[For His Part, Mendeleev Scanned Lecoq De Boisbaudran's Data On Gallium And Told The Experimentalist, With No Justification, That He Must Have Measured Something Wrong, Because The Density And Weight Of Gallium Differed From Mendeleev's Predictions. This Betrays A Flabbergasting Amount Of Gall, But As Science Philosopher-historian Eric Scerri Put It, Mendeleev Always "was Willing To Bend Nature To Fit His Grand Philosophical Scheme." The Only Difference Between Mendeleev And Crackpottery Is That Mendeleev Was Right: Lecoq De Boisbaudran Soon Retracted His Data And Published Results That Corroborated Mendeleev's Predictions.]

Author: Sam Kean Quotes

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"The end is but a new beginning for the eternal "Ba."

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"Woodward and Bernstein," Jared said from seemingly nowhere."What?""They were just two reporters. Yet, they broke the Watergate scandal. They toppled an administration. Thats us.""Were Woodward and Bernstein." Alec said, pointing between him and Jared."Woodward, Bernstein, and Lucy," Lucy corrected."

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"Governance is complex, difficult, and on the whole, thankless - why ever should the Bright Young Things leave the management of their hotels, newspapers, banks, TV channels and corporations to join, like fleas on a behemoth, the government? Wherein lies the difference between the two worlds?"

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"I look a little bit like Barbie and talk a little bit like Ken. Its easier for me to sit in the middle of the boys club than to be surrounded by people concerned about getting their hair and nails done."

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"Heres the thing about me: I have a job to do and I do it."

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"life is not about how fast you start,but how the end is going to be ,so dont worry when others are ahead of you.just keep on doing what you have been doing."

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"And then also I think its harder for women because comedy is so opposite of being ladylike."

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"They understand death, they stand there in the church under the skies that have a beginningless past and go into the never-ending future, waiting themselves for death, at the foot of the dead, in a holy temple. - I get a vision of myself and the two little boys hung up in a great endless universe with nothing overhead and nothing under bbut the Infinite Nothingness, the Enormousness of it, the dead without number in all directions of existence whether inward into the atom-worlds of your own body or outward to the universe which may only be one atom in an infinity of atom-worlds and each atom-world only a figure of speech - inward, outward, up and down, nothing but emptiness and divine majesty and silence for the two little boys and me." - Author: Jack Kerouac

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"USURY: Everybodys looking for the job in which you never have to pay anyone their pound of flesh. Self-employed nirvana. A lot of artists like to think of themselves as uncompromising; a lot of management consultants wont tell you what they do until theyve sunk five pints. I dont think anybody should give themselves air just because they dont have to hand over a pound of flesh every day at 5pm, and I dont think anyone should beat themselves with broken glass because they do. If youre an artist, well, good for you. Thank your lucky stars every evening and dance in the garden with the fairies. But dont fool yourself that you occupy some kind of higher moral ground. You have to work for that. Writing a few lines, painting a pretty picture - that just wont do it." - Author: Zadie Smith

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"We had good long talks about my writing in the days that followed. "Write of things you know, Julie; familiar, simple things that you have experienced; things that have touched you deeply.""But nothings ever happened to me. Ive just lived here with Aunt Cordelia and you most of my life, Ive gone to school, visited Father--oh, sure, Im in love with Danny, but thats something weve grown into--very wonderful for us, but not very exciting for the rest of the world. How can a person who has lived as quiet a life as I have find anything to write about?""Then you do have a problem. If you havent lived long enough to have felt anything deeply, than you are in the same position I--as many would-be writers are. Youve nothing to say. So take up crocheting." - Author: Irene Hunt

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