[For Twenty-five Years I've Been Speaking And Writing In Defense Of Your Right To Happiness In This World, Condemning Your Inability To Take What Is Your Due, To Secure What You Won In Bloody Battles On The Barricades Of Paris And Vienna, In The American Civil War, In The Russian Revolution. Your Paris Ended With Petain And Laval, Your Vienna With Hitler, Your Russia With Stalin, And Your America May Well End In The Rule Of The Ku Klux Klan! You've Been More Successful In Winning Your Freedom Than In Securing It For Yourself And Others. This I Knew Long Ago. What I Did Not Understand Was Why Time And Again, After Fighting Your Way Out Of A Swamp, You Sank Into A Worse One. Then Groping And Cautiously Looking About Me, I Gradually Found Out What Has Enslaved You: YOUR SLAVE DRIVER IS YOU YOURSELF. No One Is To Blame For Your Slavery But You Yourself. No One Else, I Say!]

Author: Wilhelm Reich Quotes

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