[Each Cherry Took About Three Seconds To Eat. Three Seconds To Eat, But At Least Five Years In The Making. It Seemed Unfair To The Hard-working Cherry Tree. The Least I Could Do Was To Devote My Attention To The Cherry In Those Three Seconds, Really Appreciate The Tartness Of The Skin And The Faint Crunching Sound When I Bite Down. I Guess It's Called Mindfulness. Or Being In The Moment, Or Making The Mundane Sacred. Whatever It Is, I'm Doing It More. Like The Ridiculously Extended Thank-you List For My Hummus, The Fruit Taboo Made Me More Aware Of The Whole Cherry Process, The Seed, The Soil, The Five Years Of Watering And Waiting. That's The Paradox: I Thought Religion Would Make Me Live With My Head In The Clouds, But As Often As Not, It Grounds Me In This World.]

Author: A.J. Jacobs Quotes

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