[Every Reader, I Suspect, Has A Book Like This Somewhere In His Or Her Past, A Book That Seemed To Hold Within It, At That Moment, All The Mysteries Of The Universe.]

Author: Anna Quindlen Quotes

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Ron Livingston Quotes

"The real intimidating stuff is the scene where you show up for the first day. You kind of square off, and that is where you look each other in the eye."

Misty May Treanor Quotes

"I didnt think Id be going for another Olympics."

Blake Michael Quotes

"Im a magician. Ive learned to do some really cool tricks like levitating myself and melting forks."

Kate OBrien Quotes

"If somebody on this team actually gets to first base, Ill stand there naked."

Lucie Simone Quotes

"Trina stared into her open kitchen cabinets. She was two and a half days into her pre-date-night ritual fast, and she was about to crack. Technically, she wasnt going out on a date Saturday night, but Juliet was determined to have a man in her bed by the end of the evening. To be honest, Trina wasnt really looking forward to tomorrow nights manhunt. Sure, she was desperate for some hot monkey sex, but the thought of a one-night-stand was quickly losing its appeal. She wanted more than just plain, old sex. She wanted romance -- preferably with someone for whom she didnt have to fast for three days to attract."

Rachel Friedman Quotes

"These Aussie girls are free to set their own courses in the world, to meander and experiment. Their travels are not bumps along the road - they are life itself. See the world and then come home and decide who you want to be in it, not the other way around, as seems the general trajectory in the U.S."

Lee Battersby Quotes

"Marius had never understood the notion of blind loyalty. He had served everyone from kings and caliphs to head dishwasher at the local brothel, and only ever with one objective: to relieve someone of the cruel burden of their money."

Melissa Horacek Quotes

"Mercedes is a pretty princess"

Mark R Jones Quotes

"Charleston is not the center of the universe, but it should be. That is the persistent perception of many locals."

Thora Hird Quotes

"Until I got married, when I used to go out, my mother said good bye to me as though I was emigrating."

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Quotes About Record Deals

"If Id just been interested in record sales, I would have taken one of the deals I was offered after Soapstar Superstar, made a quick covers album and probably had some success for five minutes. I decided that wasnt for me." - Author: Richard Fleeshman

Quotes About Making Strides

"I am proud to represent these men and women who empower people in developing nations and promote the Peace Corps mission of peace and friendship. These volunteers are making major strides to improve the lives of people and communities around the world." - Author: Kenny Marchant

Quotes About Omniscient

"Mystery is but another name for ignorance; if we were omniscient, all would be perfectly plain!" - Author: Tryon Edwards

Quotes About Independence Hall

"I merely declare my independence. I merely claim my choice of all the tools in the universe; and I shall not admit that any of them are blunted merely because they have been used." - Author: G.K. Chesterton

Quotes About Nearing The End

"Im nearing the end of the road and still learning." - Author: Mike Wallace

Quotes About Kauneus

"Naisen ilmeistä.Viehättäviä ilmeitä joissa kauneus pääsee oikeuksiinsa ovat:Kyltynyt ilme,ikävystynyt ilme,utuinen ilme,julkea ilme,kylmä ilme,sisäänpäin kääntynyt ilme,käskevä ilme,määrätietoinen ilme,häijy ilme,kärsivä ilmesekä kissan ilme, sekoitus lapsellisuutta, piittaamattomuutta ja kurittomuutta." - Author: Charles Baudelaire

Quotes About Strength From God

"Holiness is the strength of the soul. It comes by faith and through obedience to Gods laws and ordinances. God then purifies the heart by faith, and the heart becomes purged from that which is profane and unworthy. When holiness is achieved by conforming to Gods will, one knows intuitively that which is wrong and that which is right before the Lord. Holiness speaks when there is silence, encouraging that which is good or reproving that which is wrong." - Author: James E. Faust

Quotes About Descriptive

"When it comes to naming things, vanity and flattery are dull motivations best suited for deciding on a childs middle name. Much more interesting are the descriptive names that suggest a story or happening of interest." - Author: J. Maarten Troost

Quotes About Guilt And Love

"Two and a half years ago Id learned to stop wanting comfort from the people around me, because they couldnt give it. We were all too scared. I was terrified and so were they. No one could understand what was happening to me, and when they couldnt make me better they felt helpless and guilty and eventually resentful. Yes, they loved me, my head knew that even if my heart couldnt feel it, but there was a small part of them that was angry. As if it was my choice to become depressed and that I was deliberately resisting the medication that was meant to fix me." - Author: Marian Keyes

Quotes About Managing Your Life

"Dont allow old traditions to become permanent mental scripts for managing your life in the present. Reason: you will not be able to transform yourself to think differently and be better as you grow with age and maturity." - Author: Darren L Johnson