[For The Several Thousands Of Years Before They Became Firefighters And Physicians, Women Were Sirens, Enchantresses, Snares. At Times It Seems As If Female Powerlessness Is Male Self-preservation In Disguise. And For Millennia, This Has Made For A Zero-sum Game: A Woman's Intelligence Was A Man's Deception.]

Author: Stacy Schiff Quotes

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Antal Szerb Quotes

"The staying awake was a great self-sacrificaing gesture of friendship, and wonderfully in keeping with our current mood of intense friendship and religious fervour. We were all in a state of shock. We engaged in a long Dostojevskyan conversations and drank one black coffee after another. It was sort of night typical of youth, the sort you only can look back on with shame and embarassment once youve grown up. But God knows, I must have grown up already by then, because I dont feel the slightest embarassment when I think back to it, just a terrible nostalgia."

Giambattista Vico Quotes

"Uniform ideas originating among entire peoples unknown to each other must have a common ground of truth."

Amnas Quotes

"I know you werent born to make people happy, but if you did one day someone else will make you happy too."

Thakore CoCo ONeal Quotes

"You have to get Real, to get Healed."

Pontus Hulten Quotes

"American museums have become cautious, because it is very hard to get money to do something different or controversial."

Rae Armantrout Quotes

"SimpleComplex systems can arisefrom simple rules.Its notthat we want to survive,its that weve been druggedand made to actas if we dowhile all the whilethe sea breaksand rolls, painlessly, under.If were not copying it,were lonely.Is this the knowledgethat demands to bepassed down?Time is made from swatchesof heaven and hell.If were not killing it,were hungry."

Neville Weston Quotes

"The typical English painting is narrative in character. The English are a nation of diarists."

Bradley Whitford Quotes

"I heard an Israeli speaking on Palestinian human rights issues, an interesting guy, and he said Theres no military solution to terrorism. If there were, Israel would be the safest place in the world. But theres no military solution."

Graeme Sparkes Quotes

"Foreign lands never yield their secrets to a traveller. The best they offer are tantalising snippets, just enough to inflame the imagination. The secrets they do reveal are your own - the ones you have kept from yourself. And this is reason enough to travel, to leave home."

Fox Mulder Quotes

"The truth is out there."

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Quotes About Saints And Sinners

"Having spent time around "sinners" and also around purported saints, I have a hunch why Jesus spent so much time with the former group: I think he preferred their company. Because the sinners were honest about themselves and had no pretense, Jesus could deal with them. In contrast, the saints put on airs, judged him, and sought to catch him in a moral trap. In the end it was the saints, not the sinners, who arrested Jesus." - Author: Philip Yancey

Quotes About Fighting But Loving Someone

"As a species, weve somehow survived large and small ice ages, genetic bottlenecks, plagues, world wars and all manner of natural disasters, but I sometimes wonder if well survive our own ingenuity." - Author: Diane Ackerman

Quotes About Baseball Bats

"Umm," Jack said,reminding me that he was still standing beside me, "any ideas, Evie? I seem to be fresh out of baseball bats." Uber-vamp directed a chilling glare in Jacks direction. I inwardly cursed the idiot boy for bringing it up and putting himself in danger,too."Im guessing you didnt bring your communicator.""In hindsight,not a clever move on my part." - Author: Kiersten White

Quotes About Getting What You Deserve

"Justice is getting what you deserve.Mercy is not getting what you deserve.And grace is getting what you absolutely dont deserve....... benign good will. unprovoked compassion. the unearnable gift" - Author: Cathleen Falsani

Quotes About Love Me Again

"I still believed hed love me again somehow, love me that intense, thick way he did, the way that made everything good." - Author: Gillian Flynn

Quotes About Men Love

"In the closed world of the gynaeceum, despite the gardens and parkland extending beyong the horizon, despite the insurmountable walls separating pavillions and palaces, the tangled web of our fate was inescapable. Why did these women love each other to the point of madness? Why did they loathe one another so vehemently, and why did sworn enemies feel such horror and fascination for one another? Why should furious hate become obsession, then intoxication and the very reason to live?Because love and hate were the two heads of the demon." - Author: Shan Sa

Quotes About Being Strong When Everything Seems To Be Going Wrong

"I believe in pink.I believe laughing is the best calorie burner.I believe in kissing,kissing alot!I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong.I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls.I believe that tomorrow is a another day and I believe in miracles." -Audrey HepburnWe all think were the center of the universe, but we dont exist alone. Its that ripple idea that you cannot touch one thing without affecting another." - Author: Rick Riordan

Quotes About Boasters

"Indeed, to know is something that pleases talkers and boasters, but to do is that which pleases God. Not" - Author: John Bunyan

Quotes About Mature And Immature

"One of the surest tests of the superiority or inferiority of a poet is the way in which a poet borrows. Immature poets imitate mature poets steal bad poets deface what they take and good poets make it into something better or at least something different. The good poet welds his theft into a whole of feeling which is unique utterly different than that from which it is torn the bad poet throws it into something which has no cohesion. A good poet will usually borrow from authors remote in time or alien in language or diverse in interest." - Author: T.S. Eliot

Quotes About Left Friends

"no, no, its not all random, if it really was all random, the universe would abandon us completely. and the universe doesnt. it takes care of its most fragile creations in ways we cant see. like with parents who adore you blindly. and a big sister who feels guilty for being human over you. and a little gravelly-voiced kid whose friends have left him over you. and even a pink-haired girl who carries your picture in her wallet. maybe it is a lottery, but the universe makes it all even out in the end. the universe takes care of all its birds." - Author: R.J. Palacio