[Forgiveness Empties The Past Of Its Power To Empty The Present Of Its Peace.]

Author: L.R. Knost Quotes

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Lydia Millet Quotes

"Then he would get into a plane and leave the field wide open; the field was crammed with paralegals, all of them stoutly armed with condoms."

Barbara W Tuchman Quotes

"Disaster is rarely as pervasive as it seems from recorded accounts. The fact of being on the record makes it appear continuous and ubiquitous whereas it is more likely to have been sporadic both in time and place. Besides, persistence of the normal is usually greater than the effect of the disturbance, as we know from our own times. After absorbing the news of today, one expects to face a world consisting entirely of strikes, crimes, power failures, broken water mains, stalled trains, school shutdowns, muggers, drug addicts, neo-Nazis, and rapists. The fact is that one can come home in the evening--on a lucky day--without having encountered more than one or two of these phenomena. This has led me to formulate Tuchmans Law, as follows: "The fact of being reported multiplies the apparent extent of any deplorable development by five- to tenfold" (or any figure the reader would care to supply)."

Stewart Alsop Quotes

"Bill, The United States is not a company. It is a country."

Steven Garber Quotes

"Kenya, Kazakhstan and K Street too? Yes...that all of Gods people might love and serve him with gladness and singleness of heart, in our various vocations taking the wounds of the world into our hearts - the heartaches and longings, sorrows and disappointments, and sometimes evil - and finding in that calling that our own hearts are healed too. In N.T. Wrights theologically rich image, becoming healed healers. May it be so."

Niels Arden Oplev Quotes

"It is cool to make a pilot because you get to do all the fun stuff, and then you get to leave when all the tough stuff starts."

Michael R Kitay Quotes

"So I was just thinking about how something happened today and it was quite insightful, humbling and puts things into perspective. If you look at anything, everything has its story so to speak. For instance, for me to even write this status requires an obscene amount of processes (essentially limitless). Just the biological processes that have to take place are in the trillions. Then you add the technological component, the psychology behind it(self-awareness/consciousness). Then you start looking at the macro factors behind it which include how I came into existence, how life came to be for that to occur, how earth came to be, the sun, the solar system, the galaxy, universe...etc. So the odds for all those things to occur for me to write a simple (or not so simply) status like this....is pretty fucking incredible to say the least."

Sharon M Draper Quotes

"Do not let anyone stop you from succeding"

Hermann Melville Quotes

"Is it not curious, that so vast a being as the whale should see the world through so small an eye, and hear the thunder through an ear which is smaller than a hares? But if his eyes were broad as the lens of Herschels great telescope; and his ears capacious as the porches of cathedrals; would that make him any longer of sight, or sharper of hearing? Not at all.-Why then do you try to enlarge your mind? Subtilize it."

George Smoot Quotes

"When I came to Berkeley, I met all these Nobel laureates and I got to know that they were regular people. They were very smart and very motivated and worked very hard, but they were still humans, whereas before they were kind of mythical creatures to me."

WAR Gibb Quotes

"The Message of Mohammad is not a set of metaphysical phenomena. It is a complete civilization."

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"I can hardly be expected to think like Santa. I get three times the letters, I poop burritos, and my penis is two reindeers more plentiful." - Author: Jarod Kintz

Quotes About International Bankers

"[Farmer] went to dozens of American and Canadian universities and colleges, preaching his O for the P [Preferential Option for the Poor] gospel, and to South Africa, where he debated a World Bank official at an international AIDS conference. "Africans must learn to curb their sexual appetites," the banker remarked, and Farmer replied, "I want to talk about other bankers, not the World Bankers, but bankers in general. My suspicion is theyre not getting a lot of sex, because they spend a lot of time screwing the poor." - Author: Tracy Kidder

Quotes About Fidelidade

"Acho que é melhor nos separarmos e eu ir tocar minha música em outro lugar com todos os meus preconceitos burgueses de fidelidade." - Author: Frida Kahlo

Quotes About Family Love And Death

"Our lives are mere flashes of light in an infinitely empty universe. In 12 years of education the most important lesson I have learned is that what we see as "normal" living is truly a travesty of our potential. In a society so governed by superficiality, appearances, and petty economics, dreams are more real than anything anything in the "real world". Refuse normalcy. Beauty is everywhere, love is endless, and joy bleeds from our everyday existence. Embrace it. I love all of you, all my friends, family, and community. I am ceaselessly grateful from the bottom of my heart for everyone. The only thing I can ask of you is to stay free of materialism. Remember that every day contains a universe of potential; exhaust it. Live and love so immensely that when death comes there is nothing left for him to take. Wealth is love, music, sports, learning, family and freedom. Above all, stay gold." - Author: Dominic Owen Mallary

Quotes About Coming Out Stronger

"If you think you are beaten, you are,If you think you dare not, you dont.If you like to win, but you think you cant,It is almost certain you wont.If you think youll lose, youre lost,For out in the world we find,Success begins with a fellows will -Its all in the state of MIND.If you think youre outclassed, you are,Youve got to think high to rise,Youve got to be sure of yourself beforeYou can ever win a prize.Lifes battles, dont always goTo the stronger or faster manBut soon or later the man who winsIs the man WHO THINKS HE CAN!" - Author: Napoleon Hill

Quotes About Heading West

"Speeding along I-10 last summer, heading west, I chased the sunset, thinking if I kept up I could extend my day indefinitely, or at least until I hit a major body of water." - Author: Jarod Kintz

Quotes About Azarath

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" - Author: Raven

Quotes About Youtuber

"A lot of YouTubers, because they have such pride in what they do, have a negative connotation towards television. I dont feel that way. I feel like its another medium to reach a broader audience." - Author: Grace Helbig

Quotes About Hawai

"Hey, arent you that girl from the web?" the new one asked, bending to suck my earing between his teeth. I pulled my head away. "You got the wrong girl."Mr. Hawaii pulled back to take a better look at me. "No, I think you might be." To my total bewilderment, he spun me around. "Hey! What are you—?""Hey, it is you!" he yelled excitedly, drawing the attention of the crowd. "Hey, everyone, its Cheeky Galore!" - Author: Brandi Salazar

Quotes About Richter

"I remember spending an afternoon with Mr. Richter in the Central Park Zoo, I went weighted down with food for the animals, only someone whod never been an animal would put up a sign saying not to feed them, Mr. Richter told a joke, I tossed hamburger to the lions, he rattled the cages with his laughter, the animals went to the corners, we laughed and laughed, together and separately, out loud and silently, we were determined to ignore whatever needed to be ignored, to build a new world from nothing if nothing in our world could be salvaged, it was one of the best days of my life, a day during which I lived my life and didnt think about my life at all." - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer