[For Several Moments, Mary Couldn't Hear Anything Over The Violent Pounding Of Her Pulse.]

Author: Y.S. Lee Quotes

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Virgil Thomson Quotes

"Musicians own music because music owns them."

Mark Margolis Quotes

"I saw an Emmy ad that AMC took out with all the Breaking Bad nominees photos, and theres my picture from the show. Its like Worlds Ugliest Man - Im an automatic winner in that category."

Johann Christoph Blumhardt Quotes

"- A mother, a real mother with a little child, thinks day and night about the welfare of the little one in her arms. A mother knows what dangers the child will have to encounter as he grows up. She does not let the father reassure her when he makes light of things and says that the children have to find their own way.A mother worries, for she carries the burden, and she often sees much deeper than the father just where the child is in danger."

GE Nolly Quotes

"Every GI signs a blank check, payable to the United States, drawn in an amount up to and including his life."

Omar Sy Quotes

"Nothing in my younger life could have told me I would have needed to know how to speak English."

Paul Westerberg Quotes

"Although, my experience when Ive been depressed, not only am I too depressed to sit down and write a song, Im too depressed to pick up my feet. So if you can at least write about it, youre halfway away from it."

Prateek Vyas Quotes

"nO thing is yOurs except yOur "bOdy" -&- nO one is yOurs except yOur "sOul"

Peter Sinn Nachtrieb Quotes

"What are all the thoughts rattling in your mind when youre not listening to the answers to questions you ask?" -Jo, Boom"

Randy West Quotes

"Also at the top of the list was my three day appearance on Press Your Luck. In addition to the intense competition of each of those games, it slowly started to dawn on me in the minutes between tapings that I was winning some serious money."

Jestoni Revealed Quotes

"To realize that we are just a breath away from eternity takes a lot of guts and brain power. So, spend your breath wisely."

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"Among the world elite there are a handful of athletes who are physically capable of winning it." - Author: Maurice Greene

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"Of course, ever since white people showed up and brought along their Christianity and their fears of eccentricity, Indians have gradually lost all of their tolerance." - Author: Sherman Alexie

Quotes About Sales Opportunity

"Book authors are in high demand for speaking engagements and appearances; they are the new ‘celebrity and celebrities gain access. Authors not only make money from royalties or book advances but from their keynotes, presentations and strategically branded product lines. This includes entrepreneurial ideas for you to extend yourself beyond just writing and prepares you to add speaking and consulting to your revenue stream. You have to begin to look outside book sales and towards the speaking market. There are radio, interviews, news, television, small channel television keynotes, lectures, seminars and workshops. These types of events have the possibility to be much more lucrative than just selling books. In essence, the book builds and brands you in the public eye. It gives you credibility and the opportunity to be more than you are. It enables you to now be a voice, a teacher, a leader, an expert - after all, you wrote the book on it!" - Author: Kytka Hilmar Jezek

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"Tutte le famiglie felici si assomigliano fra loro, ogni famiglia infelice è infelice a suo modo." - Author: Leo Tolstoy

Quotes About Motor Neuron Disease

"If my dramatic career doesnt work out, I will go on to research and find cures for Alzheimers or Parkinsons and other motor neuron diseases. Its a very exciting field of research. But Id like to continue in drama, so it wouldnt be very smart of me if I blew this amazing opportunity with an inappropriate lifestyle." - Author: Freddie Stroma

Quotes About Tragedy Of Life

"Tragedy is not the second face of the life; but it is the very first face of it!" - Author: Mehmet Murat ildan

Quotes About Thoughts At Night

"Marriage I thinkFor womenIs the best of opiates.It kills the thoughtsThat think about the thoughts,It is the best of opiates.So said Maria.But too long in solitude shed dwelt,And too long her thoughts had feltTheir strength. So when the man drew near,Out popped her thoughts and covered him with fear.Poor Maria! Better that she had kept her thoughts on a chain,For now shes alone again and all in pain;She sighs for the man that went and the thoughts that stayTo trouble her dreams by night and her dreams by day." - Author: Stevie Smith

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"In such troubled times, we must remember the value writers have" - Author: Jonathan Stalling

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"Handels yearning for independence from the traditional chains of patronage and his persistence in monitoring his productions resulted with unique developments concerning Baroque opera seria; however, paradoxically his personal obsession to obtain complete artistic freedom generated disastrous side-effects that eventually impeded the progress of opera in London." - Author: E.A. Bucchianeri

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"People with fertility problems are not alone. It is a very very common problem for couples today. Ive seen statistics that are just staggering." - Author: Michael Zaslow