[...for The Last Twelve Months I've Been More Single Than A One-dollar Bill."~Sammy]

Author: Zack Love Quotes

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Rosalie Lario Quotes

"When Michael pulled away, Eva was beyond shocked to see tears in his eyes."I told myself I would be strong, that I would let you go if you wished it, but I cannot. Stay with me, Eva. Dont leave me."

Chris McCormack Quotes

"Fact One: Races are won or lost in key moments. Fact Two: Success in the sport is, above all else, about enduring suffering."

Hannah Kahn Quotes

"Child give me your hand so that I may walk in the light of your faith in me."

Kym Whitley Quotes

"Sometimes, moms have to be creative to get their babies to eat healthy."

Levitt And Dubner Quotes

"Are people innately altruistic?" is the wrong kind of question to ask. People are people, and they respond to incentives. They can nearly always be manipulated--for good or ill--if only you find the right levers. ~ Levitt & Dubner, "Superfreakonomics"

Max Allan Collins Quotes

"Rick: Can you swim? Evelyn: Well, of course I can swim if the occasion calls for it. Rick: [throwing her overboard] Trust me. It calls for it."

David DuChemin Quotes

"Consider this your permission to indulge that inner anarchist. Stop following the path you ought to take; follow instead the one you long to take."

John Wozniak Quotes

"Yeah, I might remaster it, in fact Im sure I would. But all the songs will be the same."

Muhammad Abduh Quotes

"I went to the West and saw Islam, but no Muslims; I got back to the East and saw Muslims, but not Islam."

Kenzaburo E Quotes

"The dead can survive as part of the lives of those that still live."

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Quotes About Leonardo Da Vinci

"Travel releases spontaneity. You become a godlike creature full or choice, free to visit the stately pleasure domes, make love in the morning, sketch a bell tower, read a history of Byzantium, stare for one hour at the face of Leonardo da Vincis Madonna dei fusi. You open, as in childhood, and--for a time--receive this world. Theres visceral aspect, too--the huntress who is free. Free to go, free to return home bringing memories to lay on the hearth." - Author: Frances Mayes

Quotes About Frail

"To every administrator, in peaceful, unstormy times, it seems that the entire population entrusted to him moves only by his efforts, and in this consciousness of his necessity every administrator finds the chief rewards for his labors and efforts. It is understandable that, as long as the historical sea is calm, it must seem to the ruler-administrator in his frail little bark, resting his pole against the ship of the people and moving along with it, that his efforts are moving the ship. But once a storm arises, the sea churns up, and the ship begins to move my itself, and then the delusion is no longer possible. The ship follows its own enormous, independent course, the pole does not reach the moving ship, and the ruler suddenly, from his position of power, from being a source of strength, becomes an insignificant, useless, and feeble human being." - Author: Leo Tolstoy

Quotes About Deaden

"Surely it is moderate to say that the dish-washing for a family of five takes half an hour a day; with ten hours as a days work, it takes, therefore, half a million able bodied persons --- mostly women --- to do the dish-washing of the country. And note that this is most filthy and deadening and brutalizing work: that it is a cause of anemia, nervousness, ugliness, and ill-temper: of prostitution, suicide, and insanity; of drunken husbands and degenerate children --- for all of which things the community has naturally to pay. The Jungle" - Author: Upton Sinclair

Quotes About Evaporar

"Os homens querem fugir - e fazem mal. As mulheres querem confiar - e fazem mal. É nesse desequilíbrio, igualado pelo facto de ambos os sexos se darem mal, que se encontra a grande electricidade que nos junta e dá pica e desconjunta.A maior parte dos homens - sobretudo os mulherengos - morre sem saber o que é receber o que uma mulher pode dar. Uma mulher inteira - alma e tudo - pesa mais do que dois homens.É mais profunda e, ao mesmo tempo, mais volúvel. Não tem a obsessão pela escolha e pela definição que têm os homens. É volátil. Quer voar. Quer evaporar-se. Quer sair dali para fora e ser outra coisa." - Author: Miguel Esteves Cardoso

Quotes About Perderte

"–Así es. Porque ahora tengo mucho más que perder, y más cada vez que me besas. Pienso en perderte, y me duele. –" - Author: Rachel Caine

Quotes About Model

"One [project of Teddy Cruzs] is titled Living Rooms at the Border. it takes a piece of land with an unused church zoned for three units and carefully arrays on it twelve affordable housing units, a community center (the converted church), offices for Casa in the churchs attic, and a garden that can accommodate street markets and kiosks. In a place where current regulation allows only one use, [Cruz} crows, we propose five different uses that support each other. This suggests a model of social sustainability for San Diego, one that conveys density not as bulk but as social choreography. For both architect and patron, its an exciting opportunity to prove that breaking the zoning codes can be for the best. Another one of Cruzs core beliefs is that if architects are going to achieve anything of social distinction, they will have to become developers collaborators or developers themselves, rather than hirelings brought in after a projects parameters are laid out." - Author: Rebecca Solnit

Quotes About Film Scoring

"Ive explored the worship side, the pop side, and the film scoring side of me." - Author: Michael W. Smith

Quotes About Kapitalisme

"Kapitalisme lanjut memperdagangkan banyak hal yang dulunya tidak dianggap sebagai komoditas." - Author: Fredric Jameson

Quotes About Heath Ledger

"CP, she hissed, more urgently now. Were only pretending for goodness sake. Just pretend Im Jakey G and youre Heath Ledger. Go for it!" - Author: Lola Salt

Quotes About Appearance And Personality

"What offended you this time? His charming manner? His too broad smile? His well-groomed appearance?""I dont like him," she said with her usual maddening half-smile."Dont like him! Hes fashionable and handsome, with fortune to spare-""So is my reticule. Unfortunately, it also has more personality, and nearly as much intelligence." - Author: Sabrina Jeffries