[For Some In Washington, It's Become Sport To Pick On The Federal Workforce. I Think They Do So Unjustly. The Very Foundation Of A Stable America Is Having A Government That Functions Well. Many Countries Have Dysfunctional Governments, Because They Don't Have A Good Government Workforce.]

Author: Ken Salazar Quotes

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"I do love jokes."

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"why were there no police cars or working girls in the books. Where was all the rubbish on the streets and the homeless people? I remembered comparing the stories I read to my own life and finding nothing in them that that spoke to me about what things are really like."

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"In America, magic has never been an important part of peoples lives."

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"Dear sir, Mr. B.J. Thing... er... we the people of Britain are fed up with being bombed. We had enough of it last time with old Hitler so will you just leave us in peace, you live your life and well live ours, hope you are well... please dont drop any bombs.Yours sincerely, Mr. and Mrs. J. Bloggs"

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"Bluetooth earpieces are so geeky," Dan Cahill said."But they free up your hands for surfing the web, stealing priceless jewels, and eating pastry," Atticus said, taking a huge bite out of an apple strudel."And picking your nose," Dan added, which caused Atticus to blow a mouthful of strudel all over the seat in front of them occupied by Dans sister, Amy, who was trying to sleep"

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"An inventor fails 999 times, and if he succeeds once, hes in. He treats his failures simply as practice shots."

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"Contemporary poets got so obscure that poetry kind of fell out of favor,"

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"Dream 2 Defy! Extreme is not a style but a way of life."

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"I blinked and cured my brain."

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"(...)"Flapper"— the notorious character type who bobbed her hair, smoked cigarettes, drank gin, sported short skirts, and passed her evenings in steamy jazz clubs, where she danced in a shockingly immodest fashion with a revolving cast of male suitors."

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"So youre lying to me again?" "Its a Southern tradition." "Are there any crocs in the water?" "I done told you there aint no crocodiles around here." "Whats the difference?" "Mostly the spelling,..." - Author: Nick Wilgus

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"I know that I have to move from speaking about Jesus to letting him speak within me, from thinking about Jesus to letting him think within me, from acting for and with Jesus to letting him act through me. I know the only way for me to see the world is to see it through his eyes." - Author: Henri J.M. Nouwen

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