[Everything Is Song. Everything Is Silence. Since It All Turns Out To Be Illusion, Perfectly Being What It Is, Having Nothing To Do With Good Or Bad, You Are Free To Die Laughing.]

Author: James Broughton Quotes

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Judith Hoag Quotes

"I think commercials get a bad rap, that theres no creativity to them, but I havent found that to be entirely true. The process of auditioning for them can be tedious, but actually doing them can be really fun."

Naomi Shihab Nye Quotes

"I think the job of writing and literature is to encourage each one of us to believe that were living in a story."

George Seferis Quotes

"My vantage point must have been somewhere between our little house and the steamer jetty. The sea was exceptionally calm. Lit up by a sun that you could have taken down and put in your knapsack. Everything: Mooring rings on the harbor wall, piles of timber, the arches of the houses, caiques, windows – all of them were faithful, in the way we describe a dog being faithful."

Melissa Craig Quotes

"Enjoy it any way you can."

Anna Sui Quotes

"Longing and desire goes further than instant satisfaction. Thats human nature."

Nurilla Iryani Quotes

"Terkadang kita lebih baik melepas seseorang atau sesuatu yang kita cintai tapi belum tentu dapat membuat kita bahagia, untuk seseorang yang belum tentu kita cintai tapi dapat memberikan kita kebahagiaan."

Sam Palladio Quotes

"Cornwall has lots of folk and Celtic music and has that kind of surfer vibe as well. That was my kind of upbringing."

John Lanchester Quotes

"The economic metaphor came to be applied to every aspect of modern life, especially the areas where it simply didnt belong. In fields such as education, equality of opportunity, health, employees rights, the social contract and culture, the first conversation to happen should be about values and principles; then you have the conversation about costs, and what you as a society can afford."

Francisca Todi Quotes

"Karamel. Aku baru memperhatikan, warna matanya coklat keemasan, seperti sirup karamel yang selalu kucampurkan di kopiku."

Gisela Richter Quotes

"A series of failures may culminate in the best possible result."

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Quotes About Tangan

"Orang-orang kuat ditempa oleh pelbagai tantangan, seperti layang-layang yang dilambungkan ke langit oleh terpaan angin." - Author: Frank Harris

Quotes About The Importance Of Extracurricular Activities

"I continue to be a strong believer in the life-saving importance of early detection, and I encourage everyone to be proactive about their preventive screenings." - Author: Roy Blunt

Quotes About Titus Andronicus

"A Titus Andronicus catalog of threats beat at the door. They haunt my nightmares still." - Author: David Mitchell

Quotes About Looking Up To A Friend

"My sister taught me the best trick. When the salesclerk isnt looking, you make Sharpie marks on the front of all the others so no one else will buy them. I mean, how embarrassing would it be to have someone else show up at the dance wearing the same dress! This way, I know Ill be the only one.""God,I wouldnt have the guts.What if you got caught!"The Sharpie-wielding Phillite shrugged. "I would put them all on my dads card. But then I wouldnt be able to buy the Manolos..."She and her impressed friends headed down the hall.Frankie banged his locker closed with unnecessary force. "Mind-boggling," he muttered. "All that money, and they cant buy a clue." - Author: Melissa Jensen

Quotes About Writing Your Own Life Story

"When telling the story of your life, it is of great value to recognize and focus on the details that reveal or inspire an empowered unfolding of your being. Much like rewriting your own DNA, every aspect of your life and growth will emanate from the building blocks of your history—however you choose to tell it. This is not to suggest that you should deny or bury your mistakes, traumas or misfortunes, but rather, recognize and reveal them within an empowered context of a bigger picture." - Author: Scott Edmund Miller

Quotes About Sci Fi

"Science has never killed or persecuted a single person for doubting or denying its teaching, and most of these teaching have been true; but religion has murdered millions for doubting or denying her dogmas and most of these dogmas have been false.All stories about gods and devils, of heavens and hells, as they do not conform to nature, and are not apparent to sense, should be rejected without consideration. Beyond the universe there is nothing and within the universe the supernatural does not and cannot exist.Of all deceivers who have plagued mankind, none are so deeply ruinous to human happiness as those imposters who pretend to lead by a light above nature.The lips of the dead are closed forever. There comes no voice from the tomb. Christianity is responsible for having cast the fable of eternal fire over almost every grave." - Author: Gratis P. Spencer

Quotes About Ivot

"Najveća mudrost u životu je da čovjek pronađe pravu ludost." - Author: Meša Selimović

Quotes About Movie Intensity

"And like everybody else, I like the Rocky movies, but if you look at them again you can see all the misses, but the intensity of it, but that wasnt what this is." - Author: Charles S. Dutton

Quotes About Defeitos

"― Eu te amo pelos teus defeitos.― Defeitos?― É. Os melhores." - Author: Filipe Russo

Quotes About Unlucky 13

"We all have heard it claimed that 13 is an unlucky number. Indeed, there are many hotels in America that for this very reason claim not to have a 13th floor, in the sense that there is no button bearing the label 13 in their elevators (I recently stayed in one in New York, in fact)." - Author: Douglas Hofstadter