[For Many, It Is The Wellspring Of Regret.]

Author: Kris D'Agostino Quotes

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Rob Montgomery Quotes

"The people you love become ghosts inside of you, and like this you keep them alive."

Brian Francis Slattery Quotes

"They could read it on each other, their faces wrinkled pages. Words hiding in the folds of their clothes. She was made of letters then, as all of us are now."

Chris DElia Quotes

"Once I started doing stand-up, everything fell into place. That was when I started acting more; I felt like Id found my place in the business."

Wayne Shorter Quotes

"You know the actor John Garfield? In one movie he walked up to this train station, the ticket booth, and the guy says, Yes, where are you going? And he says, I want a ticket to nowhere. I thought: thats it. The freedom to do that. I want a ticket to nowhere."

Epicurean Quotes

"As you say of yourself, I too am an Epicurean. I consider the genuine (not the imputed) doctrines of Epicurus as containing everything rational in moral philosophy which Greece and Rome have left us.[Letter to William Short, 31 October 1819]"

Leigh Anne Pinnock Quotes

"Cause you gotta stay cool in the corner when the truth is that you wanna move"

Michele Young Stone Quotes

"Shed been in love with the man, and love is a scary thing. If not reciprocated, it can turn a person into a monster."

India Knight Quotes

"Happy Christmas, Clara. Xx.Yes, I know. I know that text doesnt look like much. But... actually. First note the comma. I feel proud of his comma, and of being his commas recipient."

Vittorio Alfieri Quotes

"Where there are laws, he who has not broken them need not tremble."

Anthony Wayne Quotes

"Our officers and men behaved like men who are determined to be free."

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Quotes About Sperm Whales

"Whales have been evolving for thirty million years. To our one million. A sperm whales brain is seven times the size of mine… The great size of his body has little to do with the great size of his brain, other than as a place to keep it. I have What If fantasies… What if the catalyst or the key to understanding creation lay somewhere in the immense mind of the whale? … Some species go for months without eating anything. Just completely idle.. So they have this incredible mental apparatus and no one has the least notion what they do with it. Lilly says that the most logical supposition, based on physiological and ecological evidence, is that they contemplate the universe… Suppose God came back from wherever it is hes been and asked us smilingly if wed figure it out yet. Suppose he wanted to know if it had finally occurred to us to ask the whale. And then he sort of looked around and he said, "By the way, where are the whales?" - Author: Cormac McCarthy

Quotes About Korsak

"Rock and roll is music," said Vanya."Prokofiev is music, Stravinski is music, Tchaikovski and Borodin and Rimski-Korsakov and even Rachmaninov, THEY are music. Rock and roll is smart boys with no respect, YOU are rock and roll." - Author: Orson Scott Card

Quotes About Rewards In Heaven

"It appears now to be universally admitted that, before the exile, the Israelites had no belief in rewards and punishments after death, nor in anything similar to the Christian heaven and hell; but our story proves that it would be an error to suppose that they did not believe in the continuance of individual existence after death by a ghostly simulacrum of life. Nay, I think it would be very hard to produce conclusive evidence that they disbelieved in immortality; for I am not aware that there is anything to show that they thought the existence of the souls of the dead in Sheol ever came to an end. But they do not seem to have conceived that the condition of the souls in Sheol was in any way affected by their conduct in life. If there was immortality, there was no state of retribution in their theology. Samuel expects Saul and his sons to come to him in Sheol." - Author: Thomas Henry Huxley

Quotes About Beautiful Locations

"Beautiful," Jake whispered. "The pictures could never hold you. This is mine; this is what I was trying to find." "Now that its found," Aaron replied as his fingers combed through Jakes hair, "dont lose it again."Ellis, Giselle (2010-02-23). Take My Picture (Kindle Locations 1646-1648). Dreamspinner Press. Kindle Edition." - Author: Giselle Ellis

Quotes About Vanilla

"She dressed in bohemian clothes, penned novels, panted, and yearned to roam forgotten corners of the world. She was habitually defiant and fearless, and when she felt controlled, as she often did, should could be irresistibly willfull. Mostly, she was bored silly by the vanilla sort boys who trailed her around, and by the stodgy set in Miami Beach." - Author: Laura Hillenbrand

Quotes About Collision

"Football isnt a contact sport, its a collision sport. Dancing is a contact sport." - Author: Duffy Daugherty

Quotes About Walking The Road Alone

"I seem to be on a road, walking, greeting the hedgerows, the rose-hips, the apples and thorn. I seem to be on a road, walking, familiar with neighbors, high-handed with cattle, smelling the sea, and alone. Already, I know the names of things. I can kick a stone." - Author: Annie Dillard

Quotes About Waking Early

"So this morning--waking early, brooding on what Liz said last night--he wonders, why should my wife worry about women who have no sons? Possibly its something women do: spend time imagining what its like to be each other." - Author: Hilary Mantel

Quotes About Troubles In Life

"The question is: is it better to be alive or dead? Is it nobler to put up with all the nasty things that luck throws your way, or to fight against all those troubles by simply putting an end to them once and for all? Dying, sleeping—thats all dying is—a sleep that ends all the heartache and shocks that life on earth gives us—thats an achievement to wish for. To die, to sleep—to sleep, maybe to dream. Ah, but theres the catch: in deaths sleep who knows what kind of dreams might come, after weve put the noise and commotion of life behind us. Thats certainly something to worry about. Thats the consideration that makes us stretch out our sufferings so long." - Author: William Shakespeare

Quotes About Newborough

"Anglesey has two deserts, one made by Nature, the other made by Man: Newborough and Parys Mountain." - Author: Edward Greenly