[First, Accept Sadness. Realize That Without Losing, Winning Isn't So Great.]

Author: Alyssa Milano Quotes

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Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus Quotes

"Few men are born brave. Many become so through training and force of discipline."

Erich Leinsdorf Quotes

"When I was to come to Washington the first time as Music Director of the Boston Symphony, Mrs. Johnson phoned us to find out if they could give us a party and who we would like to meet."

Honey Father Quotes

"Love is a damagemade to the heart,violence,fate thats written,Changeable by distance,Breakable by time...!"

JM Reep Quotes

"Leah looked at her parents, lost in their own fantasies, and decided that the three of them were a pretty pathetic family - but she wasnt sure who was more pathetic: the dateless girl spending the night of the big dance by herself in her bedroom, or the parents who foolishly believed a boy would arrive on their doorstep with flowers, a limo, and a promise to rescue their daughter from her solitude."

Vixen Phillips Quotes

"Because now that its finally morning, the shadows are beginning to fade, the shadows that have been covering my mind and my soul. Now that theyre gone, I can almost start to see the way, and its different from the one theyd convinced me was all I could have."

James Bovard Quotes

"This is a case if the President is permitted to be above the law, then we no longer have a republic."

W E B Griffin Quotes

"An authors characters do what he wants them to do."

VS Ramachandran Quotes

"Even though its common knowledge these days, it never ceases to amaze me that all the richness of our mental life - all our feelings, our emotions, our thoughts, our ambitions, our love life, our religious sentiments and even what each of us regards us his own intimate private self - is simply the activity of these little specks of jelly in your head, in your brain. There is nothing else."

Abu Hamid Al Ghazali Quotes

"A fourth group of people climbs from ignorance and pretends to possess the rational faculty. They suppose that the highest felicity is the expansion of honor and fame, the spread of reputation, a multiplicity of followers, and the influence of the command that is obeyed. Hence, you see that their only concern is eye service and cultivation of the things upon which observers cast their glance. One of them may go hungry in his house and suffer harm so that he can spend his wealth on clothes with which to adorn himself so that no one will look at him with the eye of contempt when he goes out. The types of these people are beyond count. All of them are veiled from Allah by the sheer darkness that is their own dark souls."

Edward Thomas Quotes

"Rain, midnight rain, nothing but the wild rainOn this bleak hut, and solitude, and meRemembering again that I shall dieAnd neither hear the rain nor give it thanksFor washing me cleaner than I have beenSince I was born into this solitude.Blessed are the dead that the rain rains upon:But here I pray that none whom once I lovedIs dying to-night or lying still awakeSolitary, listening to the rain,Either in pain or thus in sympathyHelpless among the living and the dead,Like a cold water among broken reeds,Myriads of broken reeds all still and stiff,Like me who have no love which this wild rainHas not dissolved except the love of death,If love it be towards what is perfect andCannot, the tempest tells me, disappoint."

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Quotes About Farts And Friendship

"Dont cry for the lose of friendship because your lose does not matter to that person who left you, They make fun of your special tears, So never let other make you feel low, Because it gives you the pain not to them." - Author: Debolina Bhawal

Quotes About Apollyon

"Okay. Youre the best Apollyon there is." He tipped his head to the side and arched a brow. "Im the only Apollyon there is right now." I grinned. "Youre still the best." - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Quotes About Fake Blood Relations

"I have lots of Scottish blood and know that my family name is Scottish. At my home in the States I have a tartan crest but, unfortunately, I do a terrible Scottish accent." - Author: Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Quotes About Saddest Life

"I answer that I try to write true stories but that at a given point the story becomes unbearable because of its very truth, and then I have to change it. I tell her that I try to tell my story but all of a sudden I cant-I dont have the courage, it hurts too much. And so I embellish everything and describe things not as they happened but the way I wished they happened.She says, "Yes, there are lives sadder than the saddest of books." I say, "Yes. No book, no matter how sad, can be as sad as a life." - Author: Ágota Kristof

Quotes About Very Cold Weather

"I wanted to say a certain thing to a certain man, a certain true thing that had crept into my head. I opened my head, at the place provided, and proceeded to pronounce the true thing that lay languishing there—that is, proceeded to propel that trueness, that felicitous trularity, from its place inside my head out into world life. The certain man stood waiting to receive it. His face reflected an eager accepting-ness. Everything was right. I propelled, using my mind, my mouth, all my muscles. I propelled. I propelled and propelled. I felt trularity inside my head moving slowly through the passage provided (stained like the caves of Lascaux with garlic, antihistamines, Berloiz, a history, a history) toward its debut on the world stage. Past my teeth, with their little brown sweaters knitted of gin and cigar smoke, toward its leap to critical scrutiny. Past my lips, with their tendency to flake away in cold weather—" - Author: Donald Barthelme

Quotes About Sick Kids

"Do you have a Wish? he asked, referring to this organization, The Genie Foundation, which is in the business of granting sick kids one wish.No I said. I used my Wish pre-Miracle.Whatd you do?I sighed loudly. I was thirteen, I said.Not Disney, he said.I said nothing.You did not go to Disney World.I said nothing.HAZEL GRACE! he shouted. You did not use your one dying Wish to go to Disney World with your parents.Also Epcot Center, I mumbled.Oh, my God, Augustus said. I cant believe I had a crush on a girl with such cliché wishes." - Author: John Green

Quotes About School

"The research we do at the local level - collaboratively - is what makes formal, outside research work. Outside research cannot be installed like a car part - it has to be fitted, adjusted, and refined for the school contexts we workd in." - Author: Mike Schmoker

Quotes About Raising Stepchildren

"I have been raising money for the past 14 years for diabetes research." - Author: John Ratzenberger

Quotes About Ice And Fire

"Ghosts can haunt damned near anything. I have heard them in the breathy voice of a song and seen them between the covers of a book. They have hidden in trees so that their faces peer out of the bark, and hovered beneath the silver surface of water. They disguise themselves as cracks in concrete or come calling in a delirium of fever. On summer days they keep pace like the shadow of our shadow. They lurk in the breath of young girls who give us our first kiss. Ive seen men who were haunted to the point of madness by things that never were and things that should have been. Ive seen ghosts in the lines on a womans face and heard them in the jangling of keys. The ghosts in fire freeze and the ghosts in ice burn. Some died long ago; some were never born. Some ride the blood in my veins until it reaches my brain. Sometimes I even mistake myself for one. Sometimes I am one." - Author: Damien Echols

Quotes About Statesmen

"Clergymen, judges, statesmen--the wisest, calmest, holiest persons of their day--stood in the inner circle round about the gallows, loudest to applaud the work of blood, latest to confess themselves miserably deceived." - Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne