[For The Several Thousands Of Years Before They Became Firefighters And Physicians, Women Were Sirens, Enchantresses, Snares. At Times It Seems As If Female Powerlessness Is Male Self-preservation In Disguise. And For Millennia, This Has Made For A Zero-sum Game: A Woman's Intelligence Was A Man's Deception.]

Author: Stacy Schiff Quotes

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Gustav Kafka Quotes

"Its entirely conceivable that lifes splendor surrounds us all, and always in its complete fullness, accessible but veiled, beneath the surface, invisible, far away. But there it lies—not hostile, not reluctant, not deaf. If we call it by the right word, by the right name, then it comes. This is the essence of magic, which doesnt create but calls."

John Charles Polanyi Quotes

"For science must breathe the oxygen of freedom."

Carl Gustaf Rossby Quotes

"Perhaps I occasionally sought to give, or inadvertently gave, to the student a sense of battle on the intellectual battlefield. If all you do is to give them a faultless and complete and uninhabited architectural masterpiece, then you do not help them to become builders of their own."

Justin Lee Quotes

"...the story serves as an important reminder to all of us that sometimes, when people are hurting, they dont need our advice and theological theorizing as much as they need our understanding and comfort."

Nelly Kaplan Quotes

"Night is mine, together with a substantial part of the future."

Jose Saramago Quotes

"Your questions are false if you already know the answer."

Gladys Knight Quotes

"I always kind of thought I want to be a good person, I want to be right to my fellow men and love them like were supposed to."

Robert Emmet Quotes

"A man in my situation, my lords, has not only to encounter the difficulties of fortune. and the force of power over minds which it has corrupted or subjugated. but the difficulties of established prejudice: the man dies, but his memory lives."

C Everett Koop Quotes

"When a child shows up for school, and is not physically and mentally ready to learn, he or she never catches up."

Jules Amedee Barbey DAurevilly Quotes

"Dandies, who – as you know - scorn all emotions as being beneath them, and do not believe, like that simpleton Goethe, that astonishment can ever be a proper feeling for the human mind."

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"Now, I can understand why the appearance of a man struggling violently, as it would seem, with an airy nothing, and calling for assistance against a vision, should have appeared ludicrous. Then, so great was my rage against the mocking crowd that had I the power I would have stricken them dead where they stood." - Author: Fitz James OBrien

Quotes About Jumping Off A Cliff

"Kyle nodded and bit her lip. She looked nervous as a virgin. "This feels like jumping off a cliff," she finally said."Ill only do this if you want me to. Do you want me to?" Cole took a step back.Kyle reached around and unzipped her sundress. She held her arms out like a sacrificial lamb."Say it, so I know for sure." Coles eyes glowed with lust and reverence."I want you to." Kyle watched him." - Author: Debra Anastasia

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"I would say the film world has stopped operating as one. We have divided it into Hindi movies, Bengali movies, Tamil movies and so on. Earlier, there was only one channel and we all knew what was going on. Today, it is hard to keep track of programmes due to the advent of regional channels." - Author: Mithun Chakraborty

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"The answer to 1984 is 1776" - Author: Alex E. Jones

Quotes About Explicacion

"Bastará decir que soy Juan Pablo Castel, el pinto que mató a María Iribarne; supongo que el proceso está en el recuerdo de todos y que no se necesitan mayores explicaciones sobre mi persona. (63)" - Author: Ernesto Sabato

Quotes About Bookshelves

"As the shabby section of the audience rose to its feet, waving its hats and food-wrappers, a rich, stale smell wafted through the auditorium. It had something of the fog on the boulevard outside, where the pavements were sticky with rain, but also something more intimate : it suggested old stew and course tobacco, the coat racks and bookshelves of a pawnshop, and damp straw mattresses impregnated with urine and patchouli. It was - as though the set designer had intended some ironical epilogue - the smell of the real Latin Quarter." - Author: Graham Robb

Quotes About Long Term Vs Short Term

"Then it wouldnt be long before they all found themselves shocked and sad to be fully grown into their thicker, finalized adult selves with almost no chance for reinvention." - Author: Meg Wolitzer

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"Zulu!" I raced up to his side and stopped him. "I can explain my weird behavior.""So youre not just crazy?" His blond eyebrows rose as he grinned."Well, thats the point. I am crazy." I raked my fingers through my hair and blew out a long breath. "I set my ex-boyfriend and the two women he was cheating with on fire. They were all in the hospital for several months."He didnt say anything and just continued to stare.Feel like running away yet?"So," I said. "Im not the sanest person you could spend your time trying to be with."He flashed me a huge smile. "If someone touched you now, they would be lucky to have only one month in the hospital." Oh, my goodness."Okay. I dont think you understand me." I held my hands out to my sides. "What I am trying to say is Im insanely jealous and act on it in violent ways that are frankly detrimental—""You have a few more weeks." He tapped his watch. "And then Im coming for you."Coming for me?" - Author: Kenya Wright

Quotes About Mituri

"A impartasi cu toată făptura ta o credinţă, şi a rămîne în acelaşi timp om întreg — este astăzi un lucru extrem de rar. De la o vreme nu mai întîlnim decît jumătăţi de oameni, sferturi şi cîtimi de oameni. Unii din ei excepţional de bine înzestraţi, alţii înfriguraţi de o mare dorinţă de bine — dar nimeni nu e om întreg, om liber şi viu. Se visează şi se pregătesc societăţi noi, cu rinduieli noi, cu o dreptate mai largă. Cît entuziasm nu se cheltuieşte, cîtă dragoste nu se zbate în aceste pregătiri pentru o lume mai bună! Şi totuşi, cînd te apropii şi cauţi omul întreg, omul liber mai ales, nu găseşti decît fărîmituri." - Author: Mircea Eliade

Quotes About The Locker Room

"Several of my critics have said, Bowerman just tacks up a piece of paper in the locker room and turns his runners loose. Theyre partially right. I do give the athletes a relatively free rein and for good reason. One of my principles is Dont overcoach." - Author: Bill Bowerman