[Everything We Personally Own That's Made, Sold, Shipped, Stored, Cleaned, And Ultimately Thrown Away Does Some Environmental Harm Every Step Of The Way, Harm That We're Either Directly Responsible For Or Is Done On Our Behalf.]

Author: Yvon Chouinard Quotes

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Pamela Palmer Quotes

"Tighe took control of his thoughts."You need to use the bathroom. When I tell you to, go into the house. Two cats will try to comein with you. You must let them in. Dont allow anyone to stop them. Once inside the house, youllgo into the bathroom and close the door, pull down your pants, then curl up on the floor and go tosleep."The bastards career would be over when they caught him, literally, with his pants down. But hedeserved it for kicking a cat."

Peter Yarrow Quotes

"When people sing together, community is created. Together we rejoice, we celebrate, we mourn and we comfort each other. Through music, we reach each others hearts and souls. Music allows us to find a connection. - Peter Yarrow"

Mick Cochrane Quotes

"Molly stood up. You made an error! She felt like saying. A bad throw. So what? Its a baseball game. A game. Who really cares? A bad throw? In the great scheme of things? A bad throw? Of course she didnt say that. She understood that your own errors always feel tragic."

Marie Brown Quotes

"Poor innocent little lambie," God said, shaking his head. "Telion. I made you people in My Image. I swear, and drink, and have sex. I even burp and fart, but I damn sure dont snore. You seriously think I mind if people I made to reflect me act like I do? Not hardly. And theres another bone I have to pick with you lot. Know why I dont mess with Amrontil for the most part? Ill tell you. You sorry fuckers forgot how to talk to Me and you completely fucking rejected My gifts. You grovel and beg and plead like youre talking to My asshole Brother Gabriel. Makes Me want to barf. Come on, people, get a backbone! And fucking get laid, would you? Uptight repressed bastards."

Norman Jewison Quotes

"But Madonna has a small amount of talent when it comes to movies."

Emmanuel Aghado Quotes

"Two wrongs create an additional problem.A wrong plus A right creates a remorse.Two rights create a solution."

Patricia Cabot Quotes

"(...) alguns livros são tão bons que queremos lê-los uma e outra vez. Afeiçoamo-nos a eles.Tornam-se...bom, tornam-se um pouco a nossa familia."

AR Gurney Quotes

"Andy: Andrew Makepeace Ladd, the Third, accepts with pleasure the kind invitation of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Channing Gardner for a birthday party in honor of their daughter Melissa on April 19th, 1937 at half past three oclock.Melissa: Dear Andy: Thank you for the birthday present. I have a lot of Oz books, but not The Lost Princess of Oz. What made you give me that one? Sincerely yours, Melissa.Andy: Im answering your letter about the book. When you came into second grade with that stuck-up nurse, you looked like a lost princess.Melissa: I dont believe what you wrote. I think my mother told your mother to get that book. I like the pictures more than the words. Now lets stop writing letters."

David Dark Quotes

"What the pundits call wishy-washiness, the Bible calls repentance."

Paul Grist Quotes

"Youre such an optimist Kane -- thats your problem. You only end up disappointed."

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Quotes About Nerve

"I seem to wish to have some importanceIn the play of time. If not,Then sad was my mothers pain, my breath, my bones,My web of nerves, my wondering brain,to be shaped and quickened with such anticipationOnly to feed the swamp of space.What is deep, as love is deep, Ill haveDeeply. What is good, as love is good,Ill have well. Then if time and spaceHave any purpose, I shall belong to it.If not, if all is a pretty fictionTo distract the cherubim and seraphimWho so continually do cry, the leastI can do is to fill the curled shell of the worldWith human deep-sea sound, and hold it toThe ear of God, until he has appetiteTo taste our salt sorrow on his lips.And so you see it might be better to die.Though, on the other hand, I admit it mightBe immensely foolish." - Author: Christopher Fry

Quotes About Deaf

"The rain came down upon my head - Unshelterd. And the wind rendered me mad and deaf and blind." - Author: Edgar Allan Poe

Quotes About Society And Media

"What happens to people living in a society where everyone in power is lying, stealing, cheating and killing, and in our hearts we all know this, but the consequences of facing all these lies are so monstrous, we keep on hoping that maybe the corporate government administration and media are on the level with us this time.Americans remind me of survivors of domestic abuse.This is always the hope that this is the very, very, very last time ones ribs get re-broken again." - Author: Inga Muscio

Quotes About Shaken

"Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our God is a consuming fire." - Author: Anonymous

Quotes About Doubting Oneself

"It was a trap after all," Alric said. He turned to Royce. "My apologies for doubting your sound paranoia." - Author: Michael J. Sullivan

Quotes About Disordered

"The punishment of every disordered mind is its own disorder." - Author: Augustine of Hippo

Quotes About Ryan Reynolds

"In my real life, both my bosses are gay. On the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Andy Cohen is gay, everybody at Bravo is gay - we call them the gay mafia. Over at Glee and The New Normal, my boss Ryan Murphy is gay. On the show, my boss, played by Andrew Reynolds, is gay in real life. Im surrounded by all my gay bosses." - Author: NeNe Leakes

Quotes About Briar Rose

"Briar: "So I guess I was the last to know." Rosethorn: "Of course you are. Youre a man, arent you?" - Author: Tamora Pierce

Quotes About Homies

"It aint no fun if the homies cant have none." - Author: Snoop Dogg

Quotes About Tim Hortons Coffee

"Jeff leaned his head down so that his forehead touched Tims forehead. "This cant end well.""What does?" Tim asked. "Thats the problem with life: it always ends, and it ends badly." - Author: Ben Tousey