[Filled With Hope, Ico Looked Into Yorda's Eyes. He Felt Like Was Looking Into An Hourglass, Trying To Pick Through The Grains Of Sand For Some Truth Buried There Long Ago. He Hadn't Found Anything Yet, But The Warmth Of Yorda's Hands In His Told Him That He Was Getting Close.]

Author: Miyuki Miyabe Quotes

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Stephen Levine Quotes

"[C]oncepts of dying in to a heaven or hell seem a good deal more political than spiritual. (124)"

Christian Serratos Quotes

"Twilight has been a great opportunity, and its been great fun. Hey, if Im 50, and someone still wants an autograph for Twilight, OK, cool."

K J Bishop Quotes

"Life is a cracked surface at best. Fiction is a nice edifice. / every word/sentence/paragraph gives a writer an opportunity to reinforce or deliberately crack the edifice by screwing with meaning, structure, grammar, the fourth wall, etc. / different types and degrees of cracking produce different arrangements of order and chaos."

Eric Flint Quotes

"Good writing just isnt that common."

Marcus Fabius Quintilianus Quotes

"Write quickly and you will never write well; write well, and you will soon write quickly."

Sheri Bessi Quotes

"BE the light you already are."

Rebecca Zanetti Quotes

"You cant keep me here."He huffed out a low chuckle, weariness tightening his face. "You have no idea what I can do, angel. What I will do to keep you here. Keep you safe."

Christa Miller Quotes

"I am very protective of my family."

Ron Lester Quotes

"I figured being fat was my destiny."

Josh Thompson Quotes

"We got a fightin side a mile wide, but we pray for peace cause its mostly us that end up servin overseas."

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Quotes About Seeing Through Someone Elses Eyes

"I like seeing Venice through your eyes.A tiny bud of hope sprouted in her heart ...Ill have this wrapped for you.Thanks. The tiny bud within her grew a single whisper-thin leaf of vivid green" - Author: Nalini Singh

Quotes About Blurry Life

"From her vantage point, looking up at [Ian] through the water-spotted and slightly blurry lenses of her glasses, he was quite literally larger than life. Right at that moment, with his hands up on his head, his muscular chest bare, and his boxer shorts clinging to him in a most revealing way, water matting the hair on his chest and his legs and his eyelashes, he was ridiculously attractive. Even with his more conventionally handsome brother standing next to him.Of course the fact that Aaron was looking down at her with unconcealed dislike in his pretty hazel eyes mightve had something to with it, as if she werent a person but instead a pile of excrement left on his pool deck by a wart-covered troll with an intestinal ailment." - Author: Suzanne Brockmann

Quotes About Dehumanization

"Dehumanization, although a concrete historical fact, is not a given destiny but the result of an unjust order that engenders violence in the oppressors, which in turn dehumanizes the oppressed" - Author: Paulo Freire

Quotes About Life Being Hard But Worth It

"New Life Realization #1:Being an adult is hard work. I know people tell you this growing up, but it doesnt really sink in until youre living it, waist deep in the swamps of no-free-time and not-enough-money.New Life Realization #2:Its worth it." - Author: Cora Carmack

Quotes About Deepest Death

"Arent you, like me, hoping that some person, thing, or event will come along to give you that final feeling of inner well-being you desire? Dont you often hope: May this book, idea, course, trip, job, country or relationship fulfill my deepest desire. But as long as you are waiting for that mysterious moment you will go on running helter-skelter, always anxious and restless, always lustful and angry, never fully satisfied. You know that this is the compulsiveness that keeps us going and busy, but at the same time makes us wonder whether we are getting anywhere in the long run. This is the way to spiritual exhaustion and burn-out. This is the way to spiritual death." - Author: Henri J.M. Nouwen

Quotes About Funny Mischief

"He took in the squeaky music, the vulgar and pining melodies, because passion immobilizes good taste and seriously considers what soberly would be thought of as funny and to be resented." - Author: Thomas Mann

Quotes About Spartacus Sura

"Even Spartacus needs a coach." - Author: Breaux Greer

Quotes About Loaded Gun

"My body is a carnivorous flower, a poisonous houseplant, a loaded gun with a million triggers and hes more than ready to fire." - Author: Tahereh Mafi

Quotes About Devastating

"-in New York, a cat could look at a king. Hell, a cat could get himself elected king. But in England, where people had windows reminding them of ancestors whose bones had long since gone to dust? In England, the country that had perfected the art of the devastating remark? In England, where the servants entrance waited, where all ears were tuned for the tiniest wrong accent, where the exquisitely subtle vocabulary of Us and Them held ten thousand complicated traps, uspoken and unarguable?" - Author: Laurie R. King

Quotes About Desfazer

"Fofocas se propagam como a peste negra, não importa a época ou local. Sempre acompanhada de uma boa dose de veneno — e não muita preocupação com a verdade —, espalhar um boato mentiroso é tão fácil quanto respirar. Mas desfazer essa má impressão é difícil." - Author: Iris Figueiredo