[For Long-term True Success We Mush Rethink And Change Our Mindset From Only Valuing "happiness" To Include Well-being As The Foundation.]

Author: Tony Dovale Quotes

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His Holiness Divas Quotes

"Do whatever makes you happy. Whatever makes you happy is good, right and holy. Your happiness is the only measuring rod. Your happiness is the only truth. Everything else is false."

Gwendoline Christie Quotes

"As a woman, we all want to feel attractive. We all want to feel that were making the very best of ourselves so we can accept ourselves."

Robert Englund Quotes

"And in Freddy vs. Jason I like when Jason and I double team Destinys Child."

Mo Stegall Quotes

"Ladies if A Man is More Invested and Concerned About Your Assets....He Is A Liability"

Jan Watson Quotes

"What use would God have for a sinner like me? Were all sinners Lilly said. The ground at the foot of the cross is even."

Mario Diaz Balart Quotes

"President Obamas health care law raided Medicare in the tune of five hundred million dollars to create a new program."

Paul Dix Quotes

"Many programmers would prefer to mock in their client library specs, but doing so could result in the service and client passing all specs with hidden failures."

Scott McCloud Quotes

"My dad was an inventor, and I think Ive always had a rosy view of technology, or at least its potential."

Michael Cudlitz Quotes

"I learned construction and carpentry from my father at a young age, so I felt very comfortable and I felt very satisfied when I worked in that field."

B Kristin McMichael Quotes

"What does one do when a night human dies?" Arianna asked, still unsure of the world she was living in."Celebrate their lives and remember every moment you spent together."

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Quotes About Loving Your Loved Ones

"I loved you and you destroyed me. You took my heart and ripped it up. You might as well have staked me." - Author: Richelle Mead

Quotes About Imam Ali Shia

"When I turned pro, Muhammad Ali was laying back, and I was able to fill up an area that was empty." - Author: Sugar Ray Leonard

Quotes About Devil In Bible

"Fear is a scheme that the devil uses to great effect. From my personal study, the words "do not be afraid" or "fear thee not" (depending on the Bible translation) appear over one hundred times in the Bible! The message from God is quite clear: we need not be afraid!" - Author: Pedro Okoro

Quotes About Necessities

"If you are happened to be enjoying the basic necessities of life provided by God, you should be content with your life, and consequently, perpetual happiness would be the natural reward you receive against your self contentment." - Author: Chandrababu V.S.

Quotes About Paradox

"A heartbreaking paradox: if only I can finish my work so that it will live. Yet if it is finished, completed, a part of me but departed from me, I lost it alive, living but separate; and if it does not leave me, it is incomplete, insufficient, and half-dead that I keep it." - Author: Hélène Cixous

Quotes About I Love You Mom

"When your mom noticed me watching a Buffy rerun on the little TV on the doorman desk one slow night on the job, she admitted that watching Buffy was her shared solace with you after your dad left. She told me how you cry and cry for Buffy. You cry when Angel shows up to be Buffys prom date even though theyd already recognized the futility of their true love and broken up. You cry when Buffys mom is taken away by natural instead of supernatural causes. You cry when seasons six and seven really dont reflect the quality of seasons one through five except for the musical episode." - Author: Rachel Cohn

Quotes About Depending On Self

"Heir to your own karma doesnt mean You get what you deserve. I think it means You get what you get. Bad things happen to good people. My happiness depending on my action means, to me, that it depends on my action of choosing compassion--for myself as well as for everyone else--rather than contention. [p.61]" - Author: Sylvia Boorstein

Quotes About Childhood Vaccines

"Childhood vaccines are one of the great triumphs of modern medicine. Indeed, parents whose children are vaccinated no longer have to worry about their childs death or disability from whooping cough, polio, diphtheria, hepatitis, or a host of other infections." - Author: Ezekiel Emanuel

Quotes About Believing Lies

"Langdon quickly explained how most people pictured satanic cults as devil-worshiping fiends, and yet Satanists historically were educated men who stood as adversaries to the church. Shaitan. The rumors of satanic black-magic animal sacrifices and the pentagram ritual were nothing but lies spread by the church as a smear campaign against their adversaries. Over time, opponents of the church,wanting to emulate the Illuminati, began believing the lies and acting them out. Thus, modern Satanism was born." - Author: Dan Brown

Quotes About Health Care Quality

"President Obama and Democrats won a mandate to move us forward with jobs, healthcare reform, equality, and nation building here at home." - Author: Christine Pelosi