[Every One Of Her Foxey Ways Was Now So Absolutely Precious To Him That I Believe That If He Had Known For Certain She Was Dead, And Had Thoughts Of Marrying A Second Time, He Would Never Have Been Happy With A Woman. No, Indeed, He Would Have Been More Tempted To Get Himself A Tame Fox, And Would Have Counted That As Good A Marriage As He Could Make.]

Author: David Garnett Quotes

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Angel Cox Quotes

"They had set forth to rid their town of evil and had managed to rid it of pleasure as well."

Christina Westover Quotes

"..giving power to negative thoughts or fears was bringing ideas to life in physical world,idea in mind became emotion in heart,emotion turned into words spoken,written,painted,strummed across guitar strings,or vibrantly held note by Tibetan singing bowl, thoughts affected physical world."

Traci Bingham Quotes

"I love to be in my bathroom with my candles lit, morning, noon and night. I like taking hot baths and hot showers, using my body scrubs and lotions."

Manuel Rodriguez Diaz Quotes

"La libertad se ejerce"

JL Heilbron Quotes

"On the other side, Church spokesmen could scarcely become enthusiastic about Plancks deism, which omitted all reference to established religions and had no more doctrinal content than Einsteins Judaism."

Keri Russell Quotes

"I was a huge fan of Arrested Development, and theres just something it tickles in me and its bright and its hilarious."

Kendra Sedgwick Quotes

"God never gives you more than you can handle. Its your choice on how you deal with what he gives you. You can either grow from it, or you can lie down and give up."

Bram Cohen Quotes

"I can come off as pretty arrogant, but its because I know Im right. Im very, very good at writing protocols. Ive accomplished more working on my own than I ever did as part of a team."

John Inman Quotes

"One lone butterfly flapped his wings somewhere in the vicinity of my spleen. He was probably a scout. No doubt six million other butterflies were hot on his heels, if butterflies even have heels."

Tina Laningham Quotes

"Crazy is relative."

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Quotes About Color Black And White

"Color can do anything that black-and-white can." - Author: Vincente Minnelli

Quotes About Wrong Turns In Life

"The movies, I thought, have got the soundtrack to war all wrong. War isnt rock n roll. Its got nothing to do with Jimi Hendrix or Richard Wagner. War is nursery rhymes and early Madonna tracks. War is the music from your childhood. Because war, when its not making you kill or be killed, turns you into an infant. For the past eight days, Id been living like a five-year-old — a nonexistence of daytime naps, mushy food, and lavatory breaks. My adult life was back in Los Angeles with my dirty dishes and credit card bills." - Author: Chris Ayres

Quotes About Hard Childhood

"I had become a kind of information magpie, gathering to myself all manner of shiny scraps of fact and hokum and books and art-history and politics and music and film, and developing, too, a certain skill in manipulating and arranging these pitiful shards so that they glittered and caught the light. Fools gold, or priceless nuggets mined from my singular childhoods rich bohemian seam? I leave it to others to decide." - Author: Salman Rushdie

Quotes About Not Worth It

"I adore good food as I adore all the other pleasant things of life, and because I have that gift I am able to look upon the future with equanimity.""Why?" asked Alec."Because a love for good food is the only thing that remains with man when he grows old. Love? What is love when you are five and fifty and can no longer hide the disgraceful baldness of your pate. Ambition? What is ambition when you have discovered that honours are to the pushing and glory to the vulgar. Finally we must all reach an age when every passion seems vain, every desire not worth the trouble of achieving it; but then there still remain to the man with a good appetite three pleasures each day, his breakfast, his luncheon, and his dinner." - Author: W. Somerset Maugham

Quotes About Looking For New Love

"Leaning against my car after changing the oil,I hold my black hands out and stare into themas if they were the faces of my children lookingat the winter moon and thinking of the snowthat will erase everything before they wake. In the garage, my wife comes behind meand slides her hands beneath my soiled shirt.Pressing her face between my shoulder blades,she mumbles something, and soon we are laughing,wrestling like children among piles of old rags,towels that unravel endlessly, torn sheets,work shirts from twenty years ago when I stoodin the door of a machine shop, grease blackened,and Kansas lay before me blazing with new snow,a future of flat land, white skies, and sunlight.After making love, we lie on the abandonedmattress and stare at our pale winter bodiessprawling in the half-light. She touches her belly,the scar of our last child, and the black printsof my hand along her hips and thighs." - Author: B.H. Fairchild

Quotes About Communities Working Together

"I tell sincere white people, Work in conjunction with us- each of us working among our own kind. Let sincere white individuals find all other white people they can who feel as they do- and let them form their own all-white groups, to work trying to convert other white people who are thinking and acting so racist. Let sincere whites go and teach non-violence to white people!We will completely respect our white co-workers. They will deserve every credit. We will give them every credit. We will meanwhile be working among our own kind, in our own black communities- showing and teaching black men in ways that only other black men can- that the black man has got to help himself. Working separately, the sincere white people and sincere black people actually will be working together.In our mutual sincerity we might be able to show a road to the salvation of Americas very soul." - Author: Malcolm X

Quotes About Military Promotion

"soldiers serving in the Military Police and those serving in the Air Corps (the forerunner of the Air Force) about how good a job they thought their service did in recognizing and promoting people of ability. The answer was clear. Military Policemen had a far more positive view of their organization than did enlisted men in the Air Corps. On the face of it, that made no sense. The Military Police had one of the worst rates of promotion in all of the armed forces. The Air Corps had one of the best. The chance of an enlisted man rising to officer status in the Air Corps was twice that of a soldier in the Military Police. So, why on earth would the Military Policemen be more satisfied? The answer, Stouffer famously explained, is that Military Policemen compared themselves only to other Military Policemen. And if you got a promotion in the Military Police, that was such a rare event that you were very happy. And if you didnt get promoted, you were in the same boat as most of your peers—so" - Author: Malcolm Gladwell

Quotes About Enjoying The View

"For you guys out there who think looking doesnt hurt? Youre wrong. Because we women dont think youre just enjoying the view. We think youre comparing, finding us lacking. And that stings. Like a paper cut on your eyeball." - Author: Emma Chase

Quotes About Collect

"We know we are very special," Davis writes in "Special": "Yet we keep trying to find out in what way: not this way, not that way, then what way?" (from James Woods review of the FSG "Collected Stories of Lydia Davis")" - Author: Lydia Davis

Quotes About Codes

"Here is Menards own intimate forest: Now I am traversed by bridle paths, under the seal of sun and shade...I live in great density...Shelter lures me. I slump down into the thick foliage...In the forest, I am my entire self. Everything is possible in my heart just as it is in the hiding places in ravines. Thickly wooded distance separates me from moral codes and cities." - Author: Gaston Bachelard