[For There To Be Pain, There Has To Be Kindness. For Darkness To Standout There Has To Be The Sun. You Can't Have One Without The Other, And Both Have Their Uses. So Even If You Stumble And Make Mistakes, That's Not Useless. Think Of It As Fertilizer, Sure It Feels Like Crap, But It Will Help You Grow!" ~Kyoko Honda]

Author: Natsuki Takaya Quotes

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Odin Dupeyron Quotes

"Espero que en algún lugar haya otro ser humano que haya sentido alguna vez lo que estoy sintiendo ahora... y también espero que este ser humano no esté encerrado en La Castañeda o en el San Bernardino."

Hun Sen Quotes

"Yet, our achievements also mask many continuing failings and seem to expose more future dangers."

Lauren Groff Quotes

"Amor animi arbitrio sumitu, non ponitur; we choose to love; we do not choose to cease loving."

Garry Shandling Quotes

"I dont know why men are so fascinated with television and I think it has something to do with - if I may judge from my own father, who used to sit and stare at the TV while my mother was speaking to him - I think thats a mans way of tuning out."

TL Manning Quotes

"The smallest drop of rain can project the most beautiful of visions, all we have to do is look a little deeper. -T.L. Manning"

Halcyon Quotes

"Always be good to all, youll become the best among all."

Valerie Harper Quotes

"I used to get some ego thing out of saying I wasnt a star, just an actress. Forget it. Im a star. I wanted it. I worked for it. I got it."

Andy Ihnatko Quotes

"Writing is hard. Thats why so few people stick to it and actually finish things. And why you have a right to be immensely proud when you finish something."[There Is No Such Thing as Writers Block: Blog post, October 7, 2001]"

Hyman G Rickover Quotes

"Success teaches us nothing; only failure teaches."

Patricia Frances Rowell Quotes

"Vijaya prefers to eat alone. Rob ushered her into the room and held a chair for her, then sat across from her. "Many Indians regard eating as something that should be done in private. Considering the table manners of some of our best people, one can see their point." Patricia Frances Rowell"

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Quotes About Conklin

"I had been lying to myself, thinking I was free, thinking I had let him go. It didnt matter what he said or did, Id never let him go." - Belly Conklin" - Author: Jenny Han

Quotes About Conceptual

"Im not knocking conceptual art; its another department, but it doesnt move me like painting." - Author: Paul Simonon

Quotes About Being Well Bred

"Being a copper I like to see the law win. Id like to see the flashy well-dressed mugs like Eddie Mars spoiling their manicures in the rock quarry at Folsom, alongside of the poor little slum-bred guys that got knocked over on their first caper amd never had a break since. Thats what Id like. You and me both lived too long to think Im likely to see it happen. Not in this town, not in any town half this size, in any part of this wide, green and beautiful U.S.A. We just dont run our country that way." - Author: Raymond Chandler

Quotes About Fear Famous

"I fear that, in the end, the famous debate among materialists, idealists, and dualists amounts to a merely verbal dispute that is more a matter for the linguist than for the speculative philosopher." - Author: Moses Mendelssohn

Quotes About Cho Chang

"Yet man dies not whilst the world, at once his mother and his monument, remains. His name is lost, indeed, but the breath he breathed still stirs the pine-tops on the mountains, the sound of the words he spoke yet echoes on through space; the thoughts his brain gave birth to we have inherited to-day; his passions are our cause of life; the joys and sorrows that he knew are our familiar friends--the end from which he fled aghast will surely overtake us also!Truly the universe is full of ghosts, not sheeted churchyard spectres, but the inextinguishable elements of individual life, which having once been, can never die, though they blend and change, and change again for ever." - Author: H. Rider Haggard

Quotes About Helpful Friends

"Do you know, Mrs. Allan, Im thankful for friendship. It beautifies life so much." "True friendship is a very helpful thing indeed," said Mrs. Allan, "and we should have a very high ideal of it , and never sully it by any failure in truth and sincerity. I fear the name of friendship is often degraded to a kind of intimacy that had nothing of real friendship in it." - Author: L.M. Montgomery

Quotes About Someone Who Helps Others

"And try to remember what we discussed, Susannah. A mediator is someone who helps others resolve conflicts. Not someone who, er, kicks them in the face." - Author: Meg Cabot

Quotes About 60 Seconds

"The longest 60 seconds in the world occur when someone says, "Ill be there in a minute."" - Author: Jarod Kintz

Quotes About Reviewing

"A eureka moment. It suddenly struck Mintz as so obvious. The executives entrusted with reviewing all of the LJM transactions- Causey, Buy, the board- approached their duties casually, giving everything just the onceover. They seemed to figure that somebody else was doing the tough analysis. But no one was.p.389" - Author: Kurt Eichenwald

Quotes About Sentimental Things

"As sentimentality towards animals can be overindulged, so, too, can grim realism, seeing only the things we want in animals and not the animals themselves." - Author: Matthew Scully