[Every Person On The Streets Of New York Is A Type. The City Is One Big Theater Where Everyone Is On Display.]

Author: Jerry Rubin Quotes

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Freddie Highmore Quotes

"Im sure everyone has many types of music that they enjoy."

Catherine Bach Quotes

"I was at a party in London when I met Bond producer Barbara Broccoli. She introduced herself, and I didnt believe her name. So I just replied: Yeah, and Im Cathy Carrot. I think maybe I got off on the wrong foot!"

BG Bowers Quotes

"When I discarded the idea that God was not a man (as I had been raised to think and believe without question), I grew distant, and the flame that once lit my path began to flicker and hiss like a candle burnt to its wick, making longevity impossible without a new energy source."

George Herman Quotes

"I have only one superstition... Touch all the bases when I hit a home run."

Dan John Quotes

"Just tell me what to do. I dont know where Im going, but I know I dont want to be here."

Tony DeLiso Quotes

"Keep your best wishes, close to your heart and watch what happens"

Takashi Hiraide Quotes

"Having played to her hearts content, Chibi would come inside and rest for a while. When she began to sleep on the sofa--like a talisman curled gently in the shape of a comma and dug up from a prehistoric archaeological site--a deep sense of happiness arrived, as if the house itself had dreamed this scene."

Gena Rowlands Quotes

"After you play a part, you think of it as your own."

Steve Supple Quotes

"Ive been guilty of over analyzing & under achieving."

Robert A Dahl Quotes

"Ironically, the very fact that democracy has such a lengthy history has actually contributed to confusion and disagreement, for democracy has meant different things to different people at different times and places."

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Quotes About Complimenting Each Other

"Hes kissing me, quick desperate kisses, like Im something he needs to live; and Im kissing him back, crazy with the ache I feel for him, trying to kiss him better, trying to fix him. Im touching his face, feeling the roughness of his beard, the wet of his tears, feeling the tremors passing through his body, hearing his ragged breathing. And each kiss is a failure. A failed attempt to escape from all thats happening. And I only know this when he slows, drawing it out, letting me taste regret, letting things linger. He pulls away, and Im saying "Dont, dont, dont", trying to bring him back, kissing his face. But Ive lost him." - Author: Kirsty Eagar

Quotes About Billy The Kid

"Uh… not sure buying the entire store for that boy is good, Chace. If hes living on the street, the rest of the homeless population in Carnal will fall on him like vultures," I remarked.Then he turned to me. "Got one homeless guy in town, darlin. He calls himself Outlaw Al. He celebrated his seven hundredth birthday this year and looks it. You talk to him, hell swear he was the one who shot Billy the Kid. Every feral cat in Carnal will claw you soon as look at you but of any day or night, one or a dozen of ‘em will be curled into Al like hes their Momma. He has two teeth. And I dont see good things for his dental future since Shambles and Sunny built a small lean-to behind La-La Land so hell have some protection from exposure. He was much obliged for this effort. Moved in while Shambles was still hammering in the nails. He mostly stays there except when its his time to howl at the moon. And Shambles gives him baked goods he doesnt sell. I think our kidll be good." - Author: Kristen Ashley

Quotes About Wild And Crazy

"miracle I have just listened to this symphony which Mozart dashed off in one day and it had enough wild and crazy joy to last forever, whatever forever is Mozart came as close as possible to that." - Author: Charles Bukowski

Quotes About Cipe

"The closest he got to being Prince Charming was being a Principe della Mafia, but there was nothing remotely romantic about that." - Author: J.M. Darhower

Quotes About European Integration

"Weve got to demonstrate why European unity and integration, our vast single market, our single currency, equip us with the strength to embrace globalization." - Author: Peter Mandelson

Quotes About Images In The Mirror

"But beyond the mind, beyond our thoughts, there is something we call the nature of the mind, the minds true condition, which is beyond all limits. If it is beyond the mind, though, how can we approach an understanding of it? Lets take the example of a mirror. When we look into a mirror we see in it the reflected images of any objects that are in front of it; we dont see the nature of the mirror. But what do we mean by this nature of the mirror? We mean its capacity to reflect, definable as its clarity, its purity, and its limpidity, which are indispensable conditions for the manifestation of reflections. This nature of the mirror is not something visible, and the only way we can conceive of it is through the images reflected in the mirror. In the same way, we only know and have concrete experience of that which is relative to our condition of body, voice, and mind. But this itself is the way to understand their true nature." - Author: Namkhai Norbu

Quotes About Jet Plane

"I remembered looking up in the sky to see the contrail of a jet overhead. I thought how the harrowing journey that took Maries family four months across the plains would take a little more than two hours in a plane." - Author: Mike Ericksen

Quotes About Attaining Knowledge

"The Islamic intellectual tradition has usually not seen a dichotomy between intellect and intuition but has created a hierarchy of knowledge and methods of attaining knowledge according to which degrees of both intellection and intuition become harmonized in an order encompassing all the means available to man to know, from sensual knowledge an reason to intellection and inner version or the "knowledge of the heart." - Author: Seyyed Hossein Nasr

Quotes About Being A Hard Worker

"I think that among my friends Im known as being a hard worker; I think if you want to be an actor, there cant be any compromise. You have to work all day, every day. Its not a 9-5 job. Theres always something to learn." - Author: Jeremy Irvine

Quotes About Not Relapsing

"What this does for me emotionally, psychologically and spiritually - to look in the mirror and not be ashamed - has been very important in not relapsing." - Author: Daniel Baldwin