[Every Player Should Be Accorded The Privilege Of At Least One Season With The Chicago Cubs. That's Baseball As It Should Be Played - In God's Own Sunshine. And That's Really Living.]

Author: Alvin Dark Quotes

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Paul B Tripp Quotes

"Theres nothing gay about living life straight"

Lorenzo De Medici Quotes

"I wish that death had spared me until your library had been complete."

Peter Nichols Quotes

"In any age, there is no shortage of people willing to embark on a hazardous adventure. Columbus and Magellan filled eight ships between them for voyages into the void. One hundred and fifty years ago, the possibilities offered by missionary service were limitless and first-rate. Later, Scott and Shackleton turned away droves after filling their crews for their desperate Antarctic voyages. In 1959 ... sailor H.W. Tilman, looking for a crew for a voyage in an old wooden yacht to the Southern Ocean, ran this ad in the London Times: "Hand [man] wanted for long voyage in small boat. No pay, no prospects, not much pleasure." Tilman received more replies than he could investigate, one from as far away as Saigon."

Laurie Metcalf Quotes

"My profession is about as far away from growing up in southern Illinois as you can get."

Richard L Torres Quotes

"The truth hurts but a lie will eventually as well"

Dian Fossey Quotes

"The man who kills the animals today is the man who kills the people who get in his way tomorrow."

Terry Pratchett Neil Gaiman Quotes

"Lots of people in history have only done their jobs and look at the trouble they caused"

Brei Betzold Quotes

"Shhh, its okay Cait, Daddy will be back. I am going to take care of you, just like Uncle Drake takes care of Mommy. Shhh honey, you dont need to cry,"Jaks whispered."

Oliver Sacks Quotes

"Dr. P. may therefore serve as a warning and parable -- of what happens to a science which eschews the judgmental, the particular, the personal, and becomes entirely abstract and computational."

Bill Thrasher Quotes

"Prayer is helplessness plus faith."

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Quotes About Flying Through Life

"He got up and ran on, pitching himself down the hill, flying through the branches of the firs, leaping roots and rocks without seeing them. As he went, the hill got steeper and steeper, until it was really like falling. He was going too fast and he knew when he came to a stop, it would involve crashing into something, and shattering pain.Only as he went on, picking up speed all the time, until with each leap he seemed to sail through yards of darkness, he felt a giddy surge of emotion, a sensation that might have been panic but felt strangely like exhilaration. He felt as if at any moment his feet might leave the ground and never come back down. He knew this forest, this darkness, this night. He knew his chances: not good. He knew what was after him. It had been after him all his life. He knew where he was - in a story about to unfold an ending. He knew better than anyone how these stories went, and if anyone could find their way out of these woods, it was him.("Best New Horror")" - Author: Joe Hill

Quotes About Homegrown

"He considered telling her about his years as a big-time smuggler, but he doubted it would improve his odds of getting laid. Once upon a time, sure, absolutely—but hers was a generation that grew up on homegrown or Humboldt and thought Panama Red was a merlot. Gaspers suspected the young bartender would have been more impressed to meet a guy who worked for Apple, or maybe a professional skateboarder." - Author: Carl Hiaasen

Quotes About Folk Songs

"I really was never any more than what I was -a folk musician who gazed into the gray mist with tear-blinded eyes and made up songs that floated in a luminous haze." - Author: Bob Dylan

Quotes About Advances In Medicine

"[Egyptian] advances in medicine, however, as well as in other areas of science, were limited to their attempts to solve the problems confronting them. They did not attempt to probe into the realm of theory."History for the Egyptians was the cyclic recurrence of the elements of the divine eternal order. Just as the land was reborn each year, so the pharaoh who died and became Osiris was reborn in Horus, his son and successor. The passage of time was marked by the succession of pharaohs, who were grouped into dynasties and numbered." - Author: Norman F. Cantor

Quotes About Largest

"We have the largest economy and the strongest military in the world. Our core values of freedom and opportunity are ascendant around the globe." - Author: Joe Lieberman

Quotes About Septic

"He also remembered a comedy he had read in his youth called "The Deluge", which claimed the next great flood would be caused not by water from the heavens but by the backing up and over flowing of all the toilets, latrines, cesspools and septic tanks in the world which would start chucking up their contents relentlessly until we all drowned in our own shit." - Author: Andrea Camilleri

Quotes About Life Uncommon

"Success in life is founded upon attention to the small things rather than to the large things; to the every day things nearest to us rather than to the things that are remote and uncommon." - Author: Booker T. Washington

Quotes About Agency

"His glare snapped back on her with enough speed that she shrunk away from him. Make no mistake about me, William said harshly. Im not a good man! Im a killer; Im just one with an agency attached to my name." - Author: Destiny Booze

Quotes About Rosary Beads

"Connie drove a silver Camry with rosary beads hanging from her rearview mirror and a Smith& Wesson stuck under the seat. No matter whatwent down, Connie was covered." - Author: Janet Evanovich

Quotes About Pro Guns

"Hollywood raised us. Your mind processes the world through a filter formed by comic books and action movies on Cinemax. Thats why kids put on trench coats and take guns to school. The Devil knows how to control us." - Author: David Wong