[Each Time We Hurt Someone; We Lose A Piece Of Ourselves.]

Author: Joan Ambu Quotes

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Jeff Greenfield Quotes

"In every debate, whatever the format, whatever the questions, there is one and only one way to identify the winner: Who commands the room? Who drives the narrative? Who is in charge?"

Billy Gibbons Quotes

"Water doesnt hurt a vinyl record. Put it into a dishwasher and youre fine."

Johannes Scotus Eriugena Quotes

"Nemo intrat in caelum nisi per philosophiam"

Belva Lockwood Quotes

"I know we cant abolish prejudice through laws, but we can set up guidelines for our actions by legislation."

Gary Tolan Quotes

"You could have a hundred beautiful females telling you that they love you on a daily basis,but nothing is more heartfelt when the one who truly loves you tells you that they loves you"

Mohamed Zahy Hussain Quotes

"Life is like defusing a bomb, once you cut the wrong wire your whole life is ruined."

Mary Landrieu Quotes

"A penny saved is not a penny earned if at the end of the day you still owe a quarter."

Dana Rohrabacher Quotes

"January 30th will be a historic day for the Middle East and the world. The Iraqi people will take the next step toward a free and democratic society as they place their votes for a transitional Iraqi government."

Simon Sinek Quotes

"AUGUST 5, 1981. Thats the date it became official. Its rare that we can point to an exact date when a business theory or idea becomes an accepted practice. But in the case of mass layoffs, we can. August 5, 1981, was the day President Ronald Reagan fired more than 11,000 air traffic controllers."

Winfield Scott Hancock Quotes

"My politics are of a practical kind - the integrity of the country, the supremacy of the Federal government, an honorable peace, or none at all."

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Quotes About Pursuing Someone

"Pursuing happiness, and I did, and I still do, is not at all the same as being happy--which I think is fleeting, dependent on circumstances...If the sun is shining, stand in it---yes, yes, yes. Happy times are great, but happy times pass--they have to because time passes. The pursuit of happiness is more elusive; it is life-long, and it is not goal-centered. What you are pursuing is meaning--- a meaningful life. Theres the hap-- the fate, the draw that is yours, and it isnt fixed, but changing the course of the stream, or dealing new cards, whatever metaphor you want to use---thats going to take a lot of energy. There are times when it will go so wrong that you will barely be alive, and times when you realise that being barely alive, on your own terms, is better than living a bloated half-life on someone elses terms. The pursuit isnt all or nothing--- its all AND nothing." - Author: Jeanette Winterson

Quotes About Octavio Paz

"According to Padilla, remembered Amalfitano, all literature could be classified as heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual. Novels, in general, were heterosexual. Poetry, on the other hand, was completely homosexual. Within the vast ocean of poetry he identified various currents: faggots, queers, sissies, freaks, butches, fairies, nymphs, and philenes. But the two major currents were faggots and queers. Walt Whitman, for example, was a faggot poet. Pablo Neruda, a queer. William Blake was definitely a faggot. Octavio Paz was a queer. Borges was a philene, or in other words he might be a faggot one minute and simply asexual the next." - Author: Roberto Bolaño

Quotes About Careful

"Be careful with my fiancée. I love her more than life itself.Nick...You make me all fluttery. No one has ever made me fluttery. How do you that?Ridiculously pleased he smiled. What can I say? Its magic. Take care, babe." - Author: Marie Force

Quotes About Cin

"What wasdat, sir? What wazzat sir? What wassat, sir?""Wayne, what are you babbling about?" Waxillium asked."Practicing my pretzel guy," Wayne said. "He had a great accent..."Waxillium glanced at him. "That hat looks ridiculous.""Fortunately, I can change hats," Wayne said in the pretzel-guy accent, "while you, sir, are stuck with that face." - Author: Brandon Sanderson

Quotes About Ajivika

"Ah Buddha, you boastful charlatan. You may have learned nothing after 6 years of suffering, but then what of 7 years? What of 17? What might you have learned from a lifetime of pain? [...] From what I can tell, the wisest man in all these scriptures was the first person Buddha ever tried to teach - an Ajivika named Upaka. Buddha bragged to him of how he achieved nirvana, to which Upaka simply replied: "That may be so," and walked away." - Author: Mark X.

Quotes About Impressionist

"The impressionists, Debussy, Faure, in France, did take a few steps forward." - Author: Pierre Schaeffer

Quotes About Ersatz

"Es gibt sicher schönere Gegenden zum Reiten, doch nirgendwo wird man von so vielen unschuldigen Familien mit unschuldigen Kindern und Hunden an der Leine bestaunt, die sagen: Jö ein Pferterl, auf dem auch sie gern reiten möchten, wofür sie eine Ohrfeige bekommen, wenn sie zu lautstark insistieren. Das können wir uns nicht leisten. Zum Ersatz wird dann der Bub oder das Mädel auf das schaukelnde Plastikpferd vom Ringelspiel gepflanzt, wo sie gellend weiterplärren. Daraus könnte das Kind etwas lernen, nämlich dass es für die meisten Dinge billige Kopien gibt, die ihm vorbehalten bleiben." - Author: Elfriede Jelinek

Quotes About Hip Hop Love

"The Sufi saint Rabia Al-Adawiyya was seen carrying a firebrand and a jug of water - the firebrand to burn Paradise, the jug of water to drown Hell...So that both veils disappear, and Gods followers worship, not out of hope for reward, nor fear of punishment, but out of love." - Author: Craig Thompson

Quotes About Friendship Between Man And Woman

"The love of man to woman is a thing common and of course, and at first partakes more of instinct and passion than of choice; but true friendship between man and man is infinite and immortal." - Author: Plato

Quotes About Grail

"His very first story, he told me as he was dying, was set in Camelot, the court of King Arthur in Britain: Merlin the Court Magician casts a spell that allows him to equip the Knights of the Round Table with Thompson submachine guns and drums of .45-caliber dumdums. Sir Galahad, the purest in heart and mind, familiarizes himself with this new virtue-compelling appliance. While doing so, he puts a slug through the Holy Grail and makes a Swiss cheese of Queen Guinevere." - Author: Kurt Vonnegut