[...for His Life Seemed A Curving Line, Capricious, Moment By Moment Inviting Grace.]

Author: Leif Enger Quotes

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Avery Brundage Quotes

"For too long the world has failed to recognise that the Olympic Games and the Olympic Movement are about fine athletics and fine art."

K Ske Hasegawa Quotes

"Destiny is the road that unravels before us, the order of things both happy and tragic. Destiny is that which rules our long lives. And life is the distance we travel on that road. So there is no one real path. We all arrive at our destination, even after getting lost countless times."

Mark Goddard Quotes

"Im not a great science fiction fan myself. I probably feel that way about Westerns. Like I used to play Cowboys and Indians, they can act out Will and the Robot."

Kimberly Perry Quotes

"A penny for my thoughts, oh no, Ill sell them for a dollarTheyre worth so much more after Im a gonerAnd maybe then youll hear the words I been singinFunny when youre dead how people start listenin"

Jean Yves Leloup Quotes

"The ego is like a clever monkey, which can co-opt anything, even the most spiritual practices, so as to expand itself. (155)"

Joe Moore Quotes

"Its practically impossible to look at a penguin and feel angry."

Ryan McPartlin Quotes

"Im a mean beanbag tosser."

J Don Cook Quotes

"From books, I winnowed the glue that held together my psyche as it struggled to stay whole. It was from stories and myths that I learned to dream, to imagine a different life, to realize potentials and probabilities other than those of the painful, poverty-mired existence I found myself in as a child. With a book I could hide in a corner, safe from the heavy hand and belt of my stepfather, and for a while not worry about where our next meal would come from, or where we would be sleeping that night, or when my mother would break and have to be sent yet again to the mental institution. Books, for me, we tiny life rafts that I clung to desperately."

Samar Sudha Quotes

"When you over Stretch your finger, it gets hurt"

Jennifer M Granholm Quotes

"This is the place where anybody - like an African American kid raised by a single mom - can be president."

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Quotes About Never Being Happy With What You Have

"Being with you, Adrian. Its everything Ive ever needed....I feel like you love me for me. Not for what I have to offer you or what you can acquire or who you can make happy by being with me. And the things you make me feel--I thought Id never be free to feel, so I dont regret us. Ill never be sorry for loving you." - Author: Lynetta Halat

Quotes About Technical Skills

"Zach, this isnt a game, you know. I dont just write it. I live it. Im a Domme, a female Dominant. There arent a lot of us around. Most Dominants are men. Technically Im Switch since I can top and bottom, but if I show up on your doorstep, get ready to say ouch. Im not good at it - Im amazing at it. So good at it that Im as famous down here for my skills with a whip as I am in the straight world for my skills with a pen." - Author: Tiffany Reisz

Quotes About Intellectual Woman

"There is the vanity training, the obedience training, the self-effacement training, the deference training, the dependency training, the passivity training, the rivalry training, the stupidity training, the placation training. How am I to put this together with my human life, my intellectual life, my solitude, my transcendence, my brains, and my fearful, fearful ambition? I failed miserably and thought it was my own fault. You cant unite woman and human any more than you can unite matter and anti-matter; they are designed to not to be stable together and they make just as big an explosion inside the head of the unfortunate girl who believes in both." - Author: Joanna Russ

Quotes About Magazines And Books

"When I talked to my medical friends about the strange silence on this subject in American medical magazines and textbooks, I gained the impression that here was a subject tainted with Socialism or with feminine sentimentality for the poor." - Author: Alice Hamilton

Quotes About Toilets

"In those years when their mother disappeared into herself, and old Mrs Jeffrey next door turned into Frannie, their honorary grandmother, Alice also taught herself how to change light bulbs, fix running toilets and cook chops and veggies while Elisabeth learned how to demand refunds, pay bills, fill in forms and talk to strangers." - Author: Liane Moriarty

Quotes About Numair

"When in doubt," the mage Numair Salmalin had taught the pages, "Shoot the wizard." - Author: Tamora Pierce

Quotes About People Coming And Going Out Of Your Life

"Words are not just wind. Words have something to say. But if what they have to say is not fixed, then do they really say something? Or do they say nothing? People suppose that words are different from the peeps of baby birds, but is there any difference, or isnt there? What does the Way rely upon, that we have true and false? What do words rely upon, that we have right and wrong? How can the Way go away and not exist? How can words exist and not be acceptable? When the Way relies on little accomplishments and words reply on vain show, then we have rights and wrongs of the Confucians and the Mo-ists. What one calls right the other calls wrong; what one calls wrong the other calls right. But if we want to right their wrongs and wrong their rights, then the best to use is clarity." - Author: Zhuangzi

Quotes About Destroyed Hope

"Lucy swayed in shock. A gust of wind moaned through the conservatory and blew out all but one of her candles. Simon must have done this. Hed destroyed his fairyland conservatory. Why? She sank to her knees, huddled on the cold floor, her one remainingflame cradled in her numb palms. Shed seen how tenderly Simon had cared for his plants. Remembered the look of pride when shed first discovered the dome and fountain. For him to have smashed all this . . .He must have lost hope. All hope." - Author: Elizabeth Hoyt

Quotes About Missing Group Of Friends

"If it wasnt for Mick, the group wouldve fallen apart a long time ago." - Author: Mick Taylor

Quotes About Begs

"Joe hid his grin. "A little grab-ass is not accosting." At the worst of times, Luna could amuse him. And now he finally had her where he wanted her. ...Her mesmerizing eyes shone with annoyance and disbelief. "I barely knew you, Joe. I brought you a sandwich, and half a minute later you had your hands all over me."Despite his aches and pains, the memory warmed Joe. Locking onto her gaze, he said in his defense, "You have that kind of bottom, honey. All round and soft." Her color deepened. "Of all the stupid, sexist--" "Its irresistible," Joe insisted, and meant it. "It begs for a mans hands. It--" There looked to be an explosion imminent, so Joe wisely let that go for now and instead distracted her. "And for your information, no. I didnt get beat up by a woman." He snorted. "How absurd is that?" "I dunno." Her body vibrated with tension. "Im ready to beat you up."-Joe and Luna" - Author: Lori Foster