[Even The Slow, Soft Telepathic Connection Between Us- The Sense Of Connectedness That Linked Us Even When We Were In The Same Room- The Sense That We Were Not Two People But Rather One Ecstatic And Indivisible Whole, Had Vanished. I Couldnt Even Feel His Pain. But I Could Feel Mine. I Felt As If A Part Of Myself Had Been Cut Off, As If There Was Within My Soul A Hole So Gaping And Empty That The Whole World Could Pass Through It And Still I Would Not Feel A Thing.]

Author: Kailin Gow Quotes

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Ellen Cushing Quotes

"[I]f you dont feel or look rich, you dont necessarily feel the same sense of obligation that a traditional rich person does or should: Noblesse oblige is, after all, dependent on a classical idea of who is and is not the nobility. As that starts to fall away, obligation--to culture, to the future, to each other--begins to disappear too."

Jack Wynn Quotes

"Technology is your friend... When it works."

John O Brennan Quotes

"Al-Qaida is the antithesis of the peace, tolerance and humanity that is at the heart of Islam."

Larry Doby Quotes

"I knew being accepted was going to be hard, but I knew I was involved in a situation that was going to bring opportunities to other blacks."

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"Life,disassembled andreassembled into a thing of beauty,reflect GOD love in a manifestation of unlimited grace."

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"The people who burned witches at the stake never for one moment thought of their act as violence; rather they thought of it as an act of divinely mandated righteousness. The same can be said of most of the violence humans have ever committed."

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"TO be practical not merely means to steal when everybody steals but to act with wits and wisdom..."

Karen Amanda Hooper Quotes

"Im amazed and disheartened at how quickly adolescents lose their innocence nowadays. Everyone is in such a rush to give themselves over to someone physically without truly knowing the person to whom they are entrusting with their body and emotions"

Johannes V Jensen Quotes

"It is June, the time when men mass and ships lie in readiness. The king conquers Sweden at this time every year."

Arthur Golden Quotes

"It struck me that we-that moth and I-were two opposite extremes. My existence was as unstable as a stream, changing in everyway; but the moth was like a piece of stone, changing not at all. While thinking this thought, I reached out a finger to feel the moths velvety surface; but when I brushed it with my fingertip, it turned all at once into a pile of ash without even a sound, without even a moment in which I could see it crumbling. I was so astonished I let out a cry. The swirling in my mind stopped; I felt as if I had stepped into the eye of a storm. I let the tiny shroud and its pile of ashes flutter to the ground; and now I understood the thing that had puzzled me all morning. The stale air had washed away. The past was gone."

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"This is a strange Christmas Eve,"Churchill told the the crowd of several hundred gathered at the mansions garden."Almost the whole world is locked in deadly struggle, and with the most terrible weapons which science can devise the nations advance upon each other." - Author: Winston Churchill

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"I dont work from drawings. I dont make sketches and drawings and color sketches into a final painting." - Author: Jackson Pollock

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"He closed the distance another tight inch. Her breasts pressed against his chest, and her nipples were hard little points stabbing out of the scarlet material, begging to be freed. Her breath came in ragged gasps, her perfume swamped his senses. He grew hard, and her eyes widened as his full length throbbed against her leg in demand. "Im calling your bluff, baby." Pure shock registered on her face as he removed one hand from the wall to casually unbutton his shirt, slide off his tie, then grasp her chin with a firm grip. "Prove it." He stamped his mouth over hers, not giving her a chance to think or back off or push him away. He invaded her mouth, plunging his tongue inside the slick, silky cave, then closed his lips around the wet flesh and sucked hard. She grabbed for his shoulders, and made a little moan deep in her throat. Then she exploded." - Author: Jennifer Probst

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"Just as we may, through an appalled realization that we were unaware of what was going on in the mind of one we thought we knew, come to wonder how we ever know what another person is thinking or feeling, so too we may, having on some occasion wanted badly to understand and having clearly failed, come to wonder how we ever manage to understand, and how we know that we have succeeded." - Author: Patrick Wilson