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Author: Gabriele Muccino Quotes

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Samer Chidiac Quotes

"Just like going to the moon made us learn more about earth, achieving your goals will make you learn more about yourself and get fascinated."

Aynsley Dunbar Quotes

"Nowadays I get complaints about long drum solos, but in those days they wanted me to keep on going so they could go over to the bar and have a drink."

Eugenio Corti Quotes

"...il proprio falcetto: <>."

Daniel Handler Quotes

"Why not rise from the grave and terrorize a little instead of staying buried and dead in the cemetery?"

Jordanblue1101 Quotes

"The beating of my heart stops when your gone, my heart herts when your voise is not speaking. This proves my love for you so never leave me."

Kevin Williamson Quotes

"I like emotional horror. I dont like horror movies. I hate them. But, if you can make emotional horror movies, Im in. If I can care and root for the main character, then Im in."

Elisabeth Kubler Ross Quotes

"Is war perhaps nothing else but a need to face death, to conquer and master it, to come out of it alive -- a peculiar form of denial of our mortality?"

Wendy Mass Quotes

"Best friends always know when the others lying."

Nelson Piquet Quotes

"Events like this mean we can give something back to the people that support us, and hopefully everyone will have a great day and we can put on a good show for them."

Kurt Schwitters Quotes

"This is what is known as perspective, and it is a swindle."

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Quotes About Sweets And Desserts

"Beware of books. They are more than innocent assemblages of paper and ink and string and glue. If they are any good, they have the spirit of the author within. Authors are rogues and ruffians and easy lays. They are gluttons for sweets and savories. They devour life and always want more. They have sap, spirit, sex. Books are panderers. The Jews are not wrong to worship books. A real book has pheromones and sprouts grass through its cover." - Author: Erica Jong

Quotes About Vein

"It is not man who is the enemy of the human species. It is the irrational; it is the spiritual when it is divorced from the material; from the lesson in one beating heart or one bleeding vein." - Author: Anne Rice

Quotes About Homonyms

"Thats just like the manual says, said Witherwax. "If we want to have international brotherhood, we gotta get a language that everybody understands all the time.You mean with no homonyms? said Doc Brenner.Mr. Gross belched again, and held up two fingers to indicate another Boilermaker. Are you saying that the language a fella speaks can make a fairy of him? ("Gin Comes In Bottles")" - Author: Fletcher Pratt

Quotes About Everybody Has A Past

"Everybody has a past, some more intense than others. But its the past. I dont care what youve done. Youre not what youve done." - Author: Alysha Speer

Quotes About Footprints And Love

"On Broadway it was still bright afternoon and the gassy air was almost motionless under the leaden spokes of sunlight, and sawdust footprints lay about the doorways of butcher shops and fruit stores. And the great, great crowd, the inexhaustible current of millions of every race and kind pouring out, pressing round, of every race and genius, possessors of every human secret, antique and future, in every face the refinement of one particular motive or essence - I labor, I spend, I strive, I design, I love, I cling, I uphold, I give way, I envy, I long, I scorn, I die, I hide, I want. Faster, much faster than any man could make the tally." - Author: Saul Bellow

Quotes About Angel Gabriel

"When were were cast out of Paradise, we lost part of our soul forever. As part of our punishment, we were cursed never to learn to love again. Instead, we were bound to a destiny that was set from the beginning. Azrael and I never chose each other; the choice was made for us. We never knew anything else.The ring you hold is part of my soul that your mother helped me recover. It was she who saved us from the Dark and led us back to the Light. As her daughter, you too are an Angel of Light. The fire does not harm you. I lost the ring during the crisis in Rome. But now it has been returned to me.This ring has been blessed by Gabrielle herself.I have never given this ring, my soul, to anyone. Azrael has never had any part in this.This is the only part of myself that is truly mine, and now it is yours." - Author: Melissa de la Cruz

Quotes About Banho

"(...) o parvalhão reparou nela e aproximou-se para a cumprimentar. Haviam de ouvir a maneira como se cumprimentaram. Haviam de pensar que não se viam há vinte anos. Haviam de pensar que tomavam banho na mesma banheira ou coisa assim quando eram pequenos. Amigos do coração. Era de vómitos. O mais engraçado era que provavelmente se tinham encontrado uma única vez, numa festa pirosa qualquer. Finalmente, quando deram por terminadas as lambuzadelas, a amiga Sally apresentou-nos. Chamava-se George qualquer coisa - já nem sequer me lembro - e andava em Andover. Só mesmo visto. Haviam de o ver quando a amiga Sally lhe perguntou o que achava da peça. Era o tipo de armante que tem de se dar espaço para responder a qualquer pergunta que lhe façam." - Author: J.D. Salinger

Quotes About Arbitrariedade

"Eu giro em todos sentidos e direções, mas ao atravessar determinado meio a matéria do mesmo esquarteja-me retendo fragmentos cinéticos de mim e com o pescoço travado pela polarização eu mal consigo olhar pros meus irmãos capturados enquanto rumo adiante ou individuo-me múltiplas vezes para vias distintas em função de alguma arbitrariedade discriminante qualquer." - Author: Filipe Russo

Quotes About People Hurting Your Feelings

"If you dont toot your own horn, dont complain that theres no music." - Author: Guy Kawasaki

Quotes About Loved One Leaving

"They always loved my sense of humor. There used to be a light switch inside one of the nurseries that was a cutout of Jesus putting his arm around two children on each side of him as he towered above them. The switch was ironically located in the spot of where his penis would have been and I was the first to point this out. Everyone thought it was funny until I started singing the childhood church song "Jesus Loves the Little Children." In fear of being struck by lightning or being involved in a massive pile-up car accident after leaving, their laughing ceased. I still thought it was funny." - Author: Chase Brooks