[Even A Dog Knows The Difference Between Being Kicked And Being Stumbled Over.]

Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Quotes

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Duo Duo Quotes

"In the process, what must be spoken meets what cannot be said. Each word is a catalyst, requiring the writer to break out forcefully from another story, from the primitive camp where history, society, and politics converge, to touch upon that what and that who. At that touch, one finds the unlimited boundaries of man, concealed by words."

Bobby Bonilla Quotes

"The ability to communicate with everybody, regardless of who are you are, is a great thing."

Zbigniew Brzezinski Quotes

"We should seek to cooperate with Europe, not to divide Europe to a fictitious new and a fictitious old."

Dorothy Love Quotes

"Baking bread is a lot like growing your faith in the Lord, Carrie Louise. You mix together the best ingredients you can find and wait for the mixture to mature, but its the heat of the oven that makes it something of worth and substance. The same way the tribulations of this world mature a persons faith."

Cory Booker Quotes

"We choose forward. We choose inclusion. We choose growing together. We choose American economic might and muscle, standing strong on the bedrock of the American ideal: a strong, empowered and ever-growing middle class."

Rudolf Hiferding Quotes

"It is obvious, moreover, that the formation of price in capitalist society must differ from the formation of price in social conditions based upon the simple production of commodities."

Tom Fitton Quotes

"We want to shut down the day laborer site. This day laborer site undermines and violates federal immigration law, and it cant go forward."

Alberto Manguel Quotes

"Ive never really understood attachment to a place for reasons of birth. That my mother happened to give birth to me in a certain place doesnt, to my mind, justify any thankfulness towards that place. It could have been anywhere."

Heather Day Gilbert Quotes

"Freydis and Ref are in a world of their own, a world of love and pain, wrapped in marriage vows."

Chuang Chou Quotes

"The Great Way is not named; Great Discriminations are not spoken; Great Benevolence is not benevolent; Great Modesty is not humble; Great Daring does not attack. If the Way is made clear, it is not the Way."

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Quotes About Seeking Love

"There in the dark her memory was refreshed, and she succumbed to her earlier dreams. Along with the idea of romantic love, she was introduced to another - physical beauty. Probably the most destructive ideas in the history of human thought. Both originated in envy, thrived in insecurity, and ended in disillusion. In equating physical beauty with virtue, she stripped her mind, bound it, and collected self-contempt by the heap. She forgot lust and simple caring for. She regarded love as possessive mating, and romance as the goal of the spirit. It would be for her a well-spring from which she would draw the most destructive emotions, deceiving the lover and seeking to imprison the beloved, curtailing freedom in every way." -- Toni Morrison, The Bluest Eye" - Author: Toni Morrison

Quotes About Conciseness

"Nicely put," I said. "And all in less than two minutes.""Conciseness is underrated," she said easily." - Author: Sarah Dessen

Quotes About Mind Boggling

"The connection he felt with her at that moment was mind-boggling. "No regrets," he whispered.It was more of a statement than a question but she responded with a smile, shook her head and repeated the two words hed just spoken with as much conviction as he felt. "No regrets."~Gio~" - Author: Elizabeth Reyes

Quotes About Quadro

"The mythology warped and twisted back along itself until Buffy Summers, the girl who once railed against the unfairness of being Chosen, looked at a squadron of girls who were just like shed been and took away their right to Choose." - Author: Seanan McGuire

Quotes About Crappy Parents

"In some sense every parent does love their children. But some parents are too broken to love them well& others are barely able to love them at all.." - Author: Wm. Paul Young

Quotes About I Am Done

"I recently did a piece for the Boston Pops and John Williams, and I hope that its as well a composed piece as Ive ever done for any other medium or occasion." - Author: Peter Maxwell Davies

Quotes About Masked Ball

"There is no privacy that cannot be penetrated. No secret can be kept in the civilized world. Society is a masked ball where everyone hides his real character, then reveals it by hiding" - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson

Quotes About Cowards In War

"Some men are assholes and some men are cowards. What they both have in common is that both just stops talking to you, for no reason other than that they are assholes and cowards." - Author: Trine H. Fredriksen

Quotes About Absolute Monarchs

"The Grape that can with Logic absolute The Two-and-Seventy jarring Sects confute: The subtle Alchemist that in a Trice Lifes leaden Metal into Gold transmute." - Author: Omar Khayyam

Quotes About Going Bananas

"Im going to buy some green bananas because by the time I get home theyll be ripe." - Author: Ryan Stiles