[For Instance, He Says I Let Him Play Golf, And He Says, He Lets Me Be Miserable In My Job. Now - That Doesn't Quite Sound Right, Does It? But Nonetheless, I Think For The First Time In My Life, I'm Not Going To Be Miserable In My Life When I Come And Work At CNN.]

Author: Connie Chung Quotes

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Janna Malamud Smith Quotes

"I thought of her as my mother, but rarely of myself as her daughter."

Billy Hughes Quotes

"When having my portrait painted I dont want justice, I want mercy."

Jack R Rose Quotes

"Opposition can be your friend. Opposition can be the fire that tempers the better sword, as well as the ice that cools a fiery temper. Dont ever run from it; learn from it!"

Ryan Hunter Quotes

"A nation of underachievers is easier to control than a society that excels."

Alfred Loisy Quotes

"It seems obvious to me that the notion of God has never been anything but a kind of ideal projection, a reflection upward of the human personality, and that theology never has been and never can be anything but a more and more purified mythology."

Scott Nicholson Quotes

"...people never gave away their hearts, however willing or desperate or lonely they were. Hearts always had to be taken. By force or trickery. Love was murder, the infliction of death by cardiac theft, and the alternative was even worse."

Lynn Peril Quotes

"I have grown up to be many things, but dainty sure as hell isnt one of them."

Gustaf Lindborg Quotes

"The sailor does not pray for wind, he learns to sail."

La Kata EK Quotes

"They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, so what happens when the persons eyes are unavailable to look into? You read their words."

Marshall Nicholas Rosenbluth Quotes

"I studied calculus for the first time, which to me was an amazingly empowering experience which I could really see how you could understand all sorts of things, and I decided that chemistry and biology just had too much memory for me to be interested. Physics was very easy."

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Quotes About Altered

"The desire to live life to its fullest, to acquire more knowledge, to abandon the economic treadmill, are all typical reactions to these experiences in altered states of consciousness. The previous fear of death is typically quelled. If the individual generally remains thereafter in the existential state of awareness, the deep internal feeling of eternity is quite profound and unshakable." - Author: Edgar D. Mitchell

Quotes About Felsefe

"...Bana öyle geliyor ki, Pythagorasçılar bazılarının düşündüğü gibi, öğretilerini paylaşmaktan duydukları kıskançlıktan değil de, büyük insanlara ait böylesine güzel ve binbir zorlukla dolu keşif, maddî bir kazancı olmaksızın kalem oynatmayı sıkıcı bulan ya da başkalarının yüreklendirip örnek olmasıyla hür felsefe çalışmasına özendirilse de aklî donukluklarından ötürü filozoflar arasında tıpkı bal arılarının arasındaki erkek arılar gibi duran kişilerce hor görülmesin diye böyle yapıyordu." - Author: Nicolaus Copernicus

Quotes About Psychotic Depression

"Depression is a painfully slow, crashing death. Mania is the other extreme, a wild roller coaster run off its tracks, an eight ball of coke cut with speed. Its fun and its frightening as hell. Some patients - bipolar type I - experience both extremes; other - bipolar type II - suffer depression almost exclusively. But the "mixed state," the mercurial churning of both high and low, is the most dangerous, the most deadly. Suicide too often results from the impulsive nature and physical speed of psychotic mania coupled with depressions paranoid self-loathing." - Author: David Lovelace

Quotes About Kaye

"Romanlarımla evlenip, çocuk yerine de kısa hikayeler edineceğim." - Author: Jack Kerouac

Quotes About Life Experiences Making You Who You Are

"I think it was Alfred Hitchcock who said 90 percent of successful moviemaking is in the casting. The same is true in life. Who you are exposed to, who you choose to surround yourself with, is a unique variable in all of our experiences and it is hugely important in making us who we are. Seek out interesting characters, tough adversaries and strong mentors and your life can be rich, textured, highly entertaining and successful, like a Best Picture winner. Surround yourself with dullards, people of vanilla safety and unextraordinary ease, and you may find your life going straight to DVD." - Author: Rob Lowe

Quotes About Variations

"he moved neither forward nor backward in time, but merely endured variations of the same day over and over. Maybe he was the one trapped underwater, under a Plexiglas floor, while the world moved on, men and women checking in and out of rooms, lugging overstuffed suitcases, the soles of their shoes passing lightly above him." - Author: Anthony Doerr

Quotes About Train Rides

"We have trains to hop, voyages to embark on, and rides to hitch. And then theres the great American wild—vanishing but still there—ready to impart its wisdom from an Alaskan peak or a patch of grass growing in a crack of a city sidewalk. And no matter how much sprawl and civilization overtake our wilds, well always have the boundless wildlands in ourselves to explore." - Author: Ken Ilgunas

Quotes About Soul Shine

"Through the practice of meditation, when the mind is quieted and the emotions are calmed, the Soul shines forth in all of its glory." - Author: Genevieve Gerard

Quotes About Racial Division

"Multinational corporations do control. They control the politicians. They control the media. They control the pattern of consumption, entertainment, thinking. Theyre destroying the planet and laying the foundation for violent outbursts and racial division." - Author: Jerry Brown

Quotes About Miss Your Girlfriend

"So Ive come up with a plan, he said quickly, as if hoping to get his idea in before I could stop him. Ill date her on the T-days, that would Thursday and Tuesday. Then I get to bring her to church every other Sunday. I get one Monday a month, or two, if its a month with with five Mondays. Id like an occasional Saturday evening, but Ive talked with the full-time missionaries and they have her scheduled for the next three.Doran, I began to protest.Hear me out, he begged. Shell still technically be your girlfriend, Im giving you that. Ill refer to her simply as a friend until such time as she is willing to upgrade me to steady, or even fiancee." - Author: Robert Smith