"If [modern artists] hadnt lobbied for endless subsidies, they would have starved or been forced to go to work long ago. Because the ordinary bloke will not voluntarily pay for ‘art that leaves him unmoved."

James Rainwater Quotes

"My father, who had previously been a civil engineer, died in the great influenza epidemic of 1918."

Nicci French Quotes

"It made me realize how unimaginative I had always been about battered wives. Disaster creeps up, a tidal wave on the tourist beach. By the time you can see it, you are powerless or unable to resist it and it rolls you up and away."

Denise Baer Quotes

"We walked down a crunchy, leafed path as the sun shot through the tall, semi-bare trees. Yellows, browns, oranges and reds still clung to life and those that had lost the battle decorated the foliage and grounds."

Steven J Lee Quotes

"Thou shalt not forget that money is only money and not character or fame."

Rachel Archelaus Quotes

"The more of me I be,The clearer I can see."

Adam Brody Quotes

"Its bad writing, however naturalistic its written, thats where you have to do your best acting."

Gene Sharp Quotes

"The degree of liberty or tyranny in any government is in large degree a reflection of the relative determination of the subjects to be free and their willingness and ability to resist efforts to enslave them."

Arshile Gorky Quotes

"The eyes of the Armenians speak long before the lips move and long after they cease to."

Jeanne Tripplehorn Quotes

"It was difficult every ten days having a new director. Im a real collaborator and, as an actor, I want to be directed. Its hard for me to shift gears."

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Quotes About Retiring From The Military

"Somebody said they threw their copy of Dungeons and Dragons into the fire, and it screamed. Its a game! The magic spells in it are as real as the gold. Try retiring on that stuff." - Author: Gary Gygax

Quotes About Sound Design

"When the Grateful Dead needed a quality sound system to deliver our sonic payload, I learned electronics and speaker design." - Author: Mickey Hart

Quotes About Burying Your Head In The Sand

"Burying your head in the sand does not make you invisible it only leads to suffocation." - Author: Wayne Gerard Trotman

Quotes About Saying Goodbye Pinterest

"He looked up at me, stuttered a few times, and then seemed to forget what he was saying altogether. I didnt say anything, or act surprised that he stopped talking. I just stared at him, feeling my heart pounding in my throat. "Wow." He said. "What?""You just left me speechless." - Author: L.D. Davis

Quotes About Tragedia

"Confident that cast-iron walls separate our nature and situation from theirs, comfortable in the well-broken-in saddle of our high horse, we have exchanged our capacity to be tolerant for detachment and derision.It is the tragedians task, then, to force us to confront an almost unbearable truth: every folly or myopia of which any human being in history has been guilty may be traced back to some aspect of our collective nature. Because we each bear within ourselves the whole of the human condition, in its worst and best aspects, any one of us might be capable of doing anything at all, or nothing, under the right—or rather the most horribly wrong—conditions." - Author: Alain de Botton

Quotes About Historiador

"El estudio de la economía no parece exigir ningún don especializado de un orden excepcionalmente superior. ¿No es una disciplina muy fácil comparada con las ramas superiores de la filosofía o la ciencia pura?. Una disciplina fácil de la que muy pocos sobresalen. La paradoja tal vez tenga su explicación en que el economista experto debe poseer una rara combinación de dones. Debe ser en cierta medida matemático, historiador, estadista, filosofo. Debe comprender los símbolos y hablar en palabras. Debe contemplar lo particular desde la óptica de lo general y considerar en un mismo razonamiento lo abstracto y lo concreto.Debe estudiar el presente pensando en el futuro. Ningún aspecto de la naturaleza del hombre o de sus instituciones debe quedarse al margen de su consideración. Debe ser simultáneamente decidido y desinteresado; tan distante e incorruptible como un artista y, sin embargo a veces tan cerca del suelo como un político" - Author: John Maynard Keynes

Quotes About Happiest Moment In Life

"In fact no one recognizes the happiest moment of their lives as they are living it. It may well be that, in a moment of joy, one might sincerely believe that they are living that golden instant "now," even having lived such a moment before, but whatever they say, in one part of their hearts they still believe in the certainty of a happier moment to come. Because how could anyone, and particularly anyone who is still young, carry on with the belief that everything could only get worse: If a person is happy enough to think he has reached the happiest moment of his life, he will be hopeful enough to believe his future will be just as beautiful, more so." - Author: Orhan Pamuk

Quotes About Cannery Row Mack

"Doc turned in the seat and looked back. The disappearing sun shone on his laughing face, his gay and eager face. With his left hand he held the bucking steering wheel.Cannery Row looked after the ancient car. It made the first turn and was gone from sight behind a warehouse just as the sun was gone.Fauna said, I wonder if Id be safe to put up her gold star tonight. What the hells the matter with you, Mack?Mack said, Vice is a monster so frightful of mien, Im sure we should all be as happy as kings. He put his arm around Hazels shoulders. I think youd of made a hell of a president, he said." - Author: John Steinbeck

Quotes About Running Errands

"While running simple errands I often became hopelessly confused in the maze of crowded, filthy streets that began twenty paces beyond the north gate of the bridge, and as I limped back to my shelves of books I would feel as if I were returning from exile." - Author: Ross King

Quotes About Sucide

"trantulus casually roasted a marshmallow and reached out for it but the marshmallow commited sucide and dived into the flames." - Author: Rick Riordan