[For Carter, It Was As If The Ghosts Of Watergate Stalked The Halls Of The White House. As With Most Ghosts, He Wasn't Sure They Existed, Where They Were Or How To Exorcise Them.]

Author: Bob Woodward Quotes

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"Be safe, she whispered. Then she closed her eyes and said in a low, broken monotone, "I love you.KailaniSiobhan Fallon"

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"Money does not smell of the mire whence it came; it has the glorious scent of what will be."

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"Her laughter changed her voice from wind chimes to the jingling of sleigh bells."

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"No non-poetic account of reality can be complete."

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"The first time with artistic endeavors is, if its working, it was your idea, and if its not, its somebody elses idea."

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"What, if as said, man is a bubble."

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"...rather than assuming that education is primarily about preparing for jobs and careers, what would it mean to think of education as a process of guiding kids participation in public life more generally, a public life that includes social, recreational, and civic engagement."

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"Besides," he says with a twinkle of blues. " When I do have sex with you, Id rather you were a little more sober."

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"[L]et us talk about the unholy vice of self-esteem, the beginning and completion of the passions; and let us talk briefly, for to undertake an exhaustive discussion would be to act like someone who inquires into the weight of the winds."

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"100% Reason to remember the name."

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"I see robotic technology getting rid of the dangerous, the dirty, and the just plain boring jobs. Some people say, You cant. People wont have anything to do. But we found things that were a lot easier than backbreaking labor in the sun and the fields. Let people rise to better things." - Author: Rodney Brooks

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"The Vandy said that real witches escaped trial by water by pretending to drown, then freeing themselves with their powers. So she wants you to sink, then save yourself.""I think I can manage the sinking part," I muttered. "The rest...not so sure.""Youll be fine," he said. "And if youre not up in a few minutes, Ill save you." - Author: Rachel Hawkins

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"The Lurking Fear:Shrieking, slithering, torrential shadows of red viscous madness chasing one another through endless, ensanguined condors of purple fulgurous sky... formless phantasms and kaleidoscopic mutations of a ghoulish, remembered scene; forests of monstrous over-nourished oaks with serpent roots twisting and sucking unnamable juices from an earth verminous with millions of cannibal devils; mound-like tentacles groping from underground nuclei of polypous perversion... insane lightning over malignant ivied walls and demon arcades choked with fungous vegetation... Heaven be thanked for the instinct which led me unconscious to places where men dwell; to the peaceful village that slept under the calm stars of clearing skies." - Author: H.P. Lovecraft

Quotes About Someone Killing Themselves

"I, too, am a drum major for justice. I will continue to speak out-LOUD and PROUD- as long as gay youth are killing themselves because someone instilled in them they are not enough. Well, baby, youre more than enough. You were molded with the same care and precision as your heterosexual counterparts. You are unique. God has a special plan for you that only you can fulfill. Live your life!" - Author: Json M. Lee

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"Then what is good? The obsessive interest in human affairs, plus a certain amount of compassion and moral conviction, that first made the experience of living something that must be translated into pigment or music or bodily movement or poetry or prose or anything thats dynamic and expressivee--thats whats good for you if youre at all serious in your aims. William Saroyan wrote a great play on this theme, that purity of heart is the one success worth having. "In the time of your life--live!" That time is short and it doesnt return again. It is slipping away while I write this and while you read it, the monosyllable of the clock is Loss, loss, loss, unless you devote your heart to its opposition." - Author: Tennessee Williams

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"That was a page read and turned over; I was busy now with this new page, and when the engine whistled on the grade, this page would be finished and another begun; and so the book of life goes on, page after page and pages without end" - Author: Jack London

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"All real estate agents should be put on a decommissioned naval frigate which is then towed out into the deepest part of the Atlantic and sunk. Its rather unfortunate that, in recent years, real estate agents have become comedy betes-noires. Rather like lawyers or used car salesmen. Every time they mention their job they probably get people amusingly making the sign of the cross at them or are subjected to some good-natured, humorous ribbing. This has the effect of distorting what Im trying to say here, which isnt in the nature of a smiling roll of the eyes and a "Tsk, real estate agents, eh?" but rather "All real estate agents should be put on a decommissioned naval frigate which is then towed out into the deepest part of the Atlantic and sunk." - Author: Mil Millington

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"There are some so restless that when they are free from labour they labour all the more, because the leisure they they have for thought, the worse interior turmoil they have to bear." - Author: Pope Gregory I

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"Aubrey Fitzwilliam hated being dead. It made things much harder than they needed to be." - Author: Michael Pryor

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"Well, what there ought to be is an international labor organization, a confederation of the trade unions of all the countries speaking for the workers who are competing with one another, and talking about the difference in wage levels between, say, Europe and Indonesia." - Author: Richard Rorty