[Films Don't Decide My Whole Life. They Are Just A Part Of Who I Am. What I Do In My Personal Life Should Be Of No Concern To The Filmmakers Or The Fans.]

Author: Kareena Kapoor Khan Quotes

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"I find the lure of the unknown irresistible."

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"Its pretty amazing to me that my first hit record was an Elvis Presley record."

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"If youve ever rubbed shoulders with insanity, he is a sweaty, foul-breathed cab driver who locks the door and takes you wherever he wants. The more you squirm to get out, the happier he seems to get. Insanity loves- no, needs-company."

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"Its about more than us, now, cant you see? I love you, of course I do, but some things...some things just have to be done."

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"To Achieve your weight loss goals, need an exercise and water"

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"From dear, dear Gloria Swanson, I learned how to live long, happy and free of health problems. I owe her my life."

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"Insisting that his writing did not offer a philosophy of life, Hardy claims that each poem was an ‘impression, intensely subjective and evanescent."

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"True love heals and affects spiritual growth. If we do not grow because of someone elses love, its generally because it is a counterfeit form of love."

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"I got to work with Jennifer Tilly, she was amazing. Such, such a smart actress."

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"I would roll up pennies to take the subway to work in Times Square. I was broke, but I was happy."

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"Esmenet had loved joking about cocks. She marvelled at the way men fussed over them, cursing, congratulating, beseeching, coaxing, commanding, even threatening them. Once she told Achamian about a deranged priest who had actually held a knife to his member, hissing „You must listen!" After that, she said, she understood that men, far more than women, were other to themselves." - Author: R. Scott Bakker

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"She remembered Kelsier, standing boldly before a small group of thieves, proclaiming that they wouldoverthrow the Lord Ruler and free the empire. Were thieves, hed said. And were extraordinarilygood ones. We can rob the unrobbable and fool the unfoolable. We know how to take anincredibly large task and break it down to manageable pieces, then deal with each of those pieces.That day, when hed written up the teams goals and plans on a small board, Vin had been amazed byhow possible he had made an impossible task seem. That day, a little bit of her had begun to believe thatKelsier could overthrow the Final Empire." - Author: Brandon Sanderson

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"But one may say something and yet not be able to do it. Try, for instance, lifting yourself up by the bootstraps." - Author: Idries Shah

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"Im carrying an iPhone 5. I like this device. Its been impressive. I have a Windows and an Android device... I carry an iPad. I carry a Kindle... Yeah, I have a lot of devices." - Author: Randall L. Stephenson

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"One of the best guides to how to be self-loving is to give ourselves the love we are often dreaming about receiving from others. There was a time when I felt lousy about my over-forty body, saw myself as too fat, too this, or too that. Yet I fantasized about finding a lover who would give me the gift of being loved as I am. It is silly, isnt it, that I would dream of someone else offering to me the acceptance and affirmation I was withholding from myself. This was a moment when the maxim "You can never love anybody if you are unable to love yourself" made clear sense. And I add, "Do not expect to receive the love from someone else you do not give yourself." - Author: Bell Hooks

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"I dont want to put my fate in country music fans; Im too stubborn." - Author: Natalie Maines

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"Jangan sebut aku perempuan sejati jika hidup hanya berkalang lelaki. Tapi bukan berarti aku tidak butuh lelaki untuk aku cintai. (Nyai Ontosoroh)" - Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer

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"One two, one two, Type a word or two. Arrow left, arrow right, Keep those fingers nice and tight.Keys up, Keys down,Move those digits all around.One two, one two, Type a word or two." - Author: g.k. griswold

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"It requires discipline, to drown oneself, but I have discipline in spades. My body may never be discovered, or it may resurface weeks, months, later--eroded to the point that my death cant be time-stamped--and I will provide a last bit of evidence to make sure Nick is marched to the padded cross, the prison table where hell be pumped with poison and die." - Author: Gillian Flynn

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"...but with his mother theres no question of liking him theyre not even in a way separate people he began in her stomach and if she gave him life she can take it away and if he feels that withdrawal it will be the grave itself." - Author: John Updike