[Eso Es La Fotografía. Es Un Estado Mental. Un Nirvana Espiritual Al Que Te Acoplas Para Adquirir Conocimiento Y Gracia.]

Author: Alberto Fernandez De Agirre Quotes

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Edward Boyden Quotes

"Its not even known how many kinds of cells there are in the brain. If you were looking for a periodic table of the brain, there is no such thing. I really like to think of the brain as a computer."

Konrad Zuse Quotes

"Like Alan Turing, Zuse was educated in a system that focused on a childs emotional and philosophical life as well as his intellectual life, and at the end of school, like Turing, Zuse found himself to be something of an outsider—to the disappointment of his very conventional parents, he no longer believed in God or religion.(Jane Smiley (2010). The Man Who Invented the Computer)"

Ian Neath Quotes

"Asking where memory is "located" in the brain is like asking where running is located in the body. There are certainly parts of the body that are more important (the legs) or less important (the little fingers) in performing the task of running but, in the end, it is an activity that requires complex coordination among a great many body parts and muscle groups. To extend the analogy, looking for differences between memory systems is like looking for differences between running and walking. There certainly are many differences, but the main difference is that running requires more coordination among the different body parts and can be disrupted by small things (such as a corn on the toe) that may not interfere with walking at all. Are we to conclude, then, that running is located in the corn on your toe?"

Byron Ortiz Quotes

"Within a week I walked the streets of Tel-Aviv, I wandered around Budapest and found myself admiring the Architecture of Paris. Thats the power of great literature."

Richard Chevenix Trench Quotes

"... for you will never, I trust, disconnect what you may yourselves be learning from the hope and prospect of being enabled thereby to teach others more effectually. If you do, and your studies in this way become a selfish thing, if you are content to leave them barren of all profit to others, of this you may be sure, that in the end they will prove not less barren of profit to yourselves. In one noble line Chaucer has characterized the true scholar:- "And gladly would he learn and gladly teach." Resolve that in the spirit of this line you will work and live."

Nicki Elson Quotes

"Was she on some sort of Candid Camera version of This is Your Sucky Love Life?"

Nukila Amal Quotes

"Seperti manusia, kelak berakhir sendiri dalam maut yang sangat pribadi. Kesendirian tak pernah menakutkanmu, kau lebih takut pada ketiadaan kata berpisah."

Laurie Green Westlake Quotes

"The Durhannians countenance lifted as is the way of Hope. There was a village elder whose eyes flickered with the light of Understanding. We knew he would soon be able to illuminate paths in the darkness."

Libby Creelman Quotes

"She was aware that reason had left the room. She was not sorry to see it go."

Ernesto Bertarelli Quotes

"My father was a sailor and our summer vacations were always on a sailboat. I had a little boat before I had a moped."

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Quotes About Struggling Through Love

"The guest is inside you, and also inside me;you know the sprout is hidden inside the seed.We are all struggling; none of us has gone far.Let your arrogance go, and look around inside.The blue sky opens out farther and farther,the daily sense of failure goes away,the damage I have done to myself fades,a million suns come forward with light,when I sit firmly in that world.I hear bells ringing that no one has shaken,inside "love" there is more joy than we know of,rain pours down, although the sky is clear of clouds,there are whole rivers of light.The universe is shot through in all parts by a single sort of love.How hard it is to feel that joy in all our four bodies!Those who hope to be reasonable about it fail.The arrogance of reason has separated us from that love.With the word "reason" you already feel miles away." - Author: Kabir

Quotes About Uglier

"As ugly as the truth is, its even uglier when someone says out loud what youve been thinking to yourself." - Author: Jenny OConnell

Quotes About Moving Out Of State

"It was generally agreed that a coffin-size studio on Avenue D was preferable to living in one of the boroughs. Moving from one Brooklyn or Staten Island neighborhood to another was fine, but unless you had children to think about, even the homeless saw it as a step down to leave Manhattan. Customers quitting the island for Astoria or Cobble Hill would claim to welcome the change of pace, saying it would be nice to finally have a garden or live a little closer to the airport. Theyd put a good face one it, but one could always detect an underlying sense of defeat. The apartments might be bigger and cheaper in other places, but one could never count on their old circle of friend making the long trip to attend a birthday party. Even Washington Heights was considered a stretch. People referred to it as Upstate New York, though it was right there in Manhattan." - Author: David Sedaris

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"When you get into Louisiana, it really is like a different country in a lot of ways. The plants you see are a little different, like the weeping willows and the cypress trees that come up out of the bayou. And its steamy hot." - Author: Sam Trammell

Quotes About Cornflower

"Bright morning comes; the bloody-fingered dawn with zealous light sets seas of air ablaze and bends to earth another false beginning. My eyes open like cornflowers, stick, crusted with their own stale dew, then take that light." - Author: Iain Banks

Quotes About Dagny Taggart

"Do it first and feel about it afterwards. - Dagny Taggart" - Author: Ayn Rand

Quotes About Lightheartedness

"I have the feeling it will influence my future writing to the extent that without any material worries I could develop a greater ease, even lightheartedness, in my writing." - Author: Elfriede Jelinek

Quotes About Gaiaphage

"Who is it?" Gaia asked.Would she know if he lied? He couldnt hesitate. "I think its Edilio.""Waht are his powers?""None," Caine said. And thought, Unless you count having courage to stand out there facing the gaiaphage."Then heep moving,Father," Gaia said."He does have a gun.""Do you think I fear a gun?" You should, you arrogant..."No, but I do," Caine said." - Author: Michael Grant

Quotes About Love Wiz

"It was a terrible thing to undergo, but during the year I stood there I had time to think that the greatest loss I had known was the loss of my heart. While I was in love I was the happiest man on earth; but no one can love who has not a heart, and so I am resolved to ask Oz to give me one. - The Tin Woodsman, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz pgs 72-73." - Author: L. Frank Baum

Quotes About Avoiding Temptation

"Do not worry about avoiding temptation. As you grow older it will avoid you." - Author: Joey Adams