[En Somme, La Fonction Politique De La Famille Est Double :1. Elle Se Reproduit Elle-même En Mutilant Sexuellement Les Individus. En Se Perpétuant, La Famille Patriarcale Perpétue La Répression Sexuelle Et Tout Ce Qui En Dérive : Troubles Sexuels, Névroses, Démences Et Crimes Sexuels.2. Elle Rend L'individu Apeuré Par La Vie Et Craintif Devant L'autorité, Et Renouvelle Donc Sans Cesse La Possibilité De Soumettre Des Populations Entières à La Férule D'une Poignée De Dirigeants.C'est Pourquoi La Famille Revêt Pour Le Conservateur Cette Signification Privilégiée De Rempart De L'ordre Social Auquel Il Croit. On S'explique Aussi Pourquoi La Sexologie Conservatrice Défend Si Opiniâtrement L'institution Familiale. C'est Qu'elle "garantit La Stabilité De L'Etat Et De La Société", Au Sens Conservateur, Réactionnaire, De Ces Notions. La Valeur Attribuée à La Famille Devient Donc La Clé De L'appréciation Générale De Chaque Type D'ordre Social. (p. 141)]

Author: Wilhelm Reich Quotes

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"Oh dear Lord." Switching his glare from the street urchin to his partner, Wellington whispered tersely, "You failed to mention this part of the plan!""Which part, Welly?""The part where the toddler is in charge!"

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"But, as I watch this film, I often think that the boy did not know what he was really running toward, that it was not the end zone which awaited him. Somewhere in that ten second dash the running boy turned to metaphor and the older man could see it where the boy couldn not. He would be good at running, always good at it, and he would always run away from the things that hurt him, from the people who loved him, and from the friends empowered to save him. But where do we run when there are no crowds, no lights, no end zones? Where does a man run? the coach said, studying the films of himself as a boy. Where can a man run when he has lost the excuse of games? Where can a man run or where can he hide when he looks behind him and sees that he is only pursued by himself?" - Author: Pat Conroy

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