[During The 2008 Campaign, I Strongly Endorsed Barack Obama For President. I Did So Early, When Many Democratic Leaders - Including Many Prominent African-American Politicians - Believed The Safe Bet Was To Back Then-front-runner Hillary Clinton.]

Author: Douglas Wilder Quotes

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Alastair MacNeill Quotes

"- Pieprzyłaś się z nim, tak? - Musisz być taka wulgarna? - Oj, zapomniałam, że ty podczas stosunku zawsze słyszysz dźwięki kwartetu skrzypcowego w tle. Nie chciałabym zagłuszyć skrzypiec, ale lepiej żebyś zbudziła się z tych marzeń."

Anderson Cooper Quotes

"I dont have much experience, but the few times when I would go on a date with a girl - like when I was 12 - there was a lot of sharing, and a lot of talking, and a lot of asking how I am. They thought we were dating, and I was sort of hoping to meet their brothers."

Ken Goldman Quotes

"A kiss is such an amazing thing -- So simple, so complex. The only human act that gives while it receives. Mouth to mouth, it almost seems the eating of one another. Maybe thats all we are, food for each other. Why, I believe theres a poem in there somewhere. Another kiss to inspire my muse, Desirée, and Ill tell you something else you dont know."

Brenna Aubrey Quotes

"Cancer is a bitch that needs to get the crap smacked out of it. I intend to stand on the front lines with a big-ass bat."

Pandora Gray Quotes

"Life is a journey worth making."

EF Schumacher Quotes

"Education can help us only if it produces "whole men." The truly educated man is not a man who knows a bit of everything, not even the man who knows all the details of all subjects (if such a thing were possible): the "whole man," in fact, may have very little detailed knowledge of facts & theories...but he will be truly in touch with the centre. He will not be in doubt about his basic convictions, about his view on the meaning and purpose of his life. He may not be able to explain these matters in words, but the conduct of his life will show a certain sureness of touch which stems from his inner clarity."

Hermione Jean Granger Weasley Quotes

"im going to bed before either of you come up with another clever idea to get us killed or worse expelled"

Brett J Talley Quotes

"Respect is a thing earned, not bought, and a man who lets it be known that he seeks respect will probably never see it bestowed."

Gail Simmons Quotes

"Because I travel so much, I bring my workout clothes and shoes wherever I go. That way I can always do some exercise."

Anthony Bailey Quotes

"It was a masterpiece. Nobody bought it. (re: Rain, Steam and Speed - The Great Western Railway, 1844)"

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Quotes About His Green Eyes

"Warner drops his hand. His Glassy green eyes are so delighted Im petrified. "God, Ive missed you," he says to me. "You didnt actually think Id let you go so easily?" - Author: Tahereh Mafi

Quotes About Second Homes

"Second, there are two problems with respect to mobile homes in particular. One is we obviously dont want to put them in a flood plain, because if theres another flood, youre going to lose the mobile home." - Author: Michael Chertoff

Quotes About Traitors In Love

"In this way, writers are indeed, as Henry Miller suggested, traitors to the human race. We may turn a light on inequity, injustice, and oppression from time to time, but we regularly kill what we love in insidious fashion." - Author: Anthony Bourdain

Quotes About Discovering Self

"The Element is about discovering your self, and you cant do this if youre trapped in a compulsion to conform. You cant be yourself in a swarm." - Author: Ken Robinson

Quotes About Whipping

"While a few pertinent points have to be marked, the general impression I desire to convey is of a side door crashing open in lifes full flight, and a rush of roaring black time drowning with its whipping wind the cry of lone disaster." - Author: Vladimir Nabokov

Quotes About Deposit

"Dont deprive the world of what it needs most, which is deposited within you." - Author: Constance Chuks Friday

Quotes About Funny Weekend

"And I know someone whosperfect for her. He works in my lab. Hes smart. Hes funny. His name is Bert."Bert?Is she fucking kidding me? What kind of sick son of a bitch names his kid Bert in this day andage? Thats just cruel."Hell show Kate a good time. I plan on setting them up this weekend."And I plan on handcuffing myself to Kates ankle and eating the key. Lets see what kind of goodtime Bert can show Kate when shes dragging me around behind her like a Siamese twin." - Author: Emma Chase

Quotes About Role Models For Children

"By Rachel Corrie, aged 10 — 1990Im here for other children.Im here because I care.Im here because children everywhere are suffering and because forty thousand people die each day from hunger.Im here because those people are mostly children.We have got to understand that the poor are all around us and we are ignoring them.We have got to understand that these deaths are preventable.We have got to understand that people in third world countries think and care and smile and cry just like us.We have got to understand that they dream our dreams and we dream theirs.We have got to understand that they are us. We are them.My dream is to stop hunger by the year 2000.My dream is to give the poor a chance.My dream is to save the 40,000 people who die each day.My dream can and will come true if we all look into the future and see the light that shines there.If we ignore hunger, that light will go out.If we all help and work together, it will grow and burn free with the potential of tomorrow." - Author: Rachel Corrie

Quotes About Living The Dream Life

"Well I knew when I first laid eyes on herI could never be freeOne look at her and I knew right awayShe should always be with meWell the dream dried up a long time agoDont know where it is anymoreTrue to life, true to meWas the girl from the red river shoreWell Im wearing the cloak of miseryAnd Ive tasted jilted loveAnd the frozen smile upon my faceFits me like a gloveWell I cant escape from the memoryOf the one Ill always adoreAll those nights when I lay in the armsOf the girl from the red river shoreWell were living in the shadows of a fading pastTrapped in the fires of timeIve tried not to ever hurt anybodyAnd to stay out of the life of crimeAnd when its all been said and doneI never did know the scoreOne more day is another day awayFrom the girl from the red river shore-Bob Dylan, "Red River Shore" - Author: Bob Dylan

Quotes About Discretion Life

"Discretion is the perfection of reason, and a guide to us in all the duties of life." - Author: Walter Scott