[Forgiveness Empties The Past Of Its Power To Empty The Present Of Its Peace.]

Author: L.R. Knost Quotes

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Jeffrey A Miller Quotes

"Both groups [of pundits] were critics, and that is the heart of the problem. If you are a pundit, you seem so smart when you are telling the President what he did wrong… This [is] mostly BS."

Bernardo Atxaga Quotes

"I think of the memory as being rather like a dam," he said, after a pause for thought. "It irrigates and gives life to our whole spirit. But, like a dam, it needs overflow channels if its not to burst its banks. Because if it ever does overflow or burst, its waters will destroy everything in its path."

Peter Morville Quotes

"The journey transforms the destination."

David Johansen Quotes

"Until I was six years old we lived in the projects, then my two brothers and three sisters and I moved to a three-bed that my mothers father built."

William Browning Spencer Quotes

"Its not that [writers] are pompous jerks. We are insecure. We feel like were fading away in this vast sea of scriveners."

Michael Schrage Quotes

"Visionary organizations that value innovation should have simple customer vision statements. They need to imagine—and articulate—who and what their customers should become."

Eric Temple Bell Quotes

"These estimates may well be enhanced by one from F. Klein (1849-1925), the leading German mathematician of the last quarter of the nineteenth century. Mathematics in general is fundamentally the science of self-evident things. ... If mathematics is indeed the science of self-evident things, mathematicians are a phenomenally stupid lot to waste the tons of good paper they do in proving the fact. Mathematics is abstract and it is hard, and any assertion that it is simple is true only in a severely technical sense—that of the modern postulational method which, as a matter of fact, was exploited by Euclid. The assumptions from which mathematics starts are simple; the rest is not."

Masa Takayama Quotes

"I like the hot dogs at Dodger Stadium."

Chrys Fey Quotes

"She never knew a locking of eyes to be so physical, so intimate, so sexual."

Vanna Bonta Quotes

"There is no hospitality like understanding."

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Quotes About Masterminds

"The Seventeenth Amendment serves not the publics interest but the interests of the governing masterminds and their disciples. Its early proponents advanced it not because they championed democracy or the individual, but because they knew it would be one of several important mechanisms for empowering the federal government and unraveling constitutional republicanism." - Author: Mark R. Levin

Quotes About Georgiana In Jane Eyre

"Jane Austen? I feel that I am approaching dangerous ground. The reputation of Jane Austen is surrounded by cohorts of defenders who are ready to do murder for their sacred cause." - Author: Arnold Bennett

Quotes About When Life Gets You Down

"My reaction to everything in life is when it gets a bit complicated to water it down and make it simple again." - Author: Laura Marling

Quotes About Biting Your Tongue

"Forgive and forget is the divine ideal. Grappling with the hurt while biting your tongue and struggling to refuse justifiable vengeance―thats closer to human reality." - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich

Quotes About Should I Stay Or Go

"Shouldnt I stay? Soldier through it? Maybe if Id had some practice, maybe if Id had more devastation in my life, I would be more prepared to go on. Its not that my life has been perfect. Ive had disappointments and Ive been lonely and frustrated and angry and all the crappy stuff everyone feels." - Author: Gayle Forman

Quotes About Treebeard

"Never is too long a word even for me...- Treebeard" - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

Quotes About Upchurch

"She also watched Miss Upchurch as she danced with Mr. Hudson. They bounded through the steps in lively abandon. Mr. Hudsons form was a bit ungainly, but he had never seemed so young and handsome as he did while dancing with Miss Upchurch." - Author: Julie Klassen

Quotes About Tools For Life

"When I look at a child, I see a living, breathing person, made in Gods image, for whom God has a plan. As parent educators, we need to embrace a new notion of learning...we need to engage the hearten order to effectively educate the child. Our vision of a well-educated child is a child who has a heart for learning, a child who has the tools he needs to continue to learn for a lifetime and a child who has the love to want to do it." - Author: Elizabeth Foss

Quotes About Breena

"My Dearest Breena, They will remember us. Long after these wars have been mourned and then forgotten long after Summer and Winter fairies lay aside their rancor for one another and forget that they have ever tasted hatred they will remember – Summer fairies and Winter too – of a fairy king who loved his queen. - Prince Kian" - Author: Kailin Gow

Quotes About Model T

"Sometimes we become what we see," he said. "Sometimes we take what we see and make it the model for what we refuse to become. Sometimes we do a little of both." - Author: Sharon Shinn