[Every Shrink Knows That It's Not The Event Itself But How You Respond To It That Tells The Story. Take Ten Assorted Individuals, Expose Them All To The Same Life Trial, And They Will Each Suffuse It With Exquisite Personal Detail And Meaning.]

Author: A.S.A. Harrison Quotes

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Nnamdi Azikiwe Quotes

"It is better we disintegrate in peace and not in pieces."

Adel Abouhana Quotes

"Im Noah, and you are the ship coasting along the banks and as long as you are my valentine I will sail between your eyes.."

Josh Kun Quotes

"Here is how the harmful becomes profitable: That which yesterday was reviled today ends up in Urban Outfitters. The critic Rebecca Solnit has summarized it this way: Eat your heart out on a plastic tray, say the Sex Pistols. Now, we know where to buy the tray and what the heart tastes like."

Layla R Aprilyani Quotes

"Kadang pola pemikiran bisa berubah 180 derajat karena keadaan, kondisi dan situasi. Bahkan hati yang semula sangat tenang bisa mejadi gelisah karena pikiran seperti kata Deff Leppard "you could only change your heart if you only change your mind". Menjadi diri sendiri adalah pilihan yang tepat, keep smiling."

Jackie Chan Quotes

"Im good for some things, bad for a lot of things."

Eddie Murphy Quotes

"Ive made 30 movies and for the most part my movies work. In a business where success is an exception and not the rule, Ive mostly been successful."

Roy Thomson Quotes

"Like having your own licence to print money."

Courtt Quotes

"I keep myself busy with things to do, but every-time i pause, i still think f you."

Stephanie Dalley Quotes

"Look for the copper tablet-box,Undo its bronze lock,Open the door to its secret,Lift out the lapis lazuli tablet and read it,The story of that man, Gilgamesh, who went through all kinds of sufferings."

Herman Koch Quotes

"Er was gewoon geen bewegingsruimte om helemaal niets te willen, dan begonnen ze meteen weer over je negatieve houding door te zagen, terwijl ik vind dat dat een van de steunpilaren van de vrijheid is, om het zo maar eens te zeggen, dat je nou eens een keer niet wilt kiezen tussen al die mogelijkheden die de wereld al voordat je geboren werd voor je heeft uitgedokterd en waar je zelf helemaal nooit om hebt gevraagd."

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"Chana knows, I wondered sometimes how I raised that child without strangling her. By age six, [Jasnah] was pointing out my logical fallacies as I tried to get her to go to bed on time." - Author: Brandon Sanderson

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"Let every book-worm, when in any fragrant, scarce old tome, he discovers a sentence, a story, an illustration, that does his heart good, hasten to give it the widest circulation that newspapers and magazines, penny and halfpenny, can afford." - Author: Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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"Martin thought of the iron El trestles winding and stretching across the city, of department store windows and hotel lobbies, of electric elevators and street-car ads, of the city pressing its way north on both sides of the great park, of dynamos and electric lights, of ten-story hotels, of the old iron tower near the depot at West Brighton with its two steam-driven elevators rising and falling in the sky--and in his blood he felt a surge of restlessness, as if he were a steam train spewing fiery coal smoke into the black night sky as he roared along a trembling El track, high above the dark storefronts, the gaslit saloons, the red-lit doorways, the cheap beer dives, the dance halls, the gambling joints, the face in the doorway, the sudden cry in the night." - Author: Steven Millhauser

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"She might be the Archive, but shes still a kid, Kincaid."He frowned and looked at me. "So?""So? Kids like cute."He blinked at me. "Cute?""Come on."I led him downstairs.On the lower level of the Oceanarium theres an inner ring of exhibits, too, containing both penguins and--wait for it--sea otters.I mean, come on, sea otters. They open abalone with rocks while floating on their backs.How much cuter does it get than small, fuzzy, floating, playful tool users with big, soft brown eyes?" - Author: Jim Butcher

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"It is curious that, with my somewhat antinomian tendencies, I should have gone to Trinity Hall - which was, and is, before all a Law College - and should thus have been thrown into close touch with the legal element in life." - Author: Edward Carpenter

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"Bissell fingered his napkin. "I do, Mr. Boyd. And I know how generous Mr. Hoffa, Mr. Marcello and a few other Italian gentlemen have been to the Cause, and I know that you possess a certain amount of influence in the Kennedy camp. And as the Presidents chief Cuban-issue liaison, I also know that Fidel Castro and Communism are a good deal worse than the Mafia, although I wouldnt dream of asking you to intercede on our friends behalf, because it might cost you credibility with your sacred Kennedys."Stanton dropped his soup spoon. Pete let a big breath out eeeasy.Boyd put out a big shit-eating grin. "Im glad you feel that way, Mr. Bissell. Because if you did ask me, Id have to tell you to go fuck yourself." - Author: James Ellroy

Quotes About Worst Friends

"Its the worst part of seeing old friends: when your rose-colored memories become undone by reality." - Author: Brad Meltzer

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"The books leapt and danced like roasted birds, their wings ablaze with red and yellow feathers." - Author: Ray Bradbury

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"Keeping low to avoid the branches that blocked their paths, they scurried through the dark. Dante with his usual elegant silence and Abby crashing behind him like a bull elephant with a tranquilizer stuck in its butt." - Author: Alexandra Ivy

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"What irritated me most in that entire situation was the fact that Iwasnt feeling humiliated, or annoyed, or even fooled. Betrayal waswhat I felt, my heart broken not just by a guy I was in love with, butalso by, as I once believed, a true friend." - Author: Danka V.