[For His Part, Mendeleev Scanned Lecoq De Boisbaudran's Data On Gallium And Told The Experimentalist, With No Justification, That He Must Have Measured Something Wrong, Because The Density And Weight Of Gallium Differed From Mendeleev's Predictions. This Betrays A Flabbergasting Amount Of Gall, But As Science Philosopher-historian Eric Scerri Put It, Mendeleev Always "was Willing To Bend Nature To Fit His Grand Philosophical Scheme." The Only Difference Between Mendeleev And Crackpottery Is That Mendeleev Was Right: Lecoq De Boisbaudran Soon Retracted His Data And Published Results That Corroborated Mendeleev's Predictions.]

Author: Sam Kean Quotes

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"I dont mean to diminish the job, its a good job and a real pressure job. But I dont think a relief pitcher should ever be the most valuable player of a league. We only play in maybe half of the games. Being a relief pitcher means part-time employment. Were bench players, and bench players shouldnt be M.V.P."

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"Baseball players are smarter than football players. How often do you see a baseball team penalized for too many men on the field?"

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"Nobody can be exactly me. Sometimes even I have trouble doing it."

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"Passing that fiery tree-if only she could; Be making love, Be making poetry, Be exploding, be speeding through the universe; Like a photon, like a shower; Of yellow blazes..."

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"For some men the power to destroy life becomes the equivalent to the female power to create life."

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"Yet humanitarianism is not a purely Christian movement any more than it is a purely humanist one."

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"Each rejection brings us closer to acceptance."

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"She yawned. If the Lords of Entropy were to manifest themselves on Earth again as they had in the legendary past she felt she might welcome them as a relief, at least, to her boredom. Not, of course, that she believed in those terrible prehistoric fables, though sometimes she could not help wishing that they had really existed and that she had lived in them, for they must surely have been more colourful and stimulating than this present age, where dull Reason drove bright Romance away: granite scattering mercury."

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"I loved him beyond madness being one soul one vein one body , which he never deserved"

Andrew Hamilton Quotes

"It is an old and wise caution, that when our neighbors house is on fire, we ought to take care of our own. For tho, blessed be God, I live in a government where liberty is well understood, and freely enjoyd; yet experience has shown us all that bad precedent in one government is soon set up for an authority in another; and therefore I cannot but think it mine, and every honest mans duty that we ought at the same time to be upon our guard against power, wherever we apprehend that it may affect ourselves or our fellow subjects.I should think it my duty, if required, to go to the utmost part of the land, where my service could be of any use in assisting to quench the flame of prosecutions upon informations, set on foot by the government, to deprive a people of their right to remonstrating (and complaining too) of the arbitrary attempts of men in power."

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"I always see to the dogs first and leave the cats and the occasional birds and rabbits and hamsters for later. It isnt that I play favorites, its just that dogs are needier than other pets. Leave a dog alone for very long and itll start going a little nuts. Cats, on the other hand, try to give you the impression that they didnt even notice you were gone. "Oh, were you out?" theyll say, "I didnt notice." Then theyll raise their tails to show you their little puckered anuses and walk away." - Author: Blaize Clement

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"I am filled with things and I battle feelingsI have never wanted to exist inside of meI lack too much confidence and I carry toomuch sadness and my body is full of starsthat never learned their name. I wear my insecurities like pockets and I fill themwith my fears and my hands are growing tiredfrom reaching down into them to hold thefeeling of being afraid. I am afraid. Alwaysafraid. Afraid like chimes when the wind lipsare sealed. Afraid like your eyes when the starsfall asleep in the black. Afraid like dreamswhen they realise they are just dreams and thatreality is that one scar that will neverfade away.I am, terrified. Terrified that the thingsinside me are the things that will keep mefrom ever finding a home inside someoneelse." - Author: Christopher Poindexter

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"Chiquita, women spend a lot of time sittin around bitchin that there are no good men out there.I hate to tell you this, but there arent a lot of good women either.The difference is, when a man sees one, he knows it.Then, he goes after her and wears her down until shes his.Then, if hes any man at all, he wont let her go." - Author: Kristen Ashley

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"Everythings a game, Sagan said. When you get down to it. Everything in life is ultimately some kind of strategy. If you have a better strategy than the other guy, hes going down." - Author: R.A. Nelson

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"The abiding western dominology can with religion sanction identify anything dark, profound, or fluid with a revolting chaos, an evil to be mastered, a nothing to be ignored. God had made us master organizers of the world to establish system where chaos reigns. He has made us adept in government that we may administer government among savages and senile peoples. From the vantage point of the colonizing episteme, the evil is always disorder rather than unjust order; anarchy rather than control, darkness rather than pallor. To plead otherwise is to write carte blanche for chaos. Yet those who wear the mark of chaos, the skins of darkness, the genders of unspeakable openings -- those Others of Order keep finding voice. But they continue to be muted by the bellowing of the dominant discourse." - Author: Catherine Keller

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"Woods are grim places. Farmers shoot squirrels, crows, magpies, and hang them up on trees to warn Mother Nature to get it together or else. Much notice she takes, being in league with God. Theyre a right pair, more carnage than the rest of us put together." - Author: Jonathan Gash

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"Thus, seeking to produce a typology of forms of the art of government, La Mothe Le Vayer, in a text from the following century (consisting of educational writings intended for the French Dauphin), says that there are three fundamental types of government, each of which relates to a particular science or discipline: the art of self-government, connected with morality; the art of properly governing a family, which belongs to economy; and finally the science of ruling the state, which concerns politics. What matters, notwithstanding this typology, is that the art of government is always characterized by the essential continuity of one type with the other, and of second type with the third." - Author: Michel Foucault