[Each Person Is Oriented Toward A Quest For His Personal Invisible Guide, Or . . . He Entrusts Himself To The Collective, Magisterial Authority As The Intermediary Between Himself And Revelation.]

Author: Ibn Arabi Quotes

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Grover Cleveland Quotes

"Communism is a hateful thing, and a menace to peace and organized government."

Erin Dionne Quotes

"If my hair was on fire and llamas came to put it out, hed tell me the shot was great."

Manuel Maria Barbosa Du Bocage Quotes

"Freedom, where are you? Who holds you back? [...] The mother of wit and pleasure, Oh freedom!"

Brooks Stevens Quotes

"I believe in status symbols."

Yonezou Nekota Quotes

"Wounds are best kept shallow."

Josh Schwartz Quotes

"Its really hard in this day and age, with radio and MTV being so consolidated, to get new music out there. I think weve become a really legitimate, viable avenue for getting new music out there."

Charles E Young Quotes

"Standing up and teaching is grueling, but grueling fun."

Maxence Fermine Quotes

"La vida es un opio del que no se cansa uno nunca."

Olivia Thirlby Quotes

"I didnt have an incredibly active social life as a teenager. I always wished it was a little bit more exciting than it was."

Judith Clarke Quotes

"And sometimes, even though Dad said Dr. Snow was the best psychologist in the city and a very famous man, Jess thought there were things he didnt know either. "Time heals all wounds," hed said to them once, his voice so soft and thoughtful he could have been talking to himself. It had seemed a cruel thing to say, though Jess knew he hadnt meant to be unkind. Vida had been really angry with him."No, it doesnt!" she shouted. "Youre wrong! It doesnt!"

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Quotes About The Nba Draft

"I still say one of the greatest moments in my whole NBA career was getting drafted." - Author: Kevin Johnson

Quotes About Droll

"What if this was a sign? Maybe Im not supposed to be an Outsider.He surprised her by taking her hand and threading his fingers through hers. "You already are an Outsider. You fit everywhere. You just dont see it yet."She stared at their hands. Hed never done that before.Roar gave her a droll look. "Its just odd having you lay your hand on my arm all the time," he said, responding to her thoughts.Yes, but this feels intimate. Dont you think it does? I dont mean that I think were being too intimate. I guess I do. Roar, sometimes its really hard to get used to this.Roar flashed a grin. "Aria, this isnt intimate. If I were being intimate with you, trust me, youd know."She rolled her eyes. Next time you say something like that, you should toss a red rose and then leave with a swish of your cape." - Author: Veronica Rossi

Quotes About Extrao

"The fundamental aspect of video is not the image, even though you can stand in amazement at what can be done electronically, how images can be manipulated and the really extraordinary creative possibilities. For me the essential basis of video is the movement - something that exists at the moment and changes in the next moment." - Author: Bill Viola

Quotes About Levy

"Our port facilities should have the freedom to levy a market-based container fee which will provide new revenue and make our system more equitable to the American taxpayer and American manufacturers." - Author: Dana Rohrabacher

Quotes About Keeping Head Down

"Do you remember," he said, "one of Holmess little scores over Watson about the number of steps up to the Baker Street lodging? Poor old Watson had been up and down them a thousand times, but he had never thought of counting them, whereas Holmes had counted them as a matter of course, and knew that there were seventeen. And that was supposed to be the difference between observation and non-observation. Watson was crushed again, and Holmes appeared to him more amazing than ever. Now, it always seemed to me that in that matter Holmes was the ass, and Watson the sensible person. What on earth is the point of keeping in your head an unnecessary fact like that? If you really want to know at any time the number of steps to your lodging, you can ring up your landlady and ask her." - Author: A.A. Milne

Quotes About A Bunch Of Friends

"I go off into Dublin and two days later Im spotted walking by the Liffey with a whole bunch of new friends." - Author: Ron Wood

Quotes About Phenomenon

"If sex is such a natural phenomenon, how come there are so many books on how to do it?" - Author: Bette Midler

Quotes About Soloists

"Spent the fortnight gone in the music room reworking my years fragments into a sextet for overlapping soloists: piano, clarinet, cello, flute, oboe, and violin, each in its own language of key, scale, and color. In the first set, each solo is interrupted by its successor; in the second, each interruption is recontinued, in order. Revolutionary or gimmicky? Shant know until its finished, and by then itll be too late." - Author: David Mitchell

Quotes About Politics And Life

"the swarms of cringers, suckers, doughfaces, lice of politics, planners of sly involutions for their own preferment to city offices or state legislatures or the judiciary or congress or the presidency, obtain a response of love and natural deference from the people whether they get the offices or no . . . . when it is better to be a bound booby and rogue in office at a high salary than the poorest free mechanic or farmer with his hat unmoved from his head and firm eyes and a candid and generous heart . . . . and when servility by town or state or the federal government or any oppression on a large scale or small scale can be tried on without its own punishment following duly after in exact proportion against the smallest chance of escape . . . . or rather when all life and all the souls of men and women are discharged from any part of the earth—then only shall the instinct of liberty be discharged from that part of the earth." - Author: Walt Whitman

Quotes About Plantation

"What do you want with these special Jewish pains? I feel as close to the wretched victims of the rubber plantations in Putamayo and the blacks of Africa with whose bodies the Europeans play ball… I have no special corner in my heart for the ghetto: I am at home in the entire world, where there are clouds and birds and human tears." - Author: Rosa Luxemburg