[...for His Life Seemed A Curving Line, Capricious, Moment By Moment Inviting Grace.]

Author: Leif Enger Quotes

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Albert E Cowdrey Quotes

"Well, we all come to it in time - we are broken down to ground-level, and must construct ourselves anew. If we survive, we become stronger: with few exceptions we do not become better. For most of us, when all else has failed, turn to the demon. ("The Overseer")"

Brad Renfro Quotes

"I choose films for their artistic value. I dont need a mansion or a Jaguar. When I leave this Earth, I wont take any money with me. All I will leave behind will be my art."

Berkeley Breathed Quotes

"A very, terribly long time ago, before such things as televisionand good table manners or evenchildren, ferocious monstersroamed a younger, angrier world."

Christina Enevoldsen Quotes

"The inability to get something out of your head is a signal that shouts, "Dont forget to deal with this!" As long as you experience fear or pain with a memory or flashback, there is a lie attached that needs to be confronted. In each healing step, there is a truth to be gathered and a lie to discard."

John Polkinghorne Quotes

"After all, the universe required ten billion years of evolution before life was even possible; the evolution of the stars and the evolving of new chemical elements in the nuclear furnaces of the stars were indispensable prerequisites for the generation of life."

Wilhelm Ostwald Quotes

"It has pleased no less than surprised me that of the many studies whereby I have sought to extend the field of general chemistry, the highest scientific distinction that there is today has been awarded for those on catalysis."

Renee Dyer Quotes

"I cant take this pain away for her. I cant make it better. Its all I want to do - make it better - make her feel better, but I understand grief. Its a bitch. Grief has to work itself out. It can either consume you or you can move on and at this point its consuming her."

Juliet Mills Quotes

"It is first and foremost very hard work! But I have a wonderful part and I do have fun. The company, cast and crew of Passions are wonderful to work with."

Samuel Martin Quotes

"I also saw that theologically speaking the whole idea of a smacking is not congruent with the teaching revealed in the gospel of Jesus Christ. God sent His Son into the world to save the world so they would not have to suffer for their own sins, but parents today punish their children and make them undergo the horrors of punishment for even the most minor of infractions. The idea of mercy is seemingly not applied at all. When parents sin, they ask God to forgive them, repent and know they are forgiven. When children sin, they are judged, tried, condemned and punished."

Midas Dekkers Quotes

"Zonder poes komt het nooit helemaal goed"

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Quotes About Protective Guys

"When he saw Tyler, his face went serious, which struck me as comical. Andy had always been protective, but when it came to me having anything to do with guys, he felt it was his duty to inform and protect me from the ones he thought were most like himself. When I turned thirteen, he pulled me aside and we had his version of the talk, which mostly consisted of a bunch of uhs and ums, but I got the gist of his speech: boys only wanted one thing, and I shouldnt give it to them until I was at least thirty-three. And married." - Author: Jessi Kirby

Quotes About Inspirational Earthquakes

"I view art as an inspirational tool." - Author: Thomas Kincade

Quotes About Anti Hunting

"spent much of my life in Lyme with my eyes fixed to the ground in search of fossils. Such hunting can limit a persons perspective." - Author: Tracy Chevalier

Quotes About Cymoril

"And now, Elric had told three lies. The first concerned his cousin Yyrkoon. The second concerned the Black Sword. The third concerned Cymoril. And upon those three lies was Elrics destiny to be built, for it is only about things which concern us most profoundly that we lie clearly and with profound conviction." - Author: Michael Moorcock

Quotes About Being Audited

"Nowadays, if a man living in a civilized country (ha!) hears cannon blasts in his sleep, he will, of course, mistake them for thunderclaps, gun salutes on the feast day of the local patron saint, or furniture being moved by the slime-buckets living upstairs, and go right on sleeping soundly. But the ringing of the telephone, the triumphal march of the cell phone, or the doorbell, no: Those are all sounds of summons in response to which the civilzed man (ha-ha!) has no choice but to surface from the depths of slumber and answer." - Author: Andrea Camilleri

Quotes About Weinberger

"Avrà magari ragione il professor Weinberger a sperare che <> finisca per essere più intelligente di noi, ma la storia ideologica del XX secolo è purtroppo piena di esempi in cui individui e teorie <> hanno poi innescato conformismi, deprimenti in democrazia, tragici nei sistemi totalitari." - Author: Gianni Riotta

Quotes About Sailing The Sea

"I love cities that are on the water. I love the water element, specifically the sea. I grew up on the sea and I grew up sailing - I love sailing - and the presence of the sea gives the air and the light a very special quality that I absolutely adore." - Author: Connie Nielsen

Quotes About Firm Leadership

"We are watching industries crumble, Wall Street firms disappear, unemployment spike, and unprecedented government intervention. And our designated opinion leaders want to know: Is Obama up this week? Is he down? And is his leadership style more like Bill Clintons, or Abraham Lincolns?" - Author: Thomas Frank

Quotes About Next Chapters

"The division of one day from the next must be one of the most profound peculiarities of life on this planet. We are not condemned to sustained flights of being, but are constantly refreshed by little holidays from ourselves. We are intermittent creatures, always falling to little ends and rising to new beginnings. Our soon-tired consciousness is meted out in chapters, and that the world will look quite different tomorrow is, both for our comfort and our discomfort, usually true. How marvelously too night matches sleep, sweet image of it, so nearly apportioned to our need. Angels must wonder at these beings who fall so regularly out of awareness into a fantasm-infested dark. How our frail identities survive these chasms no philosopher has ever been able to explain." - Author: Iris Murdoch

Quotes About Trevi Fountain

"In Rome, I really wanted an Audrey Hepburn Roman Holiday experience, but the Trevi Fountain was crowded, there was a McDonalds at the base of the Spanish Steps, and the ruins smelled like cat pee because of all the strays. The same thing happened in Prague, where Id been yearning for some of the bohemianism of The Unbearable Lightness of Being. But no, there were no fabulous artists, no guys who looked remotely like a young Daniel Day-Lewis. I saw this one mysterious-looking guy reading Sartre in a cafe, but then his cell phone rang and he started talking in aloud Texan twang." - Author: Gayle Forman