[Fairy Tales In Childhood Are Stepping Stones Throughout Life, Leading The Way Through Trouble And Trial. The Value Of Fairy Tales Lies Not In A Brief Literary Escape From Reality, But In The Gift Of Hope That Goodness Truly Is More Powerful Than Evil And That Even The Darkest Reality Can Lead To A Happily Ever After. Do Not Take That Gift Of Hope Lightly. It Has The Power To Conquer Despair In The Midst Of Sorrow, To Light The Darkness In The Valleys Of Life, To Whisper "One More Time" In The Face Of Failure. Hope Is What Gives Life To Dreams, Making The Fairy Tale The Reality.]

Author: L.R. Knost Quotes

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"People are talking of his susceptibility to the rising delivery, but let me tell you that when you are out of form, every ball looks like a hand grenade."

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"Age is a funny thing. So are appearances. Neither is relevant to what one knows, in my opinion."

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"Its true, though, others wont understand me. I know that. Im still an alien in the American Christian subculture.Each evening I retreat from it, and I go straight to the Gospels.Its not out of duty that I read about Jesus; its a respite."

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"Brilliant? Ha! Your about as bright as a black hole! Ellen resorted."

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"As a young actor, its important to see how the greatest in the industry work... diva behavior is never it."

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"How did you do it?" he wanted to know. "Enchanted arrows? Spell of exploding flesh? Rain of fire? No, not that. The worm would be cooked and we would be eating it. Wand of destruction? Oh, a wand of destruction would be a find, fine thing." He turned to me. "Speak up, girl." I hit him with your skillet. A lot."

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"Nature is not tailored to man. It exists for itself."

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"Taking the decision-making process away from people disempowers them. It also makes them much less likely to buy into the decision, however right it may be. Ones own conscience remains the ultimate arbiter."

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"I am shrunken and shriveled inside, a rotten chestnut hidden beneath a deceptively smooth shell"

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"The fans treated me royally."

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