[For Carter, It Was As If The Ghosts Of Watergate Stalked The Halls Of The White House. As With Most Ghosts, He Wasn't Sure They Existed, Where They Were Or How To Exorcise Them.]

Author: Bob Woodward Quotes

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"Music is our life"

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"Im excited about it, thrilled with the success thus far."

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"I want you, in case you havent figured that out yet, and Im staying and fighting with you – for you."

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"Sav svoj novac je trošila na kupovinu knjiga, a sve vrijeme na njihovo čitanje. Sve su bile ispisane kritikama, odgovorima na marginama, ponekad su među njih bile umetnute čitave stranice komentara. Šunjala se kroz stoljeća pisanja, ostavljajući svoj znak kud god bi išla."

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"what risk to a common man is an opportunity for a wise"

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"I, too, am a drum major for justice. I will continue to speak out-LOUD and PROUD- as long as gay youth are killing themselves because someone instilled in them they are not enough. Well, baby, youre more than enough. You were molded with the same care and precision as your heterosexual counterparts. You are unique. God has a special plan for you that only you can fulfill. Live your life!"

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"At certain moments, words are nothing; it is thetone in which they are uttered."

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"Peace Corps helps promote global acceptance of the principles of international peace and non-violent co-existence among people of diverse cultures and systems of government."

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"I cant say I ever loved my mother; I admired her."

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"Times of sadness are the very moment to laugh and laugh greatly."

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"Me atormento mais um pouco, por que não? Os acontecimentos se fixam a mim almejando a eternidade, as lembranças rodopiam na mente feito um turbilhão de cores aleatórias." - Author: Filipe Russo

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"Salander assessed the situation and saw that it was anything but under control. Her brain was working at high speed. Click, click, click." - Author: Stieg Larsson

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"Despite the variety and the differences, and however much we proclaim the contrary, what the media produce is neither spontaneous nor completely "free:" "news" does not just happen, pictures and ideas do not merely spring from reality into our eyes and minds, truth is not directly available, we do not have unrestrained variety at our disposal. For like all modes of communication, television, radio, and newspapers observe certain rules and conventions to get things across intelligibly, and it is these, often more than the reality being conveyed, that shape the material delivered by the media." - Author: Edward W. Said

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