[Faceva Male. Qualunque Sentimento Risultava Doloroso Accanto Aquella Donna, Ogni Cosa Che Nasceva E Moriva Attorno A Eleanorpossedeva Spine Taglienti Che Si Conficcavano Ovunque Dentro Di Lui.Un Dolore Al Quale, Nonostante Tutto, Il Suo Corpo Non Riusciva Arinunciare.Graffiami. Incidi Tutta Te Stessa Dentro Di Me, Così Che Possa Averel'illusione Di Averti Per Sempre.]

Author: Valentina C. Brin Quotes

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"If you are different from the rest of the flock, they bite you"

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"So get off your donkey and help somebody. They need it—and youve got a lot of living to do!"

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"We never know what a day will bring us, but one thing we do know is that every morning we can wake up, smile and hope for the best. SMILE ITS A NEW DAY"

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"One of Bezoss favorite stories is that of a book called Endurance,"

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"Your heart is who you are, all else follows. Guard your heart, Thomas. Guard your heart."

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"No day is alike, nor should it be."

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"When scientific conversations cease, then dogma rather than knowledge begins to rule the day."

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"My mother used to read to me every night when I was little. We got through most of the major fantasy books of that time. The Narnia books by C.S. Lewis were my favorites and, later, Tolkiens The Lord of the Rings. I started making dolls to fill in the gaps of the dolls I had. Obviously we couldnt buy centaurs and fauns and elves and fairies, so I made them to play with the normal dolls I had. I must have been about six years old when I started making fantasy dolls."

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"We knew the difference between that which cannot be expressed and that which must. We understood that while words are a path taking us only so far, they are a requisite to the journey. They are like road maps that show us which way to go."

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"When I started singing, I couldnt be shut up."

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"The result has been that although few conservative Presbyterian churches actually worship in the Puritan way, the Puritan theology of worship remains the standard orthodoxy among them. This discrepancy sometimes leads to guilty consciences." - Author: John Frame

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"Symbols, for me and for many, of freedom, whether it be from the prison of over-dense communities and the close confines of human relationships, from the less complex incarceration of office walls and hours, or simply freedom from the prison of adult life and an escape into the forgotten world of childhood, of the individual or the race. For I am convinced that man has suffered in his separation from the soil and from the other living creatures of the world; the evolution of his intellect has outrun his needs as an animal, and as yet he must still, for security, look long at some portion of the earth as it was before he tampered with it." - Author: Gavin Maxwell

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"I am not a one-issue voter in the sense that indicates I am an ignorant fundamentalist who only cares about one thing. I believe in protecting the environment. I believe in caring for the poor, the orphan, the widow in her distress. These are some of the so-called "issues" that many of us use to justify voting for Obama. How can we possibly claim it is Christian love for the poor and helpless that motivates us to vote for such a man when he is so committed to the killing of the most helpless among us?" - Author: Joseph Bayly

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"One is actually the democracy here, you know, people are, people assume that this election means that there is democracy in Pakistan. There is no democracy." - Author: Imran Khan

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"The day of the full moon, when the moon is neither increasing nor decreasing, the Babylonians called Sa-bat, meaning "heart-rest." It was believed that on this day, the woman in the moon, Ishtar, as the moon goddess was known in Babylon, was menstruating, for in Babylon, as in virtually every ancient and primitive society, there had been since the earliest times a taboo against a woman working, preparing food, or traveling when she was passing her monthly blood. On Sa-bat, from which comes our Sabbath, men as well as women were commanded to rest, for when the moon menstruated, the taboo was on everyone. Originally (and naturally) observed once a month, the Sabbath was later to be incorporated by the Christians into their Creation myth and made conveniently weekly. So nowadays hard-minded men with hard muscles and hard hats are relieved from their jobs on Sundays because of an archetypal psychological response to menstruation." - Author: Tom Robbins