[Everybody Has Many People Inside Of Them; I Think We Tend To Present The One We Feel Is Most Appropriate At First, In Order To Gain Acceptance Or Achieve What We Want. It Gets Really Interesting When This Technique Fails, And Other Levels Are Revealed.]

Author: Rupert Friend Quotes

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"I have read your book and much like it."

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"OReilly, happiness does eventually come, it just needs a lot of foreplay, thats all."And what better lover could happiness find?"

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"The hope of a new politics does not lie in formulating a left-wing reply to the right-it lies in rejecting conventional political categories."

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"prayer of the day in gratitude to Gods grand wisdom Jan. 24, 2014skinmusclesveinsosseous layersmarrowall this passeslife mass to ash to dust,thus, we must alwaystrust-rest in earthsfaithful arms,hold to the night skys Polarisand all this withinknowingGod is Justalways————————http://awordfromapoetsdesk.wordpress...."

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"Murky thoughts, like murky waters, can serve two purposes only: to hide what lies beneath, which is our ignorance, or to make the shallow seem deep"

Anne Bishop Quotes

"There are some questions that shouldnt be asked until a person is mature enough to appreciate the answers."

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"I think you can be terribly overexposed. Ive been always very careful in my career to do theatre; it takes you out of the television eye, and people are glad to see you back again."

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"No man succeeds without faith. Whether you call it religious faith or label it something else. I dont feel anything worthwhile is accomplished without it. When you believe there is a Supreme Being guiding the destiny of this universe and that within each of us there is a little part of that Being, then you will have faith in yourself, in your country, in that Supreme Being, and in humanity itself."

Gene Logsdon Quotes

"Curiously, only in sports do we agree to eschew technological advances, making rules, for example, to limit the power potential of baseball bats. We understand that technology will ruin our games, but we do not understand that it can also ruin cultures."

Ephrem The Syrian Quotes

"Scripture brought me to the Gate of Paradise, and the mind stood in wonder as it entered."

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"Sarah Byrnes was home with Lemery and safe from her father. I knew i didnt have to protect her anymore now that she is with someone I trust." - Author: Chris Crutcher

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"Later I had to raise the baby rats she ate, and why I thought one creature was my beloved pet while the other creatures were food is still a mystery to me. That was my first clue that love can warp a hierarchy; the whole pyramid got flipped on its head." - Author: Karen Russell

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"I was so anxious about what kind of kiss it would be-because my friends back home described so many types-and it turned out to be the beautiful kind. You didnt shove your tongue down my throat. You didnt grab my butt. We just held our lips together...and kissed." - Author: Jay Asher

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"Un experto es una persona que ha cometido todos los errores que se pueden cometer en un determinado campo." - Author: Niels Bohr

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"A Letter to Andre Breton, Originally Composed on a Leaf of Lettuce With an Ink-dippedCarrotOn my bed, my green comforterdraped over my knees like a lumpy turtle,I think about the Berlin Wall of years that separates us.In my own life, the years are beginning to stack uplike a Guinness World Records pile of pancakes,yet Im still searching for some kind of syrup to believe in.In the shadows of my pink sheet, I see your face, Desnos face,and two clock faces staring at each other. I see a gaping woundthat ebbs rose petals, while a sweaty armpitholds an orchestra. Beethoven, maybe.A lover sings a capella, with the frothiness of a cappuccino.Starbucks, maybe. Theres an hourglass, too, and beneath the sandslie untapped oil reserves. I see Dalis mustache,Magrittes pipe, and bowling shoes, which leaves the question--If you could time travel through a trumpet, would you findtoday and tomorrow too loud?" - Author: Jarod Kintz

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"Something must be radically wrong with a culture and a civilisation when its youth begins to desert it. Youth is the natural time for revolt, for experiment, for a generous idealism that is eager for action. Any civilisation which has the wisdom of self-preservation will allow a certain margin of freedom for the expression of this youthful mood. But the plain, unpalatable fact is that in America today that margin of freedom has been reduced to the vanishing point. Rebellious youth is not wanted here. In our environment there is nothing to challenge our young men; there is no flexibility, no colour, no possibility for adventure, no chance to shape events more generously than is permitted under the rules of highly organised looting. All our institutional life combines for the common purpose of blackjacking our youth into the acceptance of the status quo; and not acceptance of it merely, but rather its glorification." - Author: Harold Edmund Stearns

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"That a great battle must soon be fought no one could doubt; but, in the apparent and perhaps real absence of plan on the part of Lee, it was impossible to foretell the precise scene of the encounter." - Author: Edward Everett

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"Since Peter the Great, Russia had been expanding at the rate of one Belgium per year." - Author: Henry Kissinger

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"Nunca houve nada como o amor para nos ajudar a ver o mal. O amor é o antídoto da cenoura." - Author: Miguel Esteves Cardoso

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"I wore an eye patch when I was a kid, you said. Maybe we met out here and fell in love over bad barbecue. I doubt it, I said. Im just saying, Yunior. Maybe five thousand years ago we were together.Five thousand years ago I was in Denmark. Thats true. And half of me was in Africa. Doing what?Farming, I guess. Thats what everybody does everywhere.Maybe we were together some other time. I cant think when, I said.You tried not to look at me. Maybe five million years ago.People werent even people back then." - Author: Junot Díaz