[Every Player Should Be Accorded The Privilege Of At Least One Season With The Chicago Cubs. That's Baseball As It Should Be Played - In God's Own Sunshine. And That's Really Living.]

Author: Alvin Dark Quotes

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Jeff Bridges Quotes

"I have hesitation making any kind of decision, really in my life. Im really slow at it."

Man Ray Quotes

"It has never been my object to record my dreams, just the determination to realize them."

Mindy Schanback Quotes

"Mothers! They promise you theyll never get married again, and next thing you know youre a bridesmaid."

Ben Franklin Quotes

"Any society that would give up essential liberty to obtain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." Ben Franklin"

Jon Voight Quotes

"Its grown into a personal relationship, yeah. Im crazy about Jerry. I think hes a unique character."

Wess Stafford Quotes

"The ritual sacrifice of children has been taboo for thousands of years. Yet tragically it is practiced every day across our world. We sacrifice children on the altars of our most destructive sins. When the sickness of pornography has run to its most evil and destructive end, it takes the form of child pornography. When prostitution reaches its sickest, most depraved form, it becomes child prostitution."

Sam Waterston Quotes

"As for lawyers, its more fun to play one than to be one."

Matt Thomas Quotes

"Learn tricks from others, Become a trickster"

GF Smith Quotes

"What is more precious: a thousand answers derived from one question? Or, one answer…from a thousand questions?"

Chris Sanders And Dean DeBlois Quotes

"Ohana means family - no one gets left behind, and no one is ever forgotten. <3"

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Quotes About Poverty Bible

"The image titled "The Homeless, Psalm 85:10," featured on the cover of ELEMENTAL, can evoke multiple levels of response. They may include the spiritual in the form of a studied meditation upon the multidimensional qualities of the painting itself; or an extended contemplation of the scripture in the title, which in the King James Bible reads as follows: "Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other." The painting can also inspire a physical response in the form of tears as it calls to mind its more earth-bound aspects; namely, the very serious plight of those who truly are homeless in this world, whether born into such a condition, or forced into it by poverty or war." - Author: Aberjhani

Quotes About What Matters On The Inside

"Remember, we Christians think man lives for ever. Therefore, what really matters is those little marks or twists on the central, inside part of the soul which are going to turn it, in the long run, into a heavenly or a hellish creature." - Author: C.S. Lewis

Quotes About Sense Of Hearing

"Nietzsche called the ear "the organ of fear," and believed that the sense of hearing "could have evolved as greatly as it has only in the night and twilight of obscure caves and woods, in accordance with the mode of life in the age of timidity, that is to say the longest human age there has been: in bright daylight the ear is less necessary. That is how music acquired the character of an art of night and twilight." - Author: Ben Macintyre

Quotes About Batting Average

"Since 2008, batters have hit only .175 against pitches thrown at 100 m.p.h. or above. Batting averages go up as the speed of the pitches goes down: .210 at 99, .213 at 98, .225 at 97, .242 at 96 and .252 at 95." - Author: Barry Bearak

Quotes About You Make Me Smile

"This is an emotional request to the for-profit startups I help to build, strategize, and monetize. I do it for free because I care for you and your vision. I dont take an equity or a salary despite knowing that you and your investors will make money, and loads of it, eventually. I help because I care. Please remember, to pay back. Not to me, but to the world. Preferably, donate to a non-profit which will never receive the investments that you can and you are; donate to children and youth who want to do good things, to families that need you, to social startups that sweat day in and day out to bring smiles, and to anyone who cares for PEOPLE more than PROFITS. My salary will be drawn. I will be paid back in full. Thank you!" - Author: Sharad Vivek Sagar

Quotes About Attending Meetings

"The Sabbath is a holy day in which to do worthy and holy things. Abstinence from work and recreation is important, but insufficient. The Sabbath calls for constructive thoughts and acts, and if one merely lounges about doing nothing on the Sabbath, he is breaking it. To observe it, one will be on his knees in prayer, preparing lessons, studying the gospel, meditating, visiting the ill and distressed, writing letters to missionaries, taking a nap, reading wholesome material, and attending all the meetings of that day at which he is expected" - Author: Spencer W. Kimball

Quotes About Ways Of Communication

"God uses a multiplicity of ways to communicate with His people. Letters and numbers are just a fraction of the vehicles that God uses to communicate, but that communication relies on understanding each letters role in mans universe. For the one lacking insight, Gods mathematical communication falls on deaf ears. But, for those of us who have been invited to know God, how do we begin?" - Author: Michael

Quotes About Cheap Words

"Bianca, whore is just a cheap word people use to cut each other down," he said. His voice softer. "It makes them feel better about their own mistakes. Using words like that is easier than really looking into the situation. I promise you, youre not a whore."I looked at him, into his warm gray eyes, and suddently understood what he was trying to tell me. The message hidden beneath the words.Youre not alone." - Author: Kody Keplinger

Quotes About The Need To Feel Loved

"One more thing: dont feel bad for not telling me that you loved me. You didnt need to say it. I knew all along that you did." - Author: J.A. Redmerski

Quotes About Age 28

"We do not have even 1 percent of that kind of power. Rather, we have 100 percent of the natural freedom that God deemed appropriate to the creatures he made in his own image. Instead of pieces rationed between God (a larger portion) and creatures (a smaller portion), God has his "pie" (sovereign, Creator-style freedom) and we have our own as well from him (dependent, creature-style freedom). Our freedom is like his, but always with greater difference. "In him we live and move and have our being" (Ac 17:28), so even our ability to think, will, and act is dependent on Gods sovereign gift." - Author: Michael S. Horton